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  1. Yukikaze_da_1

    About the day-time Nagasaki Port

  2. Yukikaze_da_1

    About the day-time Nagasaki Port

    I like Hamburg port as well. But it seems a bit cold if I set it as my home port now....
  3. Well I quite miss the day-time Nagasaki Port. Anyone with me? WG have changed the BGM back but what I see it's still the night version as I have seen from Xmas last year... Since it's spring now in Japan and why don't we get the day-time Nagasaki Port back?
  4. Yukikaze_da_1

    MacBook Pro Retina 15" 2018 i9 Alway Freezing

    You play in macOS or Windows? I recommend you to install Windows with the BootCamp of macOS and play WOWS in Windows. I am using MacBook Pro Retina 13" 2017. I used to play the macOS version while there are always crushes and low graphic performance....
  5. Yukikaze_da_1

    About the legendary upgrade of Republique

    Hi there. Sorry for the late reply and thx for your opinion before. Yeah I know the legendary upgrade of Yamato is good but, well, I am a poor Yamato player so I just let it go lol. If you don't mind I would share my experience of these months with you. First I want to say something about my Henry IV. Yeah not joking. I equip my HIV with propulsion modi. and big steer modi. So my HIV has a 7.1s rudder shift time and 14.1 km concealment(with Concealment Expert). Fire range 19.1 km. In a match I would go forward with dd first, let my concealment cover key area, turn back and kite and then push or flight. Then let's talk about Repu. With a small steer and concealment upgrade, my Repu is 14.6s rudder shift time and 13.5 km concealment. Fire range 19.8 km with legendary upgrade. So you may guess what I want to say. Yeah I play Repu like HIV now. Push forward, kill enemy cruisers with super fast 431 and go back. Sometimes is fun and engaging. Kill enemy radar cruiser would help a lot to our dd and they would provide spotting for you. But of course many times I got killed by enemy 460 and IFHE. So uh....hard to say. You know, HIV has a +20% engine boost while Repu only +8%, let alone other aspect of maneuverability. So I am still trying to find out how to use the legendary upgrade of Repu. To tell the truth I am more interested in the future French BB Bourgogne, perfect Alsace. I am curious what legendary upgrade WG would design for her.
  6. Yukikaze_da_1

    About the legendary upgrade of Republique

    Yeah...I unmounted it as well and am now using ordinary shooting-speed upgrade. That feels better lol.
  7. Yukikaze_da_1

    About the legendary upgrade of Republique

    pal, that link is not available....
  8. Yukikaze_da_1

    Premium ship summer sale

    Shiny horse is a battlecruiser. You could play it like a heavy cruiser. And your experience about cruiser and DD may help you hunt enemy light ships. Shiny’s quick reloading balances its caliber. Her torp and good armor give you chance to fight enemy BB.
  9. Hey there. Anyone would share your experience of the legendary upgrade of Repubilque? I got it yesterday and had two battles, not good performances. Not like the way I used to play with Republique...Shorter fire range is quite a problem.. And present upgrade is not the same as in the test period? Fire range -24% which is 16% before?
  10. Yukikaze_da_1

    error after the new update

    nope....still frequently crashes like this Someone says that since a certain update version, WG used new graphic technology and caused that problem. I think maybe he is right.And we macOS wows players suffer a lot ....
  11. Yukikaze_da_1

    error after the new update

    Thx pal, I will try it, too
  12. Yukikaze_da_1

    error after the new update

    Windows ver. same problem? I play with macOS version.It almost every day crashes like this... I have asked the customer center for help many times, but they gave no helpful support..
  13. Since we have camouflage The Republic for Gascogne. Appearance alike. Why not Republique? The Republic for the BB Republique~ (btw I hope République will have Gascogne's repair group as well lol
  14. 希望能在港口里隐藏三艘工会战专用船只 +1
  15. Yukikaze_da_1

    So...no news about buff Republique?

    yep maybe that's what I feel as well