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  1. 單純對面臉好而已,而且對面CV針對你表示你隊友正處於安全狀態 你敲了對面1萬進山迴避,那對面BB是不是也要抗議他沒機會還手呢?
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    這部分我得替官網澄清 這不是官方的錯 是貴國網路無法連通 如要在遊戲內開啟軍械庫 請開啟VPN 加速器 相信一定能開啟
  5. PrPr_DaYou_ChiJiu

    0.9.10 版本更新錯誤回饋

    請問是從哪裡連線造成網路不穩定呢? 目前亞服官網的電信業者已經改善許多問題了
  6. PrPr_DaYou_ChiJiu


    原因根本在你自己的網速,還有,,, wgc對您來說 屬於境外軟體 如果想得到一般玩家體驗 加速器及vpn不能少
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    原來這是掛逼啊 沒事沒事,下次我找他出去吃飯時在幫你問問真相
  8. 以目前PVP遇上羅斯福的強度而言 以鋼獲取也不是不可能 畢竟下限高的船 取得方式不可能太過輕易 如果用錢能買到 那遊戲生態容易崩潰
  9. PrPr_DaYou_ChiJiu

    [更新] 第 9 季公會戰中進行鋼鐵交易的公會

    亞服即將掀起新一波競爭 請拭目以待。
  10. PrPr_DaYou_ChiJiu

    [PSA] Clans trading steel in CvC 9

    Most of the international students are in Internet cafes, and office workers use IP is not fixed, after all, they have to travel around.
  11. PrPr_DaYou_ChiJiu

    [PSA] Clans trading steel in CvC 9

    For those willing to participate in CW guilds for those wandering players, this is wrong. You should be selfish and make CW a specific participant. After all, players who do not have a fixed IP should not have human rights
  12. PrPr_DaYou_ChiJiu

    [PSA] Clans trading steel in CvC 9

    I don’t know a guild full of foreign students and office workers How to meet their requirements
  13. PrPr_DaYou_ChiJiu

    [PSA] Clans trading steel in CvC 9

    Excuse me, violate the login terms What do you mean by Every player must have a fixed computer and login IP? As far as I know, the members of -1S are mostly foreign students and office workers Logging in to the game on different computers is almost normal, but I can only do so because of helplessness As for the record of players entering and leaving the guild, some guilds in the original Asian server are close to disbanding. So -1S takes in these players and lets them participate in CW Should I be found violating the regulations? If you operate according to this rule, nearly 80% of the players in the entire Asian server violate this rule. Please follow all of them, and don’t think that your behavior is called a balance game without substantive evidence.