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  1. HeavyK_OZ

    Unable to click READY in division

    Thanks for your reply, but i understand all these points you have listed, and sadly none of them apply.. I cannot select a ship to ready up with at all. There is NO TOOLTIP when i mouse over the Ready button, and it cannot be pressed.
  2. HeavyK_OZ

    Unable to click READY in division

    Hey guys, just today i have encountered a bug where i am unable to click ready to battle in division. There is no tooltip displayed when i mouse over the button either. I have run the launcher and the file repair but still no joy. Is this happening to anyone else?? Are WG aware of the problem? Cheers, HeavyK.
  3. HeavyK_OZ

    Teir 8 Matchmaker... WTF

    Hey Guys. Is it just me or is it every time i take a T8 ship out of port i am matched into T10 games. I don't just mean once in a while, EVERY single game, with easily 8 out of the 12 players on each team being T10. I would think that with the population we have online when i usually play being roughly 13K there would be more than enough players to have T8 play against tthe same tier. I would be happier to see 1 tier up or down difference, as facing T10 in T8 is getting beyond a joke. Thoughts??