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  1. MsMegumi

    ERROR encounter

    Hi guys i wanna ask how to fix this problem It's says "please check your internet connection and try again" even the internet on computer shop is fast i can play other games i don't know why this happening its day 4 now since first error happen.
  2. MsMegumi

    Buying a premium ship

    Oh thanks for the answer moderator i just thinking about that when i saw the premium shop.
  3. MsMegumi

    Buying a premium ship

    Hey guys i wanna ask if you buy any premium ships it will be yours permanently?
  4. MsMegumi

    Invitation codes

    @lengxv6:where i can input the invitation codes the y give?On the game?if it is where is it?
  5. MsMegumi

    Invitation codes

    Hi guys i wanna ask where i could find the "invitational code" anyone?
  6. MsMegumi

    Philippines WoWs Community

    Can i join in philippine community? IGN:MsMegumi Location:Caloocan City
  7. Hi guys i show you a video from youtube i've watched in time of 4:34 to 4:50 to know what will click to activate for that?Thanks for the answer for this.
  8. MsMegumi

    [PH] WOW's computer shop

    @XP_On:yes @yansuki:impossible they dont have a log out all online games have a log outs. @_intervention:mineski infinity?all of their branch have it?and where branch you played? @KM_SuperBismark:its hard to play if the game is not updated and the worst is if you update the game and the internet is very slow. @All:thanks for the reply to my question i am not play this only a world of tanks i've get interested to play this to the game is i watch the gameplay of WOWs.
  9. MsMegumi

    [PH] WOW's computer shop

    Hi i wanna ask for any addicted players is where in manila have a computer shop have a world of warships?