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  1. derpcargoship

    A question about anti-abuse system

    I'm quite sure that sinking early on and starting another match will not get you punished. It does say that 'a player participates in battle for 7.5 minutes, saves the ship, and leaves the battle before it ends' after all. That would mean that only players who left the battle with their ship still afloat could potentially be punished by this system. Hope this helps : )
  2. derpcargoship

    WOWS Mac OS X Client Graphics Setting

    Hi Icestar, I'm a fellow player who uses a less powerful Macbook. I've been playing for two years on my settings, and the only problem I have is a client crash after 4 games, which I solve by restarting my client after 3-4 games. My graphics settings are quite low, and I would suggest you play around with lowering different settings, and then testing it out in 'Scenario' battles until you get a more stable client. For the client freeze, I would suggest observing if it happens after ~3-4 battles, or after ~1 hour of client run-time. If the freezes mostly occur in such situations, I would suggest restarting your game client after every 4 games like I do. My settings: My Macbook Pro (2014) Specifications: https://support.apple.com/kb/SP703?locale=en_SG&viewlocale=en_US Also, I have found that not running any other programs or apps in the background helps with client stability. I try to keep only the game client and Discord (for voice comms) running when I play. Hope this can help you, and good luck : )
  3. derpcargoship

    Design A Patch submission

    Patch Title: Sailor Teddy Description: A cute patch for friendly captains to show that they just want to enjoy the game. When other captains see this patch, they would know that this captain is polite and warm : ) Author’s Nickname: derpcargoship Desired Nomination: One of the Top 5. Process: [displayed in spoiler below] Thank you for viewing my work : )
  4. derpcargoship

    My Art Corner

    Well done, keep it up. Hope to see more of your drawings
  5. derpcargoship

    UKBB Frenzy!!!! - Orion Submission thread

    Thank you : )
  6. derpcargoship

    UKBB Frenzy!!!! - Iron Duke Submissions

    Thank you : )
  7. derpcargoship

    Noob CVs

    A few points here. People who flame CVs are usually ones who haven't played CVs, and don't understand how tough it is to play the class. It's not completely their fault either, as they have probably been deleted by enemy CVs before, so when they don't see you filling the chat with 'Devastating Strike's, they will think you are a bad CV player. It's not your fault for being bad either, if you are matched against a highly skilled CV player, you will lose AS to him, it's not like you didn't try your best. I deal with it by ignoring such messages. Don't let it affect you. Just focus on improving by observing the other CV and learning how he strikes/strafes, and which angle he hits from. If you must, type "I'm trying my best, please bear with me". To get more recognition, use those quick commands. Make your name appear in the chat, be it just calling for focus fire or pinging an area on the map. If players see your name in the chat, they tend to think you're doing something, and complain a lot less. Don't over-spam of course, if you fill the chat completely it will have a reverse effect. Also, try to type out what you're doing. I like to type "Spotting the DD", "Sending fighters over", into chat once. Simply typing this gives you compliments once in a while. Lastly, use ": )". It makes you more human to the other players in the game, and bypasses language barriers. A smiley face is globally understood. These are the few things I've been doing while playing CVs. It's been a semi-pleasant experience for me because of this. Most of my compliments came from those CV games too. There will occasionally still be people flaming you in-game, but just remember that they don't understand, and that it's also not their fault. Hope this helps, and maybe even gives you a better view on CV interaction. Best of luck : )
  8. Quick graphic I made for better basic understanding using 3D space: Locking benefits: - Camera tracks your target - Your dispersion is improved by ~50% (= more accurate shells) - You can fire over certain islands to hit your target - While using torpedoes, there is an 'aiming assistant', that gives you a rough guide of your target's heading. Conclusion: You should always lock your target. Yes, use that 'X' key, often! Hope this helps : )
  9. derpcargoship

    Hakuryu or Des moines in current meta

    Glad I could help. Oh, and thank you Nishthedestroyer, your comment brightened up my day. Hope you have a wonderful day too : )
  10. derpcargoship

    Hakuryu or Des moines in current meta

    Best of luck, hope you enjoy your progress down the CV line : ) (Don't forget to have fun)
  11. derpcargoship

    Hakuryu or Des moines in current meta

    I feel that a CV is almost always better, if you are really, really good at it (~70% win rate at least). And Hakuryu is the apex of CVs. If you can't guarantee those win rates, then anything else would probably be better (ie. Des Moines). Des Moines is a fun ship. You might need to hug quite a bit of islands though, and if playing something static is not your prefered playstyle, then something like Zao or Henri IV would be much better. Hope this helps you decide : ) (As a footnote: I feel that CVs aren't the true WoWs experience. If you really want to play these bird-eye RTS style, many other games like Starcraft are built with that as it's core. But hey, CVs are still a fun experience, just don't 'grind' down the line if you don't enjoy it. If you enjoy it, then go ahead, have fun. Best of luck.)
  12. derpcargoship

    Personality of the North Carolina

    Let Ordrazz off, its saddening to see that people can be biting at him like sharks, even if he's in the wrong. Show some mercy. Live and let live.
  13. derpcargoship

    new klan system reeeeeeeee

    So Clans actually will do something? Cool
  14. derpcargoship

    Should I buy back Cleveland for ranked battle?

    Clevelands can't be power-creeped unless islands get nerfed xD
  15. derpcargoship

    Who here has had a 1 v 1?

    Sounds intense. Hope you had fun : )