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  1. Wow. To make it even better that is a Spitfire! I knew the Americans flew Spitfires and Mosquitos as reconnaissance aircraft, but not as combat aircraft. They had so many of their own. I believe their recon Spitfires were a pale blue.
  2. Below is an image from the NA forum. The player paid 14K gold for the first two boosters but missed completing the ship by about 403K points. To complete this last little bit was 15K gold. He wasn't happy. So 14K gold just gone and the ship as oh so close. I don't know what he eventually did. There were probably similar cases here
  3. Jayde2405

    Priority Target

    Yes it is nice to know how many ships are aiming at you. I was tunnel visioning and didn't realise that our cruisers ahead had pulled back. A moment before I was targeted by 11. I died quickly of course but we won easily as the entire enemy team lemming trained to the same side. We lost 4 ships, they lost 2. I didn't remove the names as there is no shaming involved.
  4. Jayde2405

    Anchors away tour. Sydney Australia Jan 30-31 2021.

    Looks like I'm gonna be planning a road trip for early next year to include this event
  5. Jayde2405

    Pushed into torpedo path

    Last time I was involved in one of these incidents I had turned my Giulio towards an enemy DD expecting torps, which they then fired. One of our DDs, tried to use speed to cross in front of the torps. I sounded my horns but he ran into my side. Two torps later, BOOM, dead DD. I felt guilty but he could easily have avoided by sailing behind me. There wasn't much I could do.
  6. Jayde2405

    Someone wrote on Hipper

    No doubt written by one of the survivors of HMS Glowworn rescued by the Hipper after a brave battle. The only time a VC was awarded on the recommendation of an enemy. Interesting story.
  7. How many battles in those 4 years?
  8. Jayde2405

    How am I Rank 5 with no battles played?

    ok, thanks Gummi
  9. I have not played any rank battles since Sprint 7 and yet is shows me at Rank 5. What am I missing?
  10. Jayde2405

    Leave battle

    Doesn't the game note players who abandon mid game. I thought this could result in being penalised by being stopped from playing pvp battles for a few days. I don't know where I heard this.
  11. Jayde2405

    Alabama or Massachusetts - pros and cons

    Thanks for the responses guys. I now have the Massachusetts in port.
  12. Jayde2405

    Is there no option to gift Santa containers ?

    excellent, found it, thanks again : D
  13. Jayde2405

    Is there no option to gift Santa containers ?

    Thanks Ralph. I don't get that option. I'll sent a ticket
  14. Jayde2405

    Is there no option to gift Santa containers ?

    thanks, sorry to ask a silly question, but which screen is it on as it does not appear on the screen I attached earlier.
  15. I don't know which one to get. I've heard Massa more of a secondary brawler but not my usual play style.