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  1. One of my top five games ever for damage done, ship sunk and aircraft killed,... and a loss. More XP than the best on the winning team and more than three times the XP of the second player in the our team. Yes I know the Giulio is OP but not by this much.
  2. Jayde2405

    1000 Dreadnought "Achievements"

    Exactly! Yet you see so many BBs just keep going until they die using maybe one or two heals. I often use four or five heals and with the India Delta signals for an extra 20% EACH heal can effectively increase your available hit points by more that 80 percent. And sometimes it is better to run away and hang on because it will save your team 50 points and deny the enemy another 50 points. 100 point turn around when you die. Turn a win into a loss
  3. My first "achievement" to get to 1000. I'm a BB main and 80% of my battles are BBs. A couple of "dreadnoughts" may have been with cruisers. What helps is I have always used premium modules, Superintendent skill as soon as possible, and the repairs signals whenever I have them. I now buy them with credits.
  4. Jayde2405

    Which commander would you buy next?

    Is there anything special about these captains, apart from starting with 10 points? lol , just looked closer and answered my own question, sometimes I am an idiot
  5. Just don't show too much broadside. I think it's the only BB I have scored 4 citadels against in one salvo, (with a tier 5 BB)
  6. Jayde2405

    Hooray! I'm meritorious!

    I like my Giulio
  7. Jayde2405

    georgia is out

    Wow, yes it is. I've tried to identify this ship a few times with no success. It's obviously American. Now problem solved. Thanks
  8. Didn't British fishing boats or trawlers engage the Russian fleet in the North Sea in about 1903-4? Kind of. The Russians where sailing to the Pacific to get revenge for the Japanese attack on Port Arthur. The Russians were very nervous and trigger happy.
  9. Jayde2405

    collecting allowance tokens,

    I don't need another cruiser I probably won't play so used 1600 tokens to get 400 signals flags. Mainly speed flags and a few heal booster flags (extra 20%) for my BBs. Would have cost $48,000,000.00. Funny that if I had cashed the tokens I would have only got $12,800,000.00. For me definitely worth getting the signals. My BBs don't leave port without them. I'll just grind those other ships
  10. Jayde2405

    Random plane kill score boards

    We were only against T4 CVs but T5 BB AA is pretty bad. I was our only ship left on that side of the map and the CVs objected to my presence. They eventually got me but after I got one of them. Giulio is certainly not known for her AA. My captain has BFT but not AFT
  11. I was surprised there wasn't much on this server about changing the Giulio to T6. Especially the way the other servers went on about it. I understood the reasoning but it is definitely OP Giulio is my favourite ship as it is just so smooth and I fully expected it to go to T6. I would never have handed the ship back for any reason. I was resigned to going to T6, not angry. Just don't nerf anything I'm happy in T6 and T7 battles and a T5 shouldn't be "happy". I just have to be a bit more careful
  12. Did everyone notice that some signal flags can be purchased in the store using credits. It used to be just coal and while I did buy some I was reluctant to get too many because I wanted to built up the coal for special ships. I just spent $60 mill credits on signal flags, mainly Sierra Mikes for speed (Giulio loves these) and a few India Deltas for extra 20% when healing, although I never actually run out of these
  13. Jayde2405

    In game survey not working !

    In game surveys have never worked for me either
  14. Jayde2405


    strange, your stats don't seem to show this...
  15. Jayde2405


    ranked, random or coop ?