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  1. Jayde2405

    Unable to view my account

    When I try to view my player World of Warships account (top right hand corner), all I get is a blue screen. I've made sure I'm logged in. I can view Account Management but not the account. Any suggestions. What am I doing wrong?
  2. Jayde2405

    0.8.8 Gifts & Rewards: How to Get Everything

    I'm trying to find where the combat mission is. Using this link all I see is a blue screen
  3. As a BB main I'm not impressed,.. but as an Aussie I'm cool with this. Lol, yet another ship I will probably never take into random or ranked battles. I have quite a fleet in this category
  4. Jayde2405

    Where's the elite commander xp gone

    All I can suggest is keep a close eye on it. I just played another battle for about 4000 commander xp and the total increased by the same amount. Mine appears to be working ok.
  5. Jayde2405

    Where's the elite commander xp gone

    I just took a 19 point captain into battle to check and my elite captain XP is still accumulating. Take a note of the amount you have and then take an eligible captain into battle
  6. Not too late, just worked for me. Try copy and paste thanks for the codes and the freebies
  7. Jayde2405

    Codes NEW NEW and even NEWER

    thanks for the codes
  8. My apologies for jumping to conclusions. I now realise I was looking at my own limitation and shortcomings. After all it is only 6.875 battles pre hour. I'm sure there are people out there who can maintain this for 144 hours (at least) straight. I guess I should be relieved that someone in authority has not pointed this out to me but I guess it is against their policies to shame me for my inadequacies
  9. that first player is 165 games per day for 7 days !!!!!
  10. Jayde2405

    so they some how...... investigating???

    Not so. I was disconnected a minute into a battle two days ago and it took me 10 minutes or so to get back in. My ship was sunk but I watched the end of the battle and I finished with zero damage, and zero xp. I got the same message and thought the server must have recognised I had logged back in and so not penalised me. I did get reported though. Unfortunately I seem to get disconnected a couple of times a week but can usually get back in and resume the battle within a couple of minutes. I have never been penalised before for this sort of thing. My only penalties have been as a pink ship four times for doing damage to team mates .
  11. Jayde2405

    PSA: Free Captain skill reset

    In StarCraft there were often creatures roaming of flying around. Neither friend nor foe. But if you kept on selecting one it exploded after being clicked quickly about ten times in succession. These could also be infected with a zerg parasite and do your spying for you. Especially the birds which could cover the entire map.
  12. Jayde2405

    Saving replays and reporting

    Thanks Verytis. Ticket has been sent.
  13. Jayde2405

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    They say all the existing captains go into reserve. Will I have to pay gold to retrain my 19 point NM captain if I put him back on my "new" New Mexico. Will I have to retrain him on the only ship he has ever been on.? And all the other captains.
  14. Jayde2405

    Saving replays and reporting

    Thanks, that worked, I can now watch the replay exactly as I saw it. If I may ask how do I save the replay ?
  15. Jayde2405

    Saving replays and reporting

    The replay I need to get was only an hour ago. We had a pink CV and from the very start two of our DDs repeatedly rammed the CV until it died as it was taking all the damage. Needs to be reported. The CV tried to play a normal game and did damage and a kill, did not strike at the DDs but had a DD in each side like a pair of leeches. Someone else may report it but I want to make sure