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  1. Jayde2405

    FIRST time broke my OWN record

    My best fire starter. Beat my previous best by 4. Not bad for a non British BB 20 fires from 80 HE shells hit (78 main battery and 2 secondary)
  2. Well I thought it was interesting anyway. I was in a Giulio in a T7 battle on Hav en, 4 DDs a side. Somehow I killed all four enemy DDs and did zero damage to anything else. I only fired at one other ship, a York, and did no damage as he burnt me down.. None were kills steals but one was extremely low HP. I had done damage to three of them previously before the screen shots. Only 3 torpedoes hit me. So lucky The first at less than 2km. We charged each other form about 10km. The second in smoke 2.3 km Had no idea the third was even there, was maybe 3 km when I spotted him and the last one was concealed but couldn't resist trying to kill steal a BB 10 km away, on fire, with 328hp left. Hit him with 4 shells. Just a flesh wound. Geez I was laughing.
  3. Jayde2405


    I thought I saw somewhere that this time, in Gold League, you cannot save your star. That the top loser doesn't save the star. Is this correct?
  4. Had a message (in English) come up, about a dragon boat event, click a button for more information.. why did I get it in Chinese ? (I think its Chinese) Anyone know what this is about?
  5. Jayde2405

    Atlântico worth it ? Who bought Atlântico ?

    Did you already have Leone or did you get it from the Italian Destroyers collection? IF, you already had it then you would have got 5k doubloons. The first three stages of the dockyard were 3.9k doubs so if you were lucky and committed early could have ended up with Atlantico plus 1.1k doubs.
  6. Jayde2405

    FIRST time broke my OWN record

    I know what you mean. I wasn't looking forward to trying to get 42k base XP in Cruisers in time to complete. (DDs and CVs not an option for me, so bad) But, same as you, a Kraken fixed that. The rest is attainable although 48 million potential is also a big ask and will be the last one completed.
  7. Jayde2405

    When is WG going to fix match maker?

    I guess the two DDs were in a division...
  8. Jayde2405

    What's in a name?

    The first time I heard of USS Canberra my initial reaction was the Americans had got it wrong and were taking credit, but then I found out about the story above quite a few years ago and was surprised and pleased. I already knew of the battle concerned but not these consequences. In the '90s the American Navy handed over the ship's bell from CA-70 USS Canberra at a ceremony at the Australian War Memorial (I think) as a gesture of friendship. The Americans don't usually give away military artifacts. There are currently two warships named Canberra sailing around. HMAS Canberra and USS Canberra. He definitely could be Aussie, but even on this server there would be expat Americans playing, or maybe with Asia as a preferred account for some reason. They could be almost anywhere in Asia.
  9. Jayde2405

    What's in a name?

    .. but sometimes I do noob things
  10. Jayde2405

    What's in a name?

    That would make him almost certainly American. Maybe had a relative, such as grandfather, dad or uncle would served on that USS Canberra decommissioned in 1970. I think an Aussie would have D33 Canberra for the Canberra of WW2. Or maybe FFG02 for the one that followed
  11. In BBs I find it best to be kiting away, at an angle. When the torps are sighted, turn away hard and maybe even slow and when the torps lose tracking may miss passing alongside. If sailing directly away it may still take to long to get your fat ass out of the way. Even if the torps lose tracking you are still in the way. Of course nothing is guaranteed. Meanwhile you're getting further from the action
  12. Jayde2405

    Is it worth coming back?

    There is always something to complain about. The game will NEVER be perfect.
  13. Yes ok, its probably on some update bulletin but I guess i missed it. I went to compliment someone a couple of battles ago and found the number of compliments (or reports) I was allowed to make had gone from 11 up to 22. Seems to be only the last day or two maybe. Does anyone know if this is temporary
  14. Jayde2405

    WOWS age demographic V2

    Bump. I know its an old thread but thought some of our newer players might like to add to it
  15. Jayde2405

    wows code

    thank you sir