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  1. Jayde2405

    Bots are just wow

    So would it become cocking, and done by cocks ? although technically they are parrots
  2. Jayde2405

    Musashi or Alaska

    Use coal to buy the Musashi. I do play quite a bit but I am half way to having enough coal to get the Musashi. I feel sorry for the people who use so such hard earned XP, or paid to convert the XP, which could have been used on other things. To me the price for the Musashi using coal is ridiculously cheap.
  3. Jayde2405

    So why is everyone choosing sharks?

    Sharks are cooler..., but I went Eagles because Dasha is hotter : ) (see the promo)
  4. Jayde2405

    What Am i Doing Wrong ? IOWA IX

    In addition to the above comments it could also be a case of all played well. You don't see an XP score of 1120 being bottom very often. Looks like the other team got spanked.
  5. Jayde2405

    MM 10 Battleships !

    Was playing WOWS for a while on December 26, just random battles, always 3 to 5 BBs per team. Nothing unusual. And then I was in a T10 battle with 10 BBs each side. I think I had seen 8 once or twice before but they were with new BB lines. This was a normal random battle. Each side had 5 T10 BBs, 2 T9 BBs and 3 T8 BBs. Plus a CV and a DD each to make up the numbers. Screen print attached Has anyone seen more BBs in a normal random battle before?
  6. Jayde2405

    'Stat-bashing' - where do you draw the line?

    Ocean map is not dead. Was on that map in my Tirpitz in a T10 game yesterday. I also though the map was gone as I don't think I had seen it for months. Maybe it has returned. Maybe it never left.
  7. Jayde2405

    'Stat-bashing' - where do you draw the line?

    And be warned you may be reported and/or yelled at for cowardice as I have been a number of times. Even when trying to heal a nearby dead BB
  8. Jayde2405


    ooops, sorry, forgot the topic while reading the comments......
  9. Jayde2405


    The only time I fire HE in a BB is when I am bottom tier firing against angled BBs two tiers higher, otherwise I cause no damage. Is this so wrong ?
  10. Jayde2405


    I'm getting those as well. During a battle. The screen halts for a second, goes black but can still hear audio and then this error message. I've been playing for 19 months and this just started in the last three or so weeks. Sometimes I'm still alive. Sometimes I'm either dead or dead very shortly after logging back on. Any suggestions? My machine is not the best but I have had no trouble in over 5,000 battles until now.
  11. Jayde2405

    Unable to save image of any screen in wows

    Wow. Never knew that. Took me a little while to find the file but I did and the image I was after was there. Thanks :)
  12. Jayde2405

    Unable to save image of any screen in wows

    I don't even know what a Steam client is. I not very computer literate and I had been getting bye fine for so long. Some little thing must have changed or I've done something wrong.
  13. Recently I have not been able to save any image from wows. I press Printscreen, go to paint and control V and it is all black. I can save images from any thing else that I use. Just not wows. I only found out a few days ago when I tried to save a result screen after shooting down 40 aircraft with a Nagato. I've been in the game about 18 months and the first time I've had this problem. Any advice
  14. If they ever bring out the Musashi it will be a free XP ship. Can you image how much that will cost? Which side of a million free XP do you think?
  15. Jayde2405

    World of Warships – Pay to win? 

    I don’t see the game as P2W just based on the ships I have. My highest tier tech tree BB T7 Nagato has a win rate of 56% while my Missouri has 54%. My T6 New Mexico has a win rate 58% while the T6 Warspite has a win rate of 56% My T6 Aoba has a win rate 54% but my Atago has a win rate 51% After 238 battles, my Tirpitz is still my worst performing BB out of 18. I will admit I hadn’t played that much when I got the Tirpitz and contributed to the Tirpitz getting a bad name early on. I have improved a bit since then. All of the ships mentioned have played at least 100 battles in Random or Ranked Please excuse me if I don’t see these ships as P2W