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  1. Jayde2405

    Ingame voice overs

    I'm just disappointed Dasha couldn't come out with the phrases in English. Was going to have her as captain for my Giulio. Wrong accent I know but a pretty captain for a pretty ship
  2. Jayde2405

    Ingame voice overs

    Paul Hogan ??
  3. Jayde2405

    Suck game and suck company!

    lol, this is common! and can be much worse, what do you say or do when it is the other way around? accept it as your right 'cos you're good? ..and before anyone says anything I'm not having a go at anyone's winrate. Just saying people complain about losing streaks and make no mention when they have good winning streaks ps when I finish the PEF missions for the ships and steel, I will sell it because to me it's guns are terrible (and other things)
  4. I'm happy with the Sprint game mode. Sure sometimes you get bad teams but so does the enemy. I've had good games and lost and bad games and won as I am sure everyone else has. Luck does have something to do with it as you can sometimes get a run of bad teams but you can still make a difference. I'm usually playing tiers 5 to 7 anyway so why not Sprint which gets a few extra rewards along the way.
  5. Jayde2405

    My Current personal Target in WoWs

    I'd like to get a 200k damage game. So far up to 184K with Missouri I'd like to get better in my T8 (9), T9 (3) and T10 (1) ships. I have good games sometimes but my damage is below average on all these ships and some times I know I'm too timid. Just an experience thing at these tiers I guess I'd like to make less mistakes I should push myself to play cruisers and destroyers but when I log in I always seem to take the safe option and go BB. I know I can usually contribute.
  6. Jayde2405

    Weekend win rate

    For everyone losing someone wins. On Wednesday during the day I played 20 battles in a Giulio for only 2 losses including a 15 game win streak. I had some good games and some bad games but often just had real good teams. Too often these days it seems so one sided and I was just fortunate to be on the right side for so many battles
  7. Jayde2405

    how to deal with toxicity

    better remove the guys name in the first two chats
  8. Jayde2405

    Bots are just wow

    So would it become cocking, and done by cocks ? although technically they are parrots
  9. Jayde2405

    Musashi or Alaska

    Use coal to buy the Musashi. I do play quite a bit but I am half way to having enough coal to get the Musashi. I feel sorry for the people who use so such hard earned XP, or paid to convert the XP, which could have been used on other things. To me the price for the Musashi using coal is ridiculously cheap.
  10. Jayde2405

    So why is everyone choosing sharks?

    Sharks are cooler..., but I went Eagles because Dasha is hotter : ) (see the promo)
  11. Jayde2405

    What Am i Doing Wrong ? IOWA IX

    In addition to the above comments it could also be a case of all played well. You don't see an XP score of 1120 being bottom very often. Looks like the other team got spanked.
  12. Jayde2405

    MM 10 Battleships !

    Was playing WOWS for a while on December 26, just random battles, always 3 to 5 BBs per team. Nothing unusual. And then I was in a T10 battle with 10 BBs each side. I think I had seen 8 once or twice before but they were with new BB lines. This was a normal random battle. Each side had 5 T10 BBs, 2 T9 BBs and 3 T8 BBs. Plus a CV and a DD each to make up the numbers. Screen print attached Has anyone seen more BBs in a normal random battle before?
  13. Jayde2405

    'Stat-bashing' - where do you draw the line?

    Ocean map is not dead. Was on that map in my Tirpitz in a T10 game yesterday. I also though the map was gone as I don't think I had seen it for months. Maybe it has returned. Maybe it never left.
  14. Jayde2405

    'Stat-bashing' - where do you draw the line?

    And be warned you may be reported and/or yelled at for cowardice as I have been a number of times. Even when trying to heal a nearby dead BB
  15. Jayde2405


    ooops, sorry, forgot the topic while reading the comments......