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  1. Lord_19T

    Washington Navy Yard-- USN BBs are Almost Here!

    Please disregard the weeb mod, I'm just dropping by
  2. Lord_19T

    Happy Birthday, World of Warships!! Tier VII Challenge.

    I was rushing the directives in co-op, then this happened
  3. Lord_19T

    Tier V Battleship Challenge!

    It ain't much, but it's honest work (uptiered to T7 btw)
  4. Lord_19T

    0.9.1 Bulletin Out-DISCUSSION TIME

    Andrew Cunningham: my guess is he'll be suitable for CA, DD, or CV, since lol CL AP only, and the only way you'll flood someone with a BB is by ramming Maneuverability System 1: highly welcome, since you won't have to choose which module will break more often Torpedo Protection System: hate this one a lot, since DWT ships will be pretty much dead. Also, +5% torpedo protection? Seems like it's a BUFF to the Kremlin Main Battery Mod. 2: it's a good one, this upgrade may reduce the amount of Aiming Systems upgrade being bought Worcester's Enhanced Measures: imagine Radar Mod and this one combined. RIP stealthy ships Arms Race Ranked Battle: can't expect much, but can Kleber hit 60 knots? In Closing: LUNAR NEW YEAR NEWS WHEN?
  5. Lord_19T

    whats wrong with this pic???

    Look at Kronshtadt, (UN)limited DCP as well Edit: Kronshtadt HAD limited DCP during testing, so apologies in my behalf
  6. Lord_19T

    Getting too much overpens

    Shoot & Pray? More like Spray & Pray
  7. Lord_19T

    The common random game motto

    Whatever quote that appears when F10 is pressed I forgot what's the quote now
  8. Lord_19T

    screw you WG

    Go play operations for the time being. It can reduce your stress levels, like I did. Who knows, maybe RNG will bless you from that point onwards, like I am now.
  9. Lord_19T

    screw you WG

    I believe you, man But "up to 10 rounds" is an understatement (for me). Why? Because I'm scripted to lose all matches in the last two weeks, no matter what ship, type, or tier. Honestly, my grind to Yamato is halted big time because of this.