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  1. Kamanah

    How to get a ST ship?

    OP. "You think you do... But you don't". Not sure where iv'e heard that before.
  2. Depends on how much teams annoy me. Frustration can kill a session for me very quickly. Get 3 losses in a row i'll normally just log off, no point playing. I don't play as much as i use to, now it's 1-2hrs on and off per day.
  3. Kamanah

    WG Charity : More Expensive than Puerto Rico

    Should of done it by bidding rather than have set prices. Digital items have zero value in the real world and people would donate what they consider a fair price... could of been more or less than their intended selling price. The charity is a good cause, but i find it hard to donate after seeing all that has gone on in recent weeks. Outside of Premium time i think my wallet will stay closed. That said i'm fighting the temptation to even stop paying that.
  4. Kamanah

    Puerto Rico Premium Booster

    I remember a while back people were complaining that there's really nothing to spend doubloons on. Well WG fixed that for us. Fixed it a little too well. I've zero interest in PR regardless of what they do/don't do with it.
  5. Kamanah

    Is this even a camo?

    Were you hoping for one of these to be plastered all over the ship? :D
  6. Kamanah

    SEA Server Nov 7 Horrible Connection.

    When there was an issue before regarding ping and lag issues around 18 months ago I decided to go to Twitter and ask... kindly (honestly) what they intend to do and if they would send out a repairman to fix it. Their reply.
  7. Kamanah

    SEA Server Nov 7 Horrible Connection.

    Last night I couldn’t access the forums, was either stuck on loading or it would just time out. Used cellular data and home fibre - they are different network providers. The game would be constantly lagging and Armoury and Clan Tabs would just be stuck loading. At 4am this morning I had no issues getting on the forums or in game issues, but around 3-4pm GMT+8 this is when I start getting problems. Lag spikes have been an issue for me for the last few weeks, but in recent days it’s becoming unplayable. Hope it gets sorted soon. Oh 7am hits. Looks what happens - PING 😕
  8. Kamanah

    Moving to NA in 3... 2...

    Doing a full Clan transfer would be nice. Give everyone the option to follow if they so choose, and the inactive players will just be removed. If the majority of the clan are happy on SEA then i'd just go for a single transfer, providing i'd have all my premium ships credited to my new port. Too much investment has been done to leave everything i have bought over the years to just abandon it. I wouldn't even mind grinding out the Tech Trees again. But loosing my Premium ships would be a deal breaker. That said iv'e not seen a survey asking if i'd like to move to NA. Maybe it will pop up in port soon.
  9. Kamanah

    High ping times/packet loss to WG servers

    ping has rarely been this high for me.
  10. Kamanah

    Aegis AI broke

    AI ships both friendly and enemy would spawn in but wouldn't move - Picture attached is from 1 game. This following battle had the AI moving but once the match was over no stars, rewards etc. As if the battle never happened. The ship used didn't have the Cool down either in port. Very weird. 20191016_194844_PFSC506-De-Grasse_37_Ridge.wowsreplay
  11. Kamanah

    why do you play

    Caught the game while browsing on Twitch. I liked the look of the game. Needed a game to break my Warcraft grinding addiction...thought ships would be less grinding Being a F2P game was a nice idea... little did i know how much i would end up supporting the game Still a fun game but i take it for what it is and don't worry about the little things.
  12. Still nothing about releasing the rest of the Scenarios :(
  13. Kamanah

    We want to block Chinese access!!!

    Seems to be all the rage ATM. Hopefully one day players/gamers can just enjoy a product for what it is.
  14. Anshan is pretty decent and its only one of 2 ships that comes with the 100% FXP stat to the camo it uses. The only other ship that was available with that perk was the Harekaze, which is no longer available.