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  1. Kamanah

    How to counter Belfast?

    Keep out of radar range and torp smoke.
  2. Kamanah

    Ingame voice overs

    IIRC the current USN uses 2 or 3 different voices for the F Key commands, and its really annoying. Surely 1 person can go to WG-NA offices and re-record them? The RN voiceover im pretty sure is the same guy that does the announcing for British X-Factor. More official WG voiceovers would be nice, or even part of a collaboration.
  3. Kamanah

    Operations Directive Four Grind

    This was a nice little chunk off the French line.
  4. Kamanah

    Not playing again til next year.

    Not a nice thing to say about the neighbours kids.
  5. Kamanah

    Operation of the Week T.U.F, Worst Nightmare?

    There are 2 deciding factors in T.U.F that will undoubtedly mean that you won't get 5 Stars. 1. Soon as the game starts and if you have a Destroyer on your side, and instantly takes off to battle it out with the 2 enemy destroyers, the chances are they will fail without the support of the rest of the team. Either the enemy destroyers will kill the friendly, or the incoming battleships will spot the friendly and focus fire. This issue can be extended to CV's also. The less skilled CV players will try to drop the enemy Destroyers and miss, thusly the enemy Destroyers will run north behind the incoming battleships and then towards the airfield to take out one of the gun emplacements. The Destroyers then need to be chased down quickly, but they aren't detected again until the friendly flotilla is in the mouth of the bay/airfield - which is too late to do anything. 2. Battleships. Now it should only take 1 battleship to go North/East to take on the 2 enemy cruisers, but time and time again I see 2 things happen. 1. Both battleships go N/E to take on the cruisers rendering both of them useless as its quite a sail back and everything is out of range. 2. Both of the battleships sail south to take on the enemy battleships and cruiser leaving the 2 cruisers to take down the planes. We all want to be sitting pretty at the top of the charts flexing our pecks while patting our self on the back because of the hard carry we just did, but if you have 8 kills and 300k damage but its a loss. What does 500XP and 150k credits mean... was it really all worth it.... being on top of a loss? It's a waste of 20 minutes of everyone's time, and just leaves a sour taste in everyone's mouth. Communication is key in this Scenario if you want to succeed. Don't automatically think that a team mate will do something, take initiative and make the move yourself.
  6. Kamanah

    How much have you guys spent for this game?

    Hmm. A divorce would of been cheaper 😞
  7. Kamanah

    Shooting accuracy

    Its sort of a tactical retreat and WSAD-ing incoming fire and doing your best not to get hit. iChase puts out some really good tactical videos and they are really worth a watch.
  8. Kamanah

    New premium: HMS Exeter

    Looking forward to this bad boy 🙂
  9. Kamanah

    Guilio Banned from Store?

    GC is a cracking ship. I would say Okto Rev is also up on that list for being really strong with its trollish armour and 12 guns. At least Okto Rev has that odd DCP consumable that balances it out a little. But never the less its still a good second to GC.
  10. Kamanah

    Newport Op - I give up.

    Biggest issue I have is when I see 2 destroyers in the line up... why? They are the least influential ship for this operation. Sure you want to grind up your XP, but really all that effort to only gain 250XP'ish on a loss. I've had a few good runs with 4-5 Star wins and that's mainly due to a good combo of ships. The losses or 1 stars are due to poor ship combo's.
  11. IGN: Kamanah "I will not be salty if my crate is poop"
  12. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vTM9KZm0vjrKtppAG5ydFct01eOe47tuHrSKPCauuxgybhalQ25Trnvt7JJWkRVWQCisWTTFwKL7WiH/pubhtml#
  13. 2 free crates for me contained 50x2 Zulu flags. Just what I always wanted!! Now I can grind past 300mil credits with ease 😄
  14. Kamanah

    Is it worth to spend $3.5 for cossack?

    For the price, its a fine ship to have in port. Who knows you might really like it when you try it.