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  1. Kamanah

    What's Happened to Alena?

    IMO this was just footage shot along side the event. For all we know Alena's translator might be sick and thats why we haven't seen anything of Alena recently.
  2. Kamanah

    Supertester list

    I guess if the quota for new Super Testers has been filled then they would just remove the thread. New ships is a give-away of an ST and also some use the ST patch or Emblem that pops up if they kill you.
  3. Kamanah

    WG is denying lower tiers?

    T9 and 10 are probably the most balanced out of all the tiers, and therefor WG throw their time and resources there. If a T7 (whatever) was released, who in their right mind would pay for a ship that has to go up against potentially 2 T6 CV's or even 2 T8 CV's? Mid tier is just a nightmare, and i hope it can be addressed sooner rather than later. However taking resources away from making ships to address this issue will hit their ability to make profits from highly profitable ships.
  4. Just take into consideration those few rogue shells that pass over the bow.
  5. Kamanah

    What's Happened to Alena?

    Looks like she's been doing some work with AVANGARD TV. Last video she did was about a month ago. Maybe she will come back, maybe she won't. Who knows.
  6. Kamanah

    Remove Newport from Scenario Rotation

    I really want a T8 Allied Battleship scenario.... cos reasons 😄
  7. Kamanah

    collecting allowance tokens,

    Depending on how many Allowance Tokens you have in hand, it might be worth spending Doubloons to buy a few crates.
  8. Kamanah

    unfair container ships !?

    Sounds like your account has been flagged to not get Premships. Or your Karma is so low it's your punishment. Be grateful that you don't get bad MM due to Karma rating. 😄
  9. It's quite scary when you think that you have maybe double or triple the games played when you add your Testing games. Now i need to get a life... or at least another game to play.
  10. Kamanah

    report this STplayer.he makes me sick.

    CC's are allowed to stream, record, comment etc regarding the ships that they are testing. ST's cannot stream or record their testing, but we can take screen shots as long as we mark it correctly as Work In Progress. We can refer people to the Dev Blog if the player wants further information on the ship that they see an ST playing. Commenting and reviewing a ship isn't what ST is about, it's data gathering for WG to see how a ship/s performs. Regarding the ST that the OP posted. He has to either be a CC or a Clan Tester, because if he is streaming a test ship and he's only an ST, then he's gone messed up.
  11. T1 mate. Lots of fun there.
  12. Faulty boxes? They should of had something inside them. Maybe the elves were drunk.
  13. Kamanah

    Simple solution to CV problem

    I'd just be happy with having CV's as -/+ 1 in match making. Being a T6 with 2 CV's in game is a nightmare... especially when its 2 T8 CV's. Not fun at all.
  14. Kamanah

    need help

    Coal goes with you. Oil stays with the Clan.
  15. Kamanah

    My Clan has dissappeared. What happened?

    Posted in the wrong section buddy 🙂