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  1. Kamanah

    Best use of dubloons?

    Earn free camo where you can and stock pile the doubloons for something more worthy - Christmas is coming up and there's usually a better Doubloon to FXP conversion going on. I wouldn't waste Doubloons on port slots though, just sell a ship that you no longer play and free up that slot.
  2. They will just randomly drop as part of the normal 3 daily containers
  3. Crysantos mentioned on his stream that the Ovechkin collection is ongoing and that you just make sure that you have selected the tab to collect those items.
  4. Kamanah

    Kronstadt or Musashi?

    I'm trying to hedge my bets for Jean Bart. Hope I've got enough. If it goes for steel ill be very sad.
  5. Kamanah

    Fiji Bullets

    Hitting the superstructure is where its at on battleships, anywhere else is likely to bounce or shatter. Waterline on cruisers until they start to turn and then go superstructure unless there is something else worth shooting at. Try using torps a little more. Pulling off a good ambush is nice and rewarding.
  6. A replacement for Belfast would be nice. No Prem RN Cruiser in game as of now. About time the USN Prem ships designs and releases took a break and other lines are worked on.
  7. Kamanah

    WoWS Update 0.7.10

    Cant connect either.
  8. Kamanah

    Technical issues found.

    Same error for the most part. When I do get in there's no game sound just a series of clicks and static thru my headset.
  9. 100% back this! Well done WG CIS. SEA needs to get in line and do the same. Players that don't back this are the ones WG should be questioning hehe.
  10. Kamanah

    Perth, Aigle, Molotov or Blyskawica?

    Perth is probably the most fun out of all the ships you mentioned. Blysk and Molotov lost their stealth firing which was what made them really strong. Blysk is actually a really fun ship, but the concealment against other destroyers hurts her. Aigle though quick, its not a very fun ship to play. The turret traverse is horrid. Will need a 14+ point commander to make her more comfortable to play, and even then she isn't much better.
  11. Kamanah

    Hall of Fame Points

    I have been grinding Dynamo to get a more consistent income of points for the Hall of Fame. The issue i have currently is that i'm seeing a number of players/botter/cheaters etc, loading in and going straight for the mine field to just kill themselves so they can load into the next game as fast as possible. This is unfair to the rest of the players in the Scenario because we all want 5 Stars so we can get the 100 Points, and what annoys me is that the players that kill themselves will also get the 100 Points with absolutely no effort. The Hall of Fame table is rewarding these players. This really needs to be addressed, particularly in Scenario mode.
  12. Kamanah

    Monaghan vs Sims as a Trainer

    Full AA Sims is a killer. This is the most i got out of her.
  13. Kamanah

    Aircraft Carriers

    You just answered your own question. But give it a go and at least you can give a valid opinion on the reworked CV based on your experiences with the old one.
  14. Kamanah


    Only thing i use Indianapolis for is Ultimate Frontier. She does "well enough" damage wise, and is a decent Commander Trainer. But she wouldn't be my first choice to take out in Randoms.
  15. Kamanah

    Brits. dd spoils of war

    In the Gallant i shoved on all my credit signals and credit cammo and 2 kills in coop netter me a little over 350k. Was just too lazy to do it in randoms.