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  1. I'm so bored with the game that i'd welcome back Ultimate Fail scenario. More modes and maps is what the game needs, not a mass amount of premium ships.... But we all know that ships is what brings the money in.
  2. Kamanah

    Sad day for me

    In the same boat as you - no pun intended. Kinda heartbreaking, but nothing can be done. Sad times, but it is what it is. Just look back on the fond memories.
  3. Kamanah

    how do they do it

    You're not alone in this. I have a good salvo out on a target and they sit still and by some miricle the shells miss. I swear that they reach into the game and pick the ship up so it WSAD's everything. But return fire is always on the money and even 10-15 seconds of me in WSAD dark mode shells are still landing. Oh well.
  4. Kamanah

    im bored

    At this point i'm bored and just fed up with what we have on offer. Sure the Dockyard and the missions are fine, but just grinding the same maps, same modes over and over isn't fun and becomes an ardous grind. The things i would like to see are: 1. More maps. As one of my Clan members said "WG doesn't have to create high level detail as would be required in MMO games". A bunch of islands in an ocean cannot be that hard to come up with random designs? 2. Map Creator/ Editing tool. We have lots of creative and historical enthusiasts in the community, and if WG cannot find time to create maps, how about letting the enthusiasts have a go? IMO this is a missed opportunity and an untapped resouce that both WG, the Creator and the players could benefit from. 3. More Game Modes. For the love of God, please put Arms Race into Randoms. I would find it interesting to have Arms Race on an Epicenter map. Make players decide wether to keep a positional advantage by giving up a buff to the enemy which in turn makes the enemy harder to deal with. Wishful thinking in Team play in this game, but one can hope.
  5. Kamanah

    Who reported me?

    Correction. Pressing CTRL + Mouse click takes skill and coordination. The amount of times i've clicked on the wrong ship that could of netted me a kill 😄
  6. Kamanah

    ST guys, really?

    It's really disgusting for them to do that. I'm really sorry that this happened to you and your team.
  7. Kamanah

    Anniversary Super Containers Thread

    30+ Continaers. I never expect a ship to drop, it just sets you up for disapointment. Pretty happy with this little haul. Thanks for the gifts. Happy Birthday WG.
  8. Kamanah


    Looks like Bogue to me.
  9. Kamanah

    German Containers

    Out of the first reward batch.
  10. Kamanah

    Abuse in WOW

    Just to clarify something. If i mute global chat and if an individual is being toxic i can just "black list" them, that will also make their torps and friendly fire shells disapear? While on the subject matter of "global chat". Is there really a need to have this feature in game? The idea is to kill the enemy, not befriend them. Asking for a friend.
  11. Kamanah

    Abuse in WOW

    I was recently out in a "Ship" and i had some "individual" in a Shima at the start of the game circle me and dump 3 sets of torps into my side. i just threw out some "???" and got no reply. Same game i had a division mate also eat a couple of Asashio torps. Though this was late game the Asashio was around 3km off my division mates side and dumped. There were only 2 enemy ships left, a Donskoi and CV. Both were in enemy spawn and that was around 18km away from the Asashio and they were retreating. So this dump was on purpose. Could be jealous, childish, griefer or someone that didn't get any action in the morning with his tor-pillow. But this sort of thing needs to stop. I don't expect WG to do anything anyway, because if they did then it would of been done a long time ago.
  12. Kamanah

    Is the a way to see what ships I ever Acquired?

    Are you referring to a Tech Tree ship or a Premium ship that you sold? If a tech tree ship you will have to buy for credits again. If Premium ship you can send in a ticket to WG and see if they can reimburse you the ship but you will most likely deducted the in game credit value that the sale originally cost. I don't know if theres an expiry time for it though.
  13. Kamanah

    Why Jervis is so good for Ranked

    I wouldn't class Jervis as an "easy ship" to play, and yes i agree that it does have an above average skill floor. Sure it has some strengths - Smokes being its main one. But it does have many weaknesses. Torpedo angles (as you said) are pretty poor. The range is also very short in comparision to other DD's that you will come up against. You are hoping that the enemy trundles your way and blindly runs into them. Acceleration from full stop is good, but if you are in reverese and then need to pull forward, it is a little sluggish. Concealment is also pretty poor in comparison. Couple this with its issue of being sluggish to accelerate from a full stop doesn't help matters. However the guns are decent, and the torpedo strike is very strong... if the enemy wanders into them. I tried a couple of games in Jervis and just didn't like the experience. My play style is being able to sneek into caps and contest as best as i can. With Jervis i just couldn't do this. Personally i value longer duration smoke or rolling smoke from Haida to give me the buffer to do what i need when i need. If people enjoy Jervis and its working for them - Coolio 🙂
  14. Haida is working well for me and had netted me more wins or Stars saved on a loss than any other ship. I just find that if a group of random people doesn't use my ship to their advantage (spotting or contesting) then its a total waste. Did a couple of Belfast games but found that the DD's that i met didn't play to cap objectives, so i just went back to Haida. Same with Sinop... Just went back to Haida.
  15. Kamanah

    Ikean Whale Spotted

    Seen that movie a number of times. Very funny :D