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  1. Inb4 'When can we sell HSF Ships/Dismiss HSF commanders thread'
  2. Drop anchor and drift around, it'll be faster
  3. Everyone thought it was broken Turns out it was just turned off
  4. So. . . is France supposed to have a 101 Artillery rating?
  5. Chat Filter Question

    *Looks at A****aka*
  6. Chat Filter Question

    inb4 getting banned for saying tupperwear. Try saying that ingame.
  7. Now we just need a German commander with those bonuses
  8. Torpedo Beats

    *Opens link*
  9. RIP high tier matches

    It appears in-game too
  10. RIP high tier matches

    3:46 of the vid tells him how to use binocular view. What's with that then?
  11. Do you have any other sources downloading at the same time
  12. One hit causes loldetonation