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  1. Depends on which ship you're using. Ge.K probably could.
  2. Any chance you can make a version with the ships in the dock themselves rather than sitting outside
  3. One of the reviews says not to play because of the ARP ships.
  4. Using Minotaur: Being attacked by Minotaur:
  5. We've got a card in the Event screen but we don't have any missions yet
  6. Q&A w/ Droid & Sub
  7. Now we just need to make that a mod. Or maybe WG will make that a true final boss for next years Halloween event.
  8. I managed me a 5-star game the day before the event ends. And these are the beautiful lads I won it with. Being honest though we won by complete fluke. We didn't communicate, Destroyer YOLOd against the Gorgon and the second tower only had aboot 200HP left. But I'm glad we won it though. This and Dynamo have probably been my favorite events.
  9. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Someone needs to let us moderate the FaceBook page then
  10. Gone and found ourselves a fiver
  11. Looks like it might, but that depends on whether WG would be committed to allowing us that luxury
  12. Those secondaries poking out the front though
  13. Yeah, someone in the balancing department definitely pulled a 'hold mah beer' when putting the stats together because even without mods it's AA is nightmare fuel.