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  1. Be nice if they would I had a pretty good Asia account I mostly abandoned around 7 months back (tired keeping up with both for a while but damn the play style shift is a B@!%# going from server to server Asia server can be a BEAST to play on compared to NA server) and it's missed a lot of things that my NA account has.... And it also has a LOT of things my NA account wasn't around for... Heck to merge them I'd be more than willing to simply ignore dupes (as in not be compensated when one vanished) just to get it all in one single account.
  2. So I checked all three forums ASIA, US, and EU and have found suggestions to make a Unique Commander for the Russian line. Some even have suggestions for her skills. Whats the possibility of making this happen.
  3. Sprucanman

    Removing 0dmg pen hits

    I can understand the frustration I put three full broadsides center mass at point blank (less than 2k) range into another BB (Konig on October) first 10k second 3k and third 2k with 5+ hits each salvo its a little frustrating to say the least trying to find the undamaged modules on another ship as he tears you down from 3/4 health when he was already 1/4 (yeah i was trying for a cit on him since we were that close and was aiming for hull). There should be a bit more flex in the whole oh this module is out of HP thing. Especially when you gotta take repair party into mind. And before anyone goes into the whole this module is darkened that works great on ships that have repeatedly been on fire and are now dark stem to stern.
  4. Sprucanman

    Capture the Flag!

    Another reason to use RDF to indicate who has the flag rather than the Classic this VICTIM has the flag is the lack of re-spon in this game. If you indicate this ship has the flag specifically that ship has almost ZERO chance of getting significant distance unless they are a DD who can go unspotted rather than simply being focus fired to death keeping the game back at the standard death match.
  5. Sprucanman

    Eastern Dragon WT actual F

    I have to admit I haven't seen any one sailing the E Dragon of shame... Not that I normally break out the ARP Myokos I do use the ARP Kongo's though they're great Captain trainers since I don't have to pay XP/Dabloons/Coins ect. to swap a CO across them and get a free 50% boost first win of day on em. Its like a free flag for each then I just drop the CO back where he belongs and don't bother with em. Though I admit I really only do this on 100% weekends or when I need that last little bit for the next point.
  6. Sprucanman

    causing ammunition explosion requires skill or luck?

    I managed to detonate a Mikasa with th first shot fired in the round with only one shell hitting a ship I couldn't see directly... Most of the time it is pure luck.. And you will notice some ships are more prone to it (some Cruisers detonate pretty easy as well) it can be countered with the Juliet Charlie flag to some extent though.
  7. I've done it a few times. Once I went strait to zoom and didn't even look at my ship and couldnt figure out why the dd's I'd been playing all night suddenly got real sluggish... I'd broken out a Cruiser and was trying to use smoke when i finally actually remembered I'd switched.
  8. Sprucanman

    Convoy” battle mode

    I had another thought on the escort mission topic... Landing craft... IE you take a troop ship of some sort be it an amphib or other such and your goal is to go to beach heads like the ABC to capture them it would make the escort missions a little more interesting if you had someone driving the escortee and if they had things such as this they could do to earn points/xp/credits people would probably willingly drive them. If for nothing other than a change of pace. And it would open up what amount to opposed escort with now Gator Freightor One is trying to take beachhead A from Red team while he cant move and needs artillery support or his landing craft launch will be destroyed (like when taking hits during CAPPING) by the landing area. But that's where things start getting a bit complicated I mean it just leads right into Q-ships and their crazy ideas of armament... Can anyone clean this up for a simple form of implementation? Or did I just go off the deep end.
  9. Sprucanman

    Battleship X: The USS South Dakota BB-57

    No it wasn't a design flaw a Chief welded a couple of circuit breakers closed so when they took a hit causing a short instead of just being able to re-close the breakers it overloaded a lot of things rather than just the affected system. Like if you overload the plugins in your living room and the lights in that room go out but the rest of the house is still lit. You reset the breaker and all good. Instead he bypassed that and now your house is on fire from the 15 power strips you have plugged in.
  10. Sprucanman

    More Paintjobs! More Customization!

    Even just hull numbers in some cases would be good for me. Some of the ships really were just cookie cutter boats (a lot of the DD's)
  11. Sprucanman

    South Dakota as Tier 8 Premium

    I'd really rather be able to research out the SoDak if you look at her armament vs the later Hulls she was a bit light on secondaries as she was a Fleet Flagship and her Anti Air received a Serious upgrade at one point. Either way I want one though... returning to this now that they are doing multiple tec tree lines add a second BB line for US and put this in there.
  12. Sprucanman

    Convoy” battle mode

    One way to maybe balance would be to force defenders to stay near the transport IE BB 5k Cruiser 10k DD 15K and for each ship in this range the Escorted Freighter gets a Damage reduction/invulnerability when a ship is in these ranges forcing the attackers to go for escorts first. Say 1BB = 75% 1CR =50% 1DD=25% or other numbers these are just some off the cuff ones. Yeah it forces some to stay bunched up but it would prevent the Torp Wall solution to some extent. (sorry to keep editing but) and maybe add some buffs from the transport end like consumable resupply and such IE DD so&so uses all his smoke goes back within 0.5K of supply ship staying there for gets one additional charge of smoke for every 30-60 sec he there until he's back to his normal maximum
  13. Sprucanman

    USS South Dakota

    T7 or T8 would kinda be a question are you talking Battleship X or her sister ships. Granted the main armament was the same but after the So-Dak they really did put a lot of changes into the others. I'd really prefer her to have some research-ability than a standard premium.
  14. I love how angry DD drivers get over Radar... It warms my heart to use it every time I see one of them invisi-shooting someone with immunity because they're hiding in smoke or sitting just outside detect range. Gotta give props for using what they have but that is NOT gonna stop me from doing what I do best... Helping them farm SALT.
  15. Sprucanman

    Does Ranked Battles Season 5 Encourage Teamplay

    My biggest problem usually ends up being the KILL THE CRUISERS FIRST tactic. (Forget DD's or the BB your currently shooting at turn your guns 90 and kill the cruiser you just spotted) but then I have to admit it is a working tactic because as soon as they are down the DD's swarm the BB's who cant see em for the most part and there goes the battle.