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  1. hormone1971

    Bismark or NC

    I will eventually get both as I earn more money as I have 250k XP in the Colorado already. I have a Yammie so I wanted to keep some ships with decent money earning potential as Teir X can get pricy.
  2. hormone1971

    Bismark or NC

    Thank you all for the advice. I prefer to push and brawl. Bismark seems to be the opinion for that.
  3. hormone1971

    Bismark or NC

    I like both the Colorado and Gneis for credit earning potential but wondering which would be better to upgrade to as i now finally have the XP and money for only 1.
  4. When I chat is often at the beginning, so no combat has taken place. Plenty of time to type a reply before you then need to concentrate.
  5. That sux how Aussies get lumped with non-engligh speaking folks.
  6. Am I missing something but are WOWS players generally rude and unhelpful? You ask question during the game and rarely does anyone reply. Teammates seem to work against you or perhaps that because no one has a plan. Other MMO games, you go into a fight and you know your teammates, you know their strength and weakness and you can formulate your plan of attack. With WOWS, you are thrown into a random group of people and we all just wing it generally. It would be great to be more social, more organised. Very happy to be wrong and it’s simply a feature that I have missed. Perhaps there are clans? I am on the Asia server and we don’t get squat. I can never play anything other than the standard battles. Anyone care to shed some light on this or am I stuck in “meh” land?
  7. hormone1971

    Modules for Amagi?

    And the other slots? 1 is easy but not sure about 2 to 4 then.
  8. hormone1971

    Modules for Amagi?

    What about the 5th slot?
  9. hormone1971

    Modules for Amagi?

    Well its changed lots for the Amagi. 5 slots now. a few I have never heard of hence asking for advice.
  10. hormone1971

    Modules for Amagi?

    With the new changes to modules, what would be the advice now for the best module options for this ship?
  11. I have viewed a number of the video’s and like but I really struggle to get much XP and cash. I was doing OK in the Natago but the Amagi is a struggle especially getting more winnings than I have to pay in repair. I know some of you will say WoWs is made that way to keep crap players from the upper tiers. I just don’t see my point using lower tier ships as any XP is then wasted as you can use it to help your higher tier ships. Same goes for my Myogi Any tips? Please be constructive.
  12. Any advice other than "get better". I will soon see my money drop to zero. once that happens, how do you repair the ships? I was using an Amagi and a Myoko.
  13. thanks for the info folks
  14. Hello, As the title says, can you? I would like to try US now and i am in Teir 7 with Japan. Do i have to start all over again in the US line of ships? Cheers
  15. hormone1971

    Fuso Review

    How do you use Free XP to unlock ships?