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  1. Reverse_Ideology

    What do you want from santa's boxes?

    What you will get is: Camos Emden Emden Emden And 1500 doubloons.
  2. Reverse_Ideology

    EM vs AR? IJN destroyers

    Depends on what kind of build you are going for. Getting AR is almost a must, along with LS. If you're going gunboat, Taking EM and BFT is needed. If you're going to be stealthy to torp, CE and TAE is more optimal.
  3. You participate in Water/Fire event, you get rewarded. You want Clan war rewards, then participate in it more.
  4. So you want something, but dont want to work for it? Is that what youre saying?
  5. Is only game, why you heff to be mad, and make such a Flemboyant rant
  6. Reverse_Ideology

    Regarding the Harekaze

    In the anime, it was shown that Harekaze (Kagero class) rammed a Musashi (Yamato class) and surviving. However, in the game, this is not reflected, like in the anime. Can the Harekaze have a special interaction where it will take little to no damage when ramming Yamato/Musashi, like shown in the anime?
  7. Reverse_Ideology

    Regarding the FDG

    Right now, The FDG feels weak compared to the other Tier 9 battleships. It does not have good turning, has meh armaments, and weak pen on the 406mm, not to mention their light shells. After doing a bit of reading, it seems this ship was based off of the H39. However, I also realised that this means that FDG is not following or is equipped with its planned armaments. Can this be fixed, and make the ship historically accurate by fixing the armaments as planned?
  8. Reverse_Ideology

    my badluck are insane

  9. Reverse_Ideology

    ASIA Q&A, round 2

    Will there be more plans to buff the IJN DDs turret traverse? Currently when you meet any enemy DD at your minimum detection range, basically 9 times out of 10 you will lose the trade, while trying to brawl due to the really slow turret traverse. Will there be any buffs towards this?