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  1. Izumo or GroBer

    Rudder shift actually.
  2. At 300k right now. I really wish I did not skip to ryujo coz I suck balls in CV anyway.
  3. Does Yamato need a buff?

    It's that time of the month again.
  4. Do you regret purchasing that boat?

    I'm with you on that. Main reason why I didn't get interested at all in clash of the elements because the biggest prize was kamikaze R. Even though the R version looks so much more badass than the watermelon non-R version. I would still prefer the non-R one due to the real ships not having an R suffix.
  5. Do you regret purchasing that boat?

    Why though. HSF Graf Spee is literally better than the non-HSF version thanks to the +100% free exp bonus of the camouflage.
  6. Credits transferring system possible?

    I would rather have an in-game auction house to be honest.
  7. Nice, looks like I don't have to buy and HSF ship after all.
  8. Emblem

    He says he has no T8 IJN ships but the emblem counter shows that he has fulfilled the criteria 5 times.
  9. I don't see the problem. You get free a camo or signals and 20000 credits.
  10. disable death cam badges

    I found them tilting if the enemy still uses the stock designs. I'm ok with it if they used the animal ones.
  11. It gives +50% exp +50% commander exp -50% service cost. Basically not worth it if you own the 5k dubs camo already but very valuable if you don't own the 5k dubs camo since it gives you the ability to play yamato without bleeding credits.