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  1. Oh lol nice.
  2. The game actually has a draft value. The first DW implementation checks the draft value. I believe ships like kuma couldn't get hit. WG decided that for clarity, they would rather make DW torps follow class restrictions instead.
  3. Chinese names sounds more bad-ass anyway. Makes me wish getting Zhang Ye is possible or Zhang Xuan for face smacking goodness. How the heck were you able to see T1s? I'm pretty sure they have their own MM. Also, they are cruisers that's why. WG probably didn't bother since you'll get out of T2 in a few games anyway. Also, low tier ships are already too slow, having 0.8km detect is already too much for them.
  4. Nope. Been like this since last patch.
  5. I agree. Someone ban OP now. Getting torped by friendly bots is one of the most annoying thing in coop.
  6. AFAIK the ship is overweight too. The turrets and the AA makes the ship too top heavy.
  7. Must be a typo. Double weekend always starts at friday 14:00 utc+8 and ends monday 14:00 utc+8. Check your calendar and you'll see that 30 November is a thursday.
  8. Jesus, I thought the scenarios is supposed to be hard. Tried it in my scharnhorst and got 5 stars the first try, 4 stars on the 2nd try. I wasn't even planning on getting the premium time yet. If only saving tranny was this easy.
  9. All I hear is a dude glugging to be honest, I was hoping for a meow or something normal. I didn't watch the show though, so I have no idea how the cat sounds.
  10. If that reward cat(if ever) has the same voice as the existing cat, I wouldn't even think about using it. I'm not really fond of modding the game except for the historical flags so modding the voice out is a no-no for me.
  11. Yes, but it involved them. Once the government is involved, a business will always do it's best to get out of hot water quickly, especially since they didn't even want to get in the hot water in the first place. Hence, the overreaction. Being in the eye of the government is always not in the best of interest of a business. Look at valve, they never really gave refunds on steam. But Australia sued them and fined them, so they implemented a refund. But valve went the extra mile and allowed refunds even for countries without a consumer protection law. Why? Because, there's a precedent already, so they would rather implement it for all rather than allow them to be sued again. So, who's to say someone's not going to go full nationalistic and find something faulty with the ROCN ensign existing in game? I'm pretty sure there are people smart enough to find a something in China's regulation to pick a fight with WG. I mean there's a precedent, who's to say it wouldn't happen? Like I've been saying all this time. This is a business move and had nothing to do with flags and misunderstandings. The important thing is that someone complained and raised it to the government. This issue is not in WG's best of interest, hence, the cop-out. Even if it's hard to accept, this is the fault of misplaced nationalism.
  12. Now that I think about it. Kitakami is really underpowered in the game's current state. It might have been viable before when players in beta still don't know how to play the game. Now though, a kuma in T8 would not live very long.
  13. How could it possibly not? Threads like this will ultimately devolve into something political. That's fine if it ended there, but it didn't. There is a reason why men in uniform are not allowed to express their personal views while wearing their uniform since people would assume his stance represents his group's, which might not be the case. This is case is similar, by escalating it to the Chinese embassy, it's no longer "just" the stance of an individual.
  14. As a business, it's always better for the easy route. I'm pretty sure the population of Chinese players heavily outnumbers the population of players that have their national ships stripped of their national flag so this decision is probably the best move business wise. This is pretty normal for businesses. Businesses would always ban all transactions with a party who sues them, this is to avoid any future confrontation. It's the same here, they would rather remove all possible sources of outrage to prevent future outrage. Does it make sense as a player? No. Does it make sense a Chinese player that didn't have an issue with the flags? No Does it make sense to non-Chinese? No. But that's because we don't have the information WG has on sales. Remember, WG is a business, a Russian business. They don't have any relation at all to Chinese politics, so they would rather do a very neutral move like this than to potentially lose customers. I'm saying is that WG is a business and not a political group. A group that has any benefits for showing both the ROCN and the PLAN flag would not do the move WG did but the fact is that WG will not benefit by showing the correct flags. At least, that's what their information is telling them. You have to think of this in the eyes of WG, then it would make sense. Am I satisfied, of course not. But I can see why they did it because I know the running a business is not as easy as 1+1 = 2 TL;DR: WG is a business and being potically neutral is a good move for a business.
  15. Damage has been done. It's the Chinese people's fault for this fiasco. Everyone knows that companies that deal with an international market would always pick the easy route once they are in hot water. They would rather remove all things that could possibly offend anyone if there is a sizable enough protest. Look at IJN ensign, it was once in the game but some Koreans didn't like it. Do they have to remove it from all servers? No. Did all Korean players hate the IJN ensign? Also, no. But they have to consider all of them. It took years for league of legends to return grave's cigar just because it could be bad in the Chinese market. What makes you think anything related to Taiwan would be easier to deal with? edit: It's easier to say "WG is overreacting" when you don't have the necessary information on potential sales impact on WG. It doesn't matter to us if some Chinese players stop spending but it matters a lot to WG. WG is a buisness and not a political body. It' always better to cop-out as a big business especially if politics is not what you are selling in the first place.