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  1. AkiDucky

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.9.6

    It's not relocated. It's a new folder created after deleting the old one.
  2. AkiDucky

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.9.6

    WG just deleted my res_mods folder without warning. Just wow. Hours of work gone. I should have never trusted WG to not touch files that aren't theirs and backed up my homebrew mods somewhere else.
  3. AkiDucky

    Warships on Air Special!

    I just want the Roon commander outside of lootboxes.
  4. AkiDucky

    Aoki Kantai has returned

    They bring the collab back but can't even get the red takao camo right. It has the wrong turrets. Look at 4:40. edit: I found all the new voice files for the ARP ships. I compared the files to my old unpack(2017) and saw new files which I highlighted. They even future-proofed it by addding references to subs.
  5. AkiDucky

    Aoki Kantai has returned

    still waitin for AL Prinz Eugen commander to be sold outside of a bundle or lootbox. A poor college student can't handle such whale prices.
  6. AkiDucky

    Aoki Kantai has returned

    There used to be no voice for the new commands such as "need intellegence data" "set a smokescreen" "get back" and stuff. Now there is one.
  7. AkiDucky

    Whole Team Killed. Still Win.

    That shokaku is probably very salty.
  8. AkiDucky

    Aoki Kantai has returned

    No wonder they fixed the missing chat wheel voices from the ARP commanders. edit: here are the new files
  9. AkiDucky

    LNY code

  10. AkiDucky

    0.9.1 Bulletin Out-DISCUSSION TIME

    Can't wait to get mbm2. Would be really nice to put those in USN BBs, IJN CAs and gunboat DDs with garbage traverse.
  11. AkiDucky

    Fire Prevention Skill for BB Commander - Worth it?

    It's worth it just for the reduction of a fire zone alone. With that, I can basically ignore 2 fires on high tier BBs since realistically, you'll only have 2 zones on fire if you are angled properly with the FP perk.
  12. AkiDucky

    Brace yourself, shipfu is coming !

    I just hope WG give out mods to replace the ship portraits with AL shipgirls drawn specifically for WoWS.
  13. AkiDucky

    Brace yourself, shipfu is coming !

    https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/common/azurelane_collaboration_0402/ TFW it was actually real.
  14. AkiDucky

    Izumo or GroBer

    Rudder shift actually.
  15. At 300k right now. I really wish I did not skip to ryujo coz I suck balls in CV anyway.