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  1. H0rnblower

    Scuttling your ship

    Compensation for damage caused by allies will cover the full cost of ship repairs, irrespective of how many Credits the offender earns in the corresponding battle. Please note that a fixed portion of the cost of ship servicing and the cost of ammunition will not be compensated http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/83859-understanding-the-rules-regarding-team-damage-and-team-kills/
  2. H0rnblower

    Scuttling your ship

    A couple days ago I n another cruiser were target fixated on the same enemy ship n ended up colliding n locked up for about 30sec. Other player got pissed and salvos 4 torps into me. So at just 4min into a match I'm down 50%, burning and flooding thanks to team damage. Decided no point in carrying on, so wished the idiot "Enjoy your TK" in chat n let my ship sink. Team won the match so I got points, and all my ship damage was 'paid for' by Mr. TK'er.
  3. Just happened to me today so gonna gripe a bit. Was playing Domination on two bros and I was in my Fubuki - went to cap East with a Leander in support and I got into a torp duel with an enemy DD that I won - then got into trouble with a CL and two fast BBs (Kongo and an ARP) that chased me down the whole East side of the map raining shells on me until I was sunk. I then noticed that the Leander had turned around early and was back at base... and nobody else in my team went East! Essentially I took on 5 enemy warships at East cap while half the team milled around the base to take long range pot shots to the West - they didn't even realise they had two enemy BBs within 10km of them until those BBs fired on them!
  4. Been driving the NO for about a week now - Tier 10 fire magnet but compared to the Pepsi it seems a bit harder to get one-shoted. The guns seem more accurate and keeping front to the enemy works even though base hp is lower than the Pepsi - reckon the NO is less vunerable to 6-inch fire. When 0.6 came about I made sure the commander had CE and plus camo I've got her down to 11km detectability - now just about to upgrade her gun range (I've got the Fubuki and Emerald as well this week as well).
  5. Oregon City was a mildly redesigned Baltimore with better AA. If WG is going to open up T10 on USN cruisers where can I vote for the USS Alaska? Unlike the paper designs she did serve in WW2, and had a heavier broadside than the Scarnhost!
  6. Same here. I'm F2P so had to sell the Pepsi for funds to buy NO. Really like her guns n concealment (with CE) but her A hull armour sucks.
  7. H0rnblower

    Proposed British BBs

    'The Repulse and Reknown are sister ships - BCs with 3x2 15-inch. My choice would be: T3 Dreadnaught - 6x2 12-inch T4 Iron Duke - 5x2 13.5-inch T5 Revenge - 4x2 15-inch T6 Queen Elizabeth - 4x2 15-inch T6 Premium - Warspite (QE class) T7 KGV - 10x 14-inch T7 Premium - Hood - 4x2 15-inch, fast. T8 Nelson - 3x3 16-inch. Contemporary to Nagato & Colorado and did sink the Bismarck. T9 Vanguard - 4x2 15-inch, hull from Lion class, turrets from 1918 but modernized. Only British BB with RPC (remote power control) so had fast turret traverse and excellent long range accuracy. AA also had RPC. T10 Lion - 3x3 16-inch but newer gun design. 'The RN preferred the 15-inch to the Nelson's 16-inch which fired high velocity light shells that in practice didn't penetrate as much as they assumed. The 14-inch was a Washington treaty compromise and the quad turret design was mechanically unreliable till late in the war. In fact the weight of broadside of the 10 gun KGV is just a few hundred kilos more than the broadside of the 8 gun QE. Lion would have gotten new 16-inch barrels firing a heavier shell than the Nelsons, but designing and building the triple turrets was going to be a big bottleneck, so the RN took out four 30 year old turrets they had in storage from the weird Courageous Light BC and created Vanguard.
  8. H0rnblower

    Most Difficult Cruiser

    My current cruisers are ARP Moyko, ARP Takao, Molotov, Nurenberg, Cleveland, Pensacola n Danae. I don't enjoy the Danae as she's pretty much a large destroyer with only AP n short torps. Myoko n Takao have slow turret traverse. Nurenburg is for HE spam but I've seen its AP bounce off a Graff Spree at under 10km range. Molotov is interesting but it's my only Russian - got it as an Xmas container. So the Pensacola... hate it's visibility as you will get citadelled long range, but once modified it can really run n gun. Today had a random match on Neighbours that turned into a mass brawl where I got sunk, then I watched a single Pensacola take on four cruisers at under 11km and win (two Nurnbergs n two Omahas). He kept shifting his profile so most of their AP bounced, then swung around when he was loaded for four turret AP salvos! He said that was the most kills he's ever had in a game, and I feel he was pretty lucky they were all firing AP at him - a Pensa can take 6-inch AP all day if angled well, even from 10km distance.
  9. H0rnblower

    WTH that ships is?

    Yes that's the HMAS Perth. My turn, this time with a riddle: I served my liege with loyalty From Arctic ice to equatorial squall And though my fictional odyssey was brief In real I lived for a score and four Clues: From my favourite WW2 cruiser class, but built with 4 not 5. Hope to see this class in WoW one day. A former crewman used her to become famous.
  10. H0rnblower

    WTH that ships is?

    Happens I was recently reading up on Dutch cruisers... The Dutch Light Cruiser De Ruyter.
  11. H0rnblower

    How do you make it through mid-tier match-making?

    I got my US cruiser line to TVII Pensacola - if you're not familiar with this ship it's high visibility, slow shells, big citadel & low armour, so you will get one-shotted by BBs from 15km away. Did the ARP Takao points grind for one of the best TVIII cruisers in the game, then on my third random match was thrown into a TX bastion game! The best way to play if you're lowest tier in a higher tier match is to stay back and play a support role - hang back, hide behind islands and let the other guys start slugging it out, then fire on distracted enemies - its a simple fact that any spotted low tier ship will be instantly targeted by any enemy ship in range looking for an easy kill. Once the chaos has thinned out a bit then you can be a little more adventurous and when you're comfortable with your ship handling like maintaining angles and firing accuracy you can sometimes do wonders - in a recent match I supported a division of BBs, then at the end chased a TIX DD in my TVII Pensacola, dodged his torp salvos twice and hydro'ed him out of smoke. Ended the game with three kills including that DD, who was the opposition's top scorer with 4 kills!