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  1. SadistApathyCrucio

    0.9.3 Bug Report Thread

    Im having problems accessing armory it just keeps being on loading screen
  2. SadistApathyCrucio

    Failing to Connect to Server

    you should be able to log in now
  3. SadistApathyCrucio

    No torps on Amagi?

    Thats because the Tirpitz was refitted to have torpedo tubes and probably after the sinking of the Bismarck. But haven't found when she was refitted and why she's a premium for being unique
  4. SadistApathyCrucio

    No torps on Amagi?

    As I was going through wiki on IJN ships that I noticed that Amagi was designed to have 8 x 61cm torpedo tubes. If thats the case, why wasn't it put into the game to be the first battleship to launch torpedoes than having german battleships being the first. Just wondering what was the decision on not implementing in the game?
  5. SadistApathyCrucio

    USS Alabama on the way?

    It annoys me that WG gives more love to USN premium ships than to IJN. How many USN ships do they need to put out?? Very unbalanced gameplay as IJN has no premium carrier or high tier battleship to compete with other nations premium battleships. How long do players who love IJN ships have to wait for their turn to purchase premium ships. Is there gonna be Tier 9 premium battleship to compare with the USS Missouri? I would love to see Musashi (Oct 1944) config as premium ship has they are sister ships but with different stats. As German navy has three sets of sister ships both premium and non premium ships in their tech tree.
  6. SadistApathyCrucio

    Kirishima Human form voice?

    The Kirishima +10 skill voice sounds like Iona voice to me. Also wish i could get rid of old ARP commanders as I dont need that many of them
  7. SadistApathyCrucio

    Allied ship to ship collision alert

    I'm not sure on any other region forums if this has come up that I am stick and tired for other ships t-boning my ship while sniping on enemy ships. It happens to me all the time and which I lose focus and disrupts my concentration on planning my attack. I'm sure other people who play this game get annoyed about this. I think there should be like a TCAS system alert like they do on modern airplanes. I would like the alert sound like they had on WW! and WW@ era ships to sound authentic. To say, if I'm using my battleships which they ain't able to steer better than a destroyer or a cruiser which they have better steering than battleships shouldn't be penalized if they get t-boned by the bow or the stern of the allied ship if incoming ship doesn't take evasive action. I know the compensation is small at the end. Oh someone has brought up this before as I just saw in the thread UI Things to do checklist after I posted my thread
  8. SadistApathyCrucio

    Problem with loading to battle map

    Too late now as I have reinstalled the game and it seems fixed now which it was the client and not myself
  9. SadistApathyCrucio

    Problem with loading to battle map

    The only thing i can think of is the internet act funny and none of the other things I havent done you've mentioned
  10. SadistApathyCrucio

    Problem with loading to battle map

    Here is my problem that it seems my computer is having trouble playing warships which it didnt happen before until now. I think I have provided all the details and info to rectify it Issue: Cant play warships due to slow or unknow error Screenshots: battle loading problem.jpgShip: Atago and MinekazeMap: Solomon Islands and a few othersOccurrences: Happen four times in a rowTested: I've used task manager a few times and tried to get back into the game to see that worked but no luck and tried to restarted the computer twice and still no luckSeverity: Extremely high impact Details: It happen last night when I was in division with a contact of mine which before that a few hours it was alright. But I dont know what has caused this which is quite frustrating to me and my team mates. Im in random battle match and the red random battle icon just keeps loading slowly. They might think Im a bot and have no control of telling them there is a problem. DxDiag.txt
  11. SadistApathyCrucio

    Kangaroo's and Kiwi's

    Another proud kiwi here here.
  12. SadistApathyCrucio

    Broadsided by torps going thru iceberg

    Just put replay on now. I wasnt torpedoed by CV as I saw where they torpedoes were coming from and had no chance of moving as i wasnr moving at at the time. Tried to upload a pic or from the website from the options above but it says it cant be uploaded or something like that but here is my address that i uploaded to imagegur site
  13. SadistApathyCrucio

    Broadsided by torps going thru iceberg

    I'm not sure if this topic goes here but last night my myoko was broadsided by torpedoes in the "island of ice" map which the torps went through an iceberg that was the size of my ship or abit bigger. To my understanding of real life that icebergs have a lot of ice underneath the surface and what happen in the game was not realistic and a potential flaw in the game. I dont know how to get replays of this incident to explain in detail. I hope this gets resolve soon
  14. SadistApathyCrucio

    nz gathering un offiacal

    I'm keen to be involved in this but i would have to use the bus
  15. SadistApathyCrucio

    Cant move or shoot on kongo

    I dont know if this has happen to anyone but when i use my kongo battleship on solomon islands or northern lights and not sure on any ones i cant move by using w a s d buttons or shoot with my mouse but the turrets does move as i move with the mouse nor can ppl can see my types to the guys i have a problem. this problem has happen several times since i got this ship but hasnt happen on my other ships when i do this map on random battles not on co-op battles. I hope this gets solved soon