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  1. desTraxeon

    Bots and game rigging?

    I just had a terrible game while playing Loewenhardt and there are these two Fusos in our team that are parked perfectly parallel to each other behind an island and does nothing the whole game. They're not in a division so it makes me think that someone was running scripts and was trying to rig the game so one team will have two useless AFK "players". WG pls.. 😑
  2. desTraxeon

    KoTS Streaming <Expired>

    I'm in that screenshot but in a different name! I won too many codes from multiple streamers and I can't use some of them anymore because of there's a limit. 😕 I'll message you the code. 🙂
  3. desTraxeon

    Starting the KoTS camo mission question

    Seems like it has to be a KoTS Twitch drop and not the one in the armory.
  4. desTraxeon

    Steer to the Lighthouse

    Bruh, wtf? Who's that player? That's unfortunate for him because the lowest bid seems to be 25,001 doubloons so he spent 124,999 extra doubloons for nothing.
  5. desTraxeon

    Steer to the Lighthouse

    I bid 50M for both of those and only got the commander. You bid was double than mine yet we both got the same 14 pt commander. lol 50M isn't even the minimum because I saw someone who won it with 45M.
  6. desTraxeon

    Master of Entertainment

    I got that achievement too when I opened the game earlier. I guess you unlock it if you have all 5 anniversary achievements. Ship Party Twist of the Wrist Social Lion The Brain of the Party Busybody
  7. desTraxeon

    SEA Community Managers?

    Does Asia server even have community managers? Who are they?
  8. desTraxeon

    Invitation codes

    Seems like the old referral links don't work anymore so here's mine if anyone needs it: https://wows.asia/destraxeon
  9. desTraxeon

    NA-exclusive mission chain

    Is there a reason why NA server only gets this mission chain and not EU, SEA, and even CIS servers? I thought contents are now unified across all servers so what's this now?
  10. desTraxeon

    Referral link

    Can I have a referral link for Asia (and NA too if you have one)? The old referral links doesn't work anymore when WG implemented the recent change about recruitment system. Here's my referral link if anyone needs it: https://wows.asia/destraxeon
  11. desTraxeon

    [PSA] Giulio Cesare testing and premium ships status

    Why not just make another version of those OP ships (which is now balanaced) then make them available to the shop and let the players keep the original one and lock it away from the premium shop and supercontainers? IMO, that the best choice WG could have done..
  12. desTraxeon

    Unlimited planes needs to change

    I bet that you haven't even played the reworkes CVs. Have you tried playing them yourself because if you do, you'll know that CVs don't have unlimited planes. It is only theoretically unlimited because there's a regen time but if the CV player keeps losing his planes from AA defense, he will not be able to get full squadrons anymore because the regen time can't keep up with the number of planes lost. That means that he will spend the rest of the game with sub-optimal squadrons and that will lead to less damage dealt and less impact to the game. Again, if you played CVs, you'll realize that it is not a "no problem" for the CV players.
  13. desTraxeon

    New Invite Link

    Thanks a lot! Thanks a lot!
  14. desTraxeon

    New Invite Link

    I'm planning to return to the game and I think I have been inactive for a long time to be able to use invite link again. Can I have one please?
  15. What can you get from WG containers?