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  1. Why 12? 😕 It's also winning on NA server.. I prefer the clean design and color of 10. Oh well..
  2. We didn't even have the mission chain for Blyskawica camo yet and now there's another one?
  3. I was inactive from the game not because I got bored from the game or something like that but because my laptop got a lot of problems which makes me unable to play the game. You make me sound like a bad guy here when I just want fairness of the contents of the servers. If the inactive players from NA and EU got it, why can't ASIA? That's all I'm asking.
  4. That's rude.. This is my main account and nothing else. I don't mind if Tachibana Lima is the worst IJN DD. I just want to get some rare (well, before it was given as a reward) ships.
  5. I am talking about this mission back in May 2018: https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/specials-and-events/free-premium-tachibana/ I know I am very late to address this but I just want to be clarified why can't you get it for free after being inactive for a long time on this server but NA and EU can. Here's what it says on the NA post: and for the EU post: In the ASIA post, you can't find any of that. So I contacted player support and asked if I am qualified to get it for free since I have been inactive for like 2 months and why I didn't get it and this is exactly what they said: So, I want to know why it isn't available for this server when we are told that there is unified content across all servers now.
  6. I thought the campaigns are extended by two days because of the "bug" in Mission 5 Task 3 but in the game it says "Time till end 3 days" (as of posting) which means the campaigns will end on January 17 which is the original end date for the campaigns. The post on the website says: "These Campaigns will be available from the release of Update 0.6.15 and are planned to end on 19th January 2018 @22:00. [Updated: 01/10]" and also here. Is it an overlooked bug or the campaigns aren't really extended?
  7. desTraxeon

    [PH] Wargaming Gift Grab

    Wait.. When was this and this (https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/contests/contest-wg-gift-grab/) updated? Last time I checked it, there's no link for the registration and now that I checked it again, there's already a link and the registration is closed. :( Also it says on the Game Center that the post on the website is updated on December 8 at 5:20 pm which is already past the registration time.