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  1. windsorsmith

    Mission progress bug

    Oh! I can't believe I missed that! Thanks haha.
  2. windsorsmith

    Mission progress bug

    Working on the Support for RN BB mission. I managed to get/finish the third stage - light 10 fires. However I wasn't awarded the reward, and the mission hasn't advanced to the next stage. Anyone else got this issue? As you can see one progress bar is complete (10/10), but the other is only half complete.
  3. windsorsmith

    The good, the bad and the ugly

    I'm surprised the Kiev is in the worst. I've just unlocked it and I feel it plays great (as long as you recognise it's a russian DD and has to engage at range). Ognevoi was frustrating, but as soon as I played the kiev I could feel the POWER!
  4. I've been playing Ognevoi lately, and I've had a number of games the enemy team has one extra DD. Ognevoi is a gunship with a 7.5km concealment, so me capping early or spotting other dd's while they have backup is a deathwish. Saying that, there's plenty of times I've overcommitted and limped away with 10% health haha. Often I'd say providing a reliable spotter role is more important than the cap, at least in russian DD's. Moggytwo basically has my opinions covered
  5. windsorsmith

    Ping increase after 0.5.16?

    I've noticed that my ping increased from ~60 to ~140 following the 0.5.16 update. Has anyone else had this problem? I play in two different cities/towns - one during the week and one over the weekend. And both locations have had this increase in ping. I'm mainly just hoping it's not just me - I've been playing terribly lately but I'm sure it's not ping related hahaha
  6. windsorsmith

    0.5.15 Campaigns Feedback

    I'm actually loving them. I think it's a good complement to the current missions and challenges. It actively engages you to choose appropriate tasks and ship, it can change up you play style which is good (sure it may sometimes encourage silly play, but mostly through to inexperience. There is a right way and a wrong way to do most things). I've heard complaints from some people that they only play XX type of ship, but I think encouraging people to diversify is a good thing. And it's entirely optional if you try complete the campaigns. Plus I love rewards of any type.
  7. windsorsmith

    Ranked battles with tier 7?

    Ok cool. Thanks for the fast and accurate reply. Much better than purchasing a ship and finding out you can't use it
  8. windsorsmith

    Ranked battles with tier 7?

    Hi. I'm pretty new to warships, and haven't played ranked battles yet. I'm currently stuck with tier 4 ships (have been playing lots of different lines) but I want to play ranked battles. If I buy a tier 7 ship from the store, will I be able to play ranked battles from rank 23? I have unlocked level 11 which gives me access to ranked battles, but I don't have a high tier ship yet. Thanks