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  1. Gummilicious

    Help with British Battleships?

    You cannot sail alone mainly because you going to be eat by HE shells and of a cv comes for you, your AA wont be much help Pretty much is a long range support ship, you cannot really rely on AP, but your HE got a high fire chance and pen damage Spoiler: KGV is so much stronger than Monarch, Monarch is just a weird mix
  2. Gummilicious

    Cruiser line recommendations

    Minimum 2-3 week of grind if you start afresh The RU cruiser split wont be happening so soon. Is not even on test phase yet
  3. Gummilicious

    Cruiser line recommendations

    RU CL will be good for now Long range HE spam with miracle trajectories AA that can protect itselfs but still prone Italian cruiser is the 2nd recommendation, pretty unique and is fairly nimble, just have to get the hang of SAP but then again laser beam shell too, can use its smoke mechanics to rush/disengage
  4. Kremlin for BB imo Radar heavy cruiser works well gunboat with fast reload works too
  5. Gummilicious

    Did I make a mistake getting the Baltimore?

    Baltimore have a 27mm bow, so any 380mm shell hitting it will not get overmatched The USN CA/CL are both island hugging lines and lobbing shells over the island to farm damage You are a very fat ship, big superstructure, fat aft, so you cannot really go open water playstyle So even u go to cleveland, you might experience the same thing but actually get punish harder
  6. Gummilicious

    I’ll be back

    You are indeed a special species of shark
  7. Gummilicious

    I’ll be back

    Laptop might need to take some time. The design of the keys just feel so different from pc and laptop
  8. Gummilicious

    What WoWS retirement looks like

    Welcome to the club of retirees !
  9. Gummilicious

    Best learning tier and suitable commanders skill points?

    Staying at t4 can be actually stressful, with multiple carrier(>2 or more) each game and your AA dont actually shrekt planes. Try to make your way to T6 at least, there where you can at least plan if you going to keep playing random battles or Coop/Scenario The best minimum point for commander is 10, that allows you to get 1 skill for all 4 levels
  10. Gummilicious

    True or false?

    https://electrodealpro.com/wargaming-donates-us-10-million-to-support-full-implementation-of-china-national-defense-epidemic-360/ Pretty commendable by wargaming actions INDEED^
  11. Gummilicious

    Let's talk T10 DDs

    Grozovoi got some weak torpedos and maneuverability but other than that is just a gearing with rail guns with Daring is the better option among the 3 Yueyang is just stupid now unless SOMETHING get changes back
  12. Gummilicious

    New USSR CA T9, T10 are Mini-Stalingrad

  13. Gummilicious

    Moskva and Kirov, research them while you can!

    good to have that mindset
  14. Gummilicious

    Moskva and Kirov, research them while you can!

    Just take your time to grind lol.. If you have premium, it only take a week to get to them(speaking for random battles only) Coop might take a month, idek why people grind through it being so repetitively, go random, play smart==$$ Without premium, about 10-14days in random definitely more than enough to grind for mosvka
  15. well it was on testing phase i guess the ST and CCs all gave a negative review, If it were to release, it might already have.. safe to say, is in the dustbin right now