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  1. Gummilicious

    missing gift

    Send a ticket to wargaming
  2. Gummilicious

    missing gift

    after you click "Reward Claim" You have to win a battle in order to get the gifts
  3. Gummilicious

    screen freeze/ missing ships etc.....

    Have you tried updating your Graphic Card? Did you try lowering your setting? For screenshot, use "Snipper Tool" if you are on windows 10 or Press the Prnt Scrn button and open paint and press "Paste" Replay wise, just download aslain mod : http://aslain.com/index.php?/topic/2020-07120-aslains-wows-modpack-installer-wpicture-preview/ Follow the steps and you will be fine
  4. Gummilicious

    missing gift

    have you won a battle?
  5. Gummilicious

    Atlanta needs a serious Buff

    Atlanta requires island to work Get IFHE And CE FIRST to do more consistent damage BFT is a MUST too else you gonna stuck with 11.1km It requires abit time to get used to Atlanta arc, You need to lead abit more than the indicated shell flight time
  6. Gummilicious

    When can I get my compensation?

    what compensation
  7. Gummilicious

    Future Radar Changes

    https://youtu.be/ZNoTI65VUSw?t=120 I will quote for you " Line Of Sight proved problematic because is too unreliable and too much dependent , basically effectively making the radar a pretty random and situational comsumable which we do not want to be " So they are just saying NO
  8. Gummilicious

    UK BB Shell Types

    you can switch to AP Your AP is also good HE is for angled target or bow on BBs
  9. Gummilicious

    UK BB Shell Types

    High chance on setting fire(48%-63%) iirc And the raw penetration value and of course, HE will always penetrate
  10. Gummilicious

    ST Recruitment 2019 Questions Thread

    you earn a supertester flag, OWL right? and a Supertester insignia/emblem
  11. Gummilicious

    Furataka is the worst ship in the game

    If you cant handle furrytaco, Aoba...not a chance for you
  12. Gummilicious

    750K free exp

    You know the lesser sigma is a advantage if you think about it Yammy is so accurate when you actually got outplayed by the enemy movement change, your shell misses With Musushi, those shell may connect luckily
  13. Gummilicious

    Selecting lines as a newbie

    This post sums out for me go gearing instead of z52 imho
  14. Number 7 Need show them who they dealing with!1
  15. Gummilicious

    Minimum FPS for quality gameplay

    50-60 is best for gameplay i dont know how you even play with 20frames