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  1. NO NO NO SH1T

    klein field too which weegee had for halloween :3
  2. NO NO NO SH1T

    Submarine is indeed coming... for halloween soon submarine line ZZZZZ
  3. How to Richelieu?

    you got the fundamental on richlieu right,now is your time to shine your way through to alsace
  4. Right Click Report Options

    Useless 9999th karma thread Remove karma system is the best suggestion i can give
  5. How to Richelieu?

    Play bow-on but stay angled at the same time Your gun can get taken out easily by 406's and above if the player knows about it and where to shoot especially close ranges Just stay middle(12-15km). The secondaries are all rear/side facing so, them secondaries build wont be effective as gun build 1st 10 pt commander point:Priority Target, Expert Marksman,Superintendent,Concealment Expert
  6. That lower concealment allows u to disengage more easier (every distance can save u) No,SE on a BB is much of a waste too, go for Basic of Survivability if you want fire to go off faster
  7. let's share your experience you play WOWS

    how did you know this game? FRIEND introduce me how has it been changing much? From heavy repair cost to constant repair cost, from stealth firing to no-stealth firing I like some,i hate some What is your favorite ship? GroBer Kurfurst, Hipper,Richelieu,Mi$$ouri, Benson,Hsienyang What's your record damage? 220k in a monty(im potato but slowly improving) Are you still good at CV now? Still potato because cant multitask What was the first your premium ship? LOOLANTA What is your favorite premium ship for now and why? Mikhail Kutuzov, long range HE spamzor+smoke Which map you like and don't like? SHARDS need to be removed, stupid map I like Estuary What ship would you like to see in game? KRI Irian
  8. Banzai bonsai to 4th year

    100 Nvember Foxtrot 50 Wyern 50 Dragon 50 Zulu 15k coal ShitContainer
  9. Banzai bonsai to 4th year

    give me some credits of yours :P
  10. Unable to access Account Management

    Try resetting your browser?
  11. Super Container Amazing

    Plz check my account.. all i get from sc is signals,camo and sheeps no premium spotted
  12. Banzai bonsai to 4th year

    Let all not forget "supercontainer" is just a box with more stuffs and not get too excited for it :P
  13. What is playerbase?

  14. Don't know what to make of this

    a rich guy
  15. Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    HMS Hermes looks like fuso (carrier version) with the tall tower