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  1. Gummilicious

    CV should be banned from ranked

    i see sharkfin is back with his post again
  2. Gummilicious

    Amateur help needed

    Just stick to your ijn bbs, you have lesser superstructure to catch fire As what @dieselhead mentioned about searching at YouTube, Is good to know how some of the mechanics works Wargaming did a series on it explaining some of the mechanics .
  3. Gummilicious

    We want to block Chinese access!!!

    lol.. show some proofs and evidence
  4. Gummilicious

    Novice Invitation Code

    how about
  5. Gummilicious

    clan chat missing

    clan chat is missing for me did the check and repair and no availed Restarted thrice
  6. Gummilicious

    ST, British heavy cruisers

    minor wrong placement error there but nvm
  7. Gummilicious


    migrate yourself to india
  8. Gummilicious

    lowest credit after so long

  9. that tile goes to..... HUANGHE makarov is just invisible
  10. Gummilicious

    Italian Cruisers are coming in/Halloween

  11. Gummilicious

    lowest credit after so long

    just for shimakaze
  12. Gummilicious

    How to Yoshino?

    u trollin aint u
  13. Gummilicious

    Smolensk, Another drama

    Smolensk is just a t10 kutuzov on steroids Not much difference