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  1. Move post to a different forum section

  2. main gun reload booster...

  3. Is it just me or....

    CV are not coming out iirc temporary, they want to change the cv playstyle
  4. Is it just me or....

    There no ship this week i think The premium shop now selling the dubs and credit package EU also doesnt have any
  5. Supercontainer Drop Rate

    Im not ballsy enough for TYL Container xDD Went for credit container and fron the start of SC,i got 6-7
  6. Narai coming back woohoo

    https://m.facebook.com/notes/world-of-warships-development-blog/operations-updates-battle-interface/2098205107172492/ Hmmmm Narai Narai
  7. I shall voice my honest opinion.(no bias) So after playing so long, been to Clan Battles,blablabla etcetc I have to say(HONESTLY ) Guild War/Ranked do requires more effort and commitment compared to random battles.Why? The intense level you can get is just higher , more thinking and coordination required to nulify the risk of losing. ^And that of course takes more effort. dont come buushet me "oh oh, what bout random? potato team?i put in effort in the game" Trust me go try playing guild/ rank, you will feel differences between them. You will feel more pressure and thus commiting more time/effort to the game. The Coal/Steel for Random Battles Player do requires more time to take but hey, at least you CAN get them eventually, just not as quick as guild/clan battles players can.
  8. New Ship Trainning

    just pay 200k credit to reduce retraining time by 50% The other 50% you could use commander EXP(if you have) or just grind it out
  9. light american cruisers are here???

    only Cleveland is out for now Dallas,Seattle,Helena,Worchester still WiP
  10. Reporting and Karma

    Who cares about karma.... this day no reward:/ . just a tool to vent your anger on someone...
  11. New Ships for friday?

    I wanted to stop spending money then i see Giulio Cesare and bought it Definiteely good t5 credit income ship
  12. Soviet Cruiser T9 Kronshtadt

    is called RUSSIANBIAS
  13. Super Containers

    Yes the "higher chance" is only a margin more. like 0.1%-0.3%. Just go with the other 3 container,much more worth it. i think i got about 50-90 normal container before getting a SC