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  1. Gummilicious

    Too hard!

    1.Lightning 2. First Picture 😛 my choice
  2. Gummilicious

    1 000 000 FXP for Alaska...

    sharhabek v2
  3. Gummilicious

    I paid and I am missing my purchase of JEAN BART

    You should post it here: https://asia.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/help/19888/19899/19902/
  4. Gummilicious

    So I Get Banned From a Game Called Roblox

  5. Gummilicious

    Premium ship choice time again

    LOLANTA 4 lyfe when u see map like Estuary..domination mode *COMMENCE ISLAND CAMPING"
  6. Gummilicious


    me account registered for 2 years
  7. Gummilicious


    Just Play a game or two to get the secret bonus Only for 1 year and above player
  8. Gummilicious

    Refund : Researchable CV ship convert to FREE XP

    wow.. Gonna see alot cv farming then time to avoid t7
  9. Gummilicious

    Wanna swap?

    5k? *transaction cancelled*
  10. Gummilicious

    Wanna swap?

    transaction fail
  11. Gummilicious

    YueYang nerf is a really bad idea

    let hope it not going through just like the recent torpedo bulge ddamage thingy
  12. Gummilicious

    Terror of the deep 2

    People are just too engross on finishing the main mission that they think secondary mission is of a WANT rather than a NEED every scenario have this piece of shit player
  13. Gummilicious

    0.7.11 Translation incomplete(Arsenal)

    Solve now /close thread
  14. Y u no translate to english ?? B*yat
  15. Gummilicious

    Best tier for fun?

    USN CL have better ROF Armour wise, they are not to far apart from each other If you enjoy spamming from long range,go for French