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  1. Ibuki works.. till invis-firing removed
  2. Remove Tears Of The Desert
  3. Did you get HMAS Vampire? after completing the 100k damage?
  4. AP bomb hurt ship like bismarck alot. Dont be saddened
  5. Speeedy b00st on battleship!!!!!!!!!
  6. Have fun using Atago PAN PAKA PAN!
  7. ill be frank i wanted to be detonated when i have super low health especially in dd so at least i didnt go down without anything
  8. How is this MM broken? This doesnt violate anything ,you just got slapped hard by the division i guess...
  9. got 5000 doubleloon.. :kappa:
  10. looking forward to see pan asia dds flood the game with dw
  11. Press P to switch secondaries OFF or Manual Secondaries
  12. Go for Yamato
  13. Running a gtx850m here whilst people having 10_ _. my fps maxed at 60fps
  14. 380mm gun hmmmmm
  15. go play t5-t7,money easier to make and more fun!