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  1. the rate of it is low but not as low as french battleship in french container :D
  2. 5 torpedos on sims then die? wot..... normally 2-3 torp will be dead
  3. Bretagne and Normadie mission + completed collection cant complain
  4. Cruiser line suggestions

    russian line is by far the most fun for me,long range HE spammer and paper armor(i like people when they overpen me) ijn is fun at furutaka,myoko,155mogami. Aoba is just a t6 furrytaco with worsen torpedo angle. Mine Opinion
  5. +200% multiplier i guess? including what @legionary2099 said
  6. 2nd round of french container(18 container including the previous) nothing yet except a breadtag
  7. Few questions about DD

    Mutsuki line is more concentrated on torps
  8. cant join in " Public Test "

    Download the public test client (Separated from the live server) Create a public test account(you can use same email as your asia account) Login with public test account and VOILA!
  9. Lunar new year event

  10. Secondary build skills

    Go without manual secondaries i suggest, sure wider dispersion but at least is not limited to only a single target you clicked on
  11. Delete credit card details

    Go to any section in the premium shop Click on the "Buy" and choose pay with credit card And you can see "save credit card details" untick it and refresh