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  1. i agree with this shark guy
  2. Gummiheng

    Server Transfer

    No. They just did a year ago... wait for another century probably
  3. Gummiheng

    Riga- Thoughts?

    definitely on you with this it have the range but the gun are running soviet bb dispersion formula.. with long reload (i invested expert loader to cut my reload when swapping ammos) Tankiness wise..i guess its like soviet light cruiser with thicker armor made to tank cruiser shell but no way it tanks those 406s Altho Petropavlosvk is longer, petro is so much manuerable compared to Riga
  4. KUMMERSPECK Combat mission for a german container
  5. Gummiheng

    300ms~1000ms EVERYDAY SINCE v0.9.5.1.###

    oh then congratss
  6. Gummiheng

    German Containers

    your german carrier career begins
  7. Gummiheng

    WGC has become a bootstrapper

    There an option to exit the wargaming game center in the setting Or you just go to your taskbar and exit it If is still there, idk why
  8. Gummiheng

    German Collection

    https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/42 is 0.9.7 then collection will be added
  9. Gummiheng

    German Collection

    I think is the 2nd part of the german carrier
  10. Gummiheng

    German Collection

    Is there even a collection added?
  11. Gummiheng

    300ms~1000ms EVERYDAY SINCE v0.9.5.1.###

    I think you can try to add wows to exception list If you already did, try doing port forwarding https://portforward.com/world-of-warships/
  12. Gummiheng

    300ms~1000ms EVERYDAY SINCE v0.9.5.1.###

    Are you by any chance using wifi connection?
  13. Gummiheng


    Kuma armor 😂
  14. i am not happy they nerf my destroyer zao module!!!!! WHY WARGAMING 😞