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  1. Gummiheng

    Deto after a month of hiatus

  2. 1st game of the day in harugumo and the midway welcomes me : i love u wargaming
  3. At least i get dubs for free some are other container item
  4. Gummiheng

    Ralphs 4th annual Santa crate giveaway.

    thank you daddy ralph
  5. Gummiheng

    Not sure I want to touch this but...

    free makarov
  6. Gummiheng

    Influx of Pepega Players?

    December time baby, is holiday With the pandemic, there will be certainly be more pepega active playing.
  7. Wargaming is offering a somewhat "reverting to last restore point" service if you had activated your loots and want your money back , they will do a roll back services where most all of your data will be moved to the time before you get the crates Same like how you reroll window service, they will take back everything from restore to the last restore point
  8. Gummiheng

    WG Marekting Big Brain Time

  9. Gummiheng

    A Mercenary Marketplace

    There is a actual in-game chat that some of the people that is interested to being a mercenary last season used: [ENGLISH] SEARCH FOR A CLAN OR DIVISION You can try there next time
  10. Gummiheng

    The Massive Debate : Buyers / Whales Beware.

    Christmas lootbox quality for player is just worsening annually. baiting people with a chance to WIN a rare ship instead of clarifying how this season christmas lootbox they are actually set to be.
  11. Gummiheng

    Ralphs 4th annual Santa crate giveaway.

    need be in the picture? or just in the post
  12. Gummiheng

    what are the best cruisers for startng fires in this game?

    Goliath Des Moines Zao Helena Conqueror Thunderer and yes the last 2 is the best fire starter cruiser, battleship icon is a lie
  13. Gummiheng

    Ralphs 4th annual Santa crate giveaway.

    Here mine I’m something of a warships fan myself
  14. Gummiheng

    let's share what you got from Santa box!

    did you shrink your resolution on NA
  15. Gummiheng


    that alot of armor protection for a DD