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  1. Gummiheng

    WG Code

    Code is invalid now
  2. Gummiheng

    kansas rant

    thank you forthe summarization i am glad i made the right choice to not grind for this fat american
  3. Gummiheng

    Reading Chinese,Japanese, instead of boxes

    Already there as mos cow
  4. Gummiheng

    GIFT CODE (each valid once, while supplies last)

  5. Just remember to backup the files in-case something went wrong. As this uses chinese client, most of the words are spaced out 1. Locate the global.mo file in WoWs directory (world_of_warships_ASIA\bin\2964395\res\textes\en\LC messages) and copy the file 2. Now go to this (world_of_warships_ASIA\bin\2964395\res\textes\zh\LC messages) and replace the global.mo file. 3. Change your client to the chinese simplified client This will completely uncovers the boxes u see mostly everyday to original language Result: Korean, Thai language is not compatible with this.
  6. Gummiheng

    Bring back original ARP ships.

    I tend to agree that ARP ship supposed to be exclusive to player who grinded their ass back then at 2016 but they initiated part 2 collaboration to make them premium and once again on Jan 2020 allowing people to grind the ship with lesser obstacles Now Maya is going to be introduce into WOWs, I believe there a slight chance of them bringing back the old arp ship but probably sell them as premium ships as a bundle . I believe they are not going to be FREE if they intend to bring it back that is.
  7. Gummiheng

    Venezia instant torpedo arming

    Torpedo will armed in the green curve radius in the torpedo viewangle
  8. Gummiheng

    KOTS Code

    1 twitch container and thanks
  9. Gummiheng

    Alexander Nevsky: should I get it?

    nevsky got good gun penetration,doesnt suffer from petro dispersion formula, 19km range 8km torp to wallop people in close quarters that a heavy cruiser hull btw just with 180mm caliber for a light cruiser ship some people definition of garbage is amusing
  10. Gummiheng

    ST 0.9.10, Key Battle (Halloween Event ST)

    circular minimap damn Republique have one of those few good-looking perma camo port queen for me
  11. Gummiheng

    ST guys, really?

    At least now you got a good feedback that you can give to the wargaming team from the eye of the public that not limiting kitakami might be a potential issue but then again,kitakami got t7 torpedos as of now so im not worried about having that much kitakamis
  12. Gummiheng

    oh come on! CVs vs DD in ranked

    bye weakling nobody forced u to play ranked ✌️