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  1. Gummiheng

    All "premium" consumables

    one of the best changes for a free-2-play player and i am not one 😛
  2. Gummiheng

    Is Alain's Modpack no longer approved?

    Aslain is still approved by wargaming
  3. Gummiheng

    can anyone hewwwllp ?

    Discord have this thing called custom status It kind of override your status when you playing a game title Discord overlay sometimes need to be toggle back Check "Enable in-game overlay" at the OVERLAY menu Make sure toggle overlay is ON: (Not Red) at the Game Activity
  4. Thank you for the 3000 coal
  5. Gummiheng

    wargaming game center download fail

    Ensure you disable firewall to download it and add it to the exception list
  6. Gummiheng

    How do we get subs?

    Just login and u get 1 submarine token Go to armory, submarine section and buy the bundle
  7. Gummiheng

    About submarinne battle

    There no luck involved with current submarine event, everybody will get it eventually plus not like you going to spend whole time playing submarines, only 1-2 game max just to see where u heading. Some people just need to be more adaptive instead of staying in a loophole over and over again
  8. Gummiheng

    Will they bring back the Benham?

    supercontainer only :3 if its coming back, i would think is steel
  9. Gummiheng

    Well how am I supposed to get THAT down!?

    take down that crane
  10. #antidetonationsignaleverywhere
  11. Gummiheng

    Will the support team help?

    If you leave the clan, nobody will take over your roles Support team might be able to help with that
  12. Gummiheng

    What coal ship to get? (I know i am late)

    u meant the ifhe rework? smolensk dont need ifhe to start with
  13. Helena for cruiser Scharnhost for BB, went from 14-10 with it and cause i lazy buy SinOP
  14. Gummiheng

    T7 ships ranked for ranked

    100% agree with that for cruiser category you got about 12x 152mm gun shooting @every 8 seconds average Plsu this rank season map are all small size+close range cap size
  15. why continously trying to get a positive winrate for the day when u know u are bent to get mopped by matchmaker itself for the day go find other games and have fun instead of crying over forum which not gonna change your matchmaking experience. Sorry i find it amusing for u to even try after u get like 21 streak and continue playing the game