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  1. OraPits

    So somehow I am the one to blame for seal clubbing now?

    Without getting a calculator out that's got to be a 80 plus WR and that is very very good but as said it's over the last 21 days and that's where it matters...If that was your first 21 days in the game I'm fully certain it would be closer to the 40%
  2. OraPits

    So somehow I am the one to blame for seal clubbing now?

    Hey thanks for that, something to look at and all very interesting. The whole win rate thing is not really correct IE: if I was to start playing as a new player today my win rate in 6 months time would a lot higher...we have to take into account the months of learning and losing, I know that was obvious to say out loud but no one said it.
  3. OraPits

    So somehow I am the one to blame for seal clubbing now?

    How/where do you find your own stats.. thanks
  4. OraPits

    The Potato Players

    I seem to hold out ok in teir4 to 7 in my BB's but most terrible win rates, it doesn't really bother me as i play the game for the enjoyment of virtually sailing around and shooting stuff, sometimes I've even done it with a little skill and think to myself "yes I am truly brilliant", I can mostly hold 1st to 4th team position in my big brutal German Battleships as they are idiot proof and tough as a tough thing. When I get sick of to many losses I'll grab my teir II Chewey and slaughter everyone I see floating, sometimes 10 wins in a row sometimes not and most times I'll be 3rd powerful ship from the bottom, I'm told this is seal clubbing, I call it theropy. A fun game this....(still months away from my Bismarck...this is sad)
  5. OraPits

    Thoughts on the Yorck . . .

    When I got my Yorck I thought just what a beautiful ship it was, I would just look at it and scroll around it and vowed to never get a scratch on it. Then I played. I died a lot, well everytime I got seen I died, I died without out seeing how I died sometimes but they were the old days before I thought I got good My outstanding Hipper just sits there in dock, I have had a couple of good days out but just not many so it sits there until I can get the Roon thinking yes the Roon will make up for my inabilities at WOWs If you are good in the Yorck then you are indeed a good player
  6. OraPits

    WOWS hidden control (must see ^_^ )

    Nor me and I wonder how many there are
  7. OraPits


    Using deductive reasoning and not knowing what a potato is in a game I've come down to this (not to mention doing a hopeless search) Potato : Dull, not inspiring, of little value or Someone you can rely on to always be there, a solid player Since the context of the OP seems to be insulting to the said Potato I'm thinking the first summation is the more correct
  8. Why did you post that? I hate cludo I like obvious
  9. OraPits


    Honestly Adm I didn't even start to "get good" till 2500 battles, even then I've only learnt a few tricks to survive There is a lot to this we game and still at 3200 battles I don't even think I'm close to deserving a Rant I can tell you at 500 battles I thought yeh I was starting to get good (I wasn't) and still am not, I suppose it comes down to ones own expectation of what Good is, my bar is very low. I'm sorry I'm of no real time help.
  10. OraPits

    Wallet warriors.

    You know going from a Hipper to a Roon is indeed a many painful step and at the same time doing the German BB line to the Bismarck, I've worked it out to be a good year + for each Talk about hard yards the free way. (don't immediately think I'm complaining, I'm not)
  11. OraPits

    I have changed my mind WOWS is STUPID

    I'm in Beckenhan not Fendalton so can build it cheaper I'm doing a build atm for the guy to run dedicated VIVE $2500.00 NZ prices are not bad, we are around 70cents US
  12. OraPits

    I have changed my mind WOWS is STUPID

    NZBrother It does seem to be a bug now but I still don't think it's a WOW's problem (it still may be of course ), since it's an internal fault within the game that others don't have it tends to lead more to a graphics problem. I thought you said it was crashing and that it was more a blue screen of death, but no I do think you may be exaggerating the price of the machine to justify your position that the problem is the game not your machine, it's just human nature to do this, I recon this is still an easy fix
  13. OraPits

    I have changed my mind WOWS is STUPID

    I don't think this is a Bug Stein, more a generic computer issue, perhaps it could go under a heading of computer help
  14. OraPits

    I have changed my mind WOWS is STUPID

    I to want to be a betatester, as much as Trump wants to be POTUS No No I said that all wrong. I think he does
  15. OraPits

    I have changed my mind WOWS is STUPID

    I think he's just a bit desperate, you can see how it would be extremely frustrating. I have the same problem getting a cup of tea outa the lovely wifey