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  1. https://images.app.goo.gl/iJRULFfXfSc5MUwN7 Dear WOW, You're wearing the hat and we are watching that carrot, A wiser Rubystar198
  2. Dear WOW, We are playing a fictional game on a PC, made up of pixellated visual effects that are intangible and deceptively addictive, sadly the whole thing is not physically real, But what is real are the feelings and emotions of the physically real people that regularly play your game, After reading and generally inspecting the offers of the PUERTO RICO I smell the mammoth odour of $$$$$$ !!! The people who play your game regularly are your lifeline, You must treat them well, Treat them fairly and in a way that proves WOW cares about their desires and not the largest financial rewards WOW can achieve in the shortest possible time at the expense of their most dedicated supporters, If I tell my partner I love them all the time and then proceed to sit on my rectum while my partner does all the work around the house while I do nothing, well we all know where that little story would end, ! Don't we ? PS The only thing in life that is FREE is the cheese in the mouse trap,...........For the second mouse ! Rubystar198
  3. Rubystar198

    Kirov vs Budyonny ?

  4. Rubystar198

    Kirov vs Budyonny ?

  5. Rubystar198

    Kirov vs Budyonny ?

  6. Rubystar198

    Kirov vs Budyonny ?

    Sadly the Colorado is no more😒,went to ship breakers many years ago, but the Nth Carolina and the Iowa are now tourist attractions,👍
  7. Rubystar198

    Kirov vs Budyonny ?

    Hi Paladinum, Guess who just found out how to find the torpedoe belt? you were right mate, this game is constant learning,the old Colorado is still attractive with that 343mm of steel underneath her ! thanks again Rubystar198
  8. Rubystar198

    Kirov vs Budyonny ?

    Thanks Paladinum
  9. Rubystar198

    Kirov vs Budyonny ?

    can only find 25 mm on the hull, now while I have someone experienced here where do I find that ammunition that fires the shells and they leave a coloured smoke trail ? I cannot find it anywhere ! Paladinum, its good to contact someone who knows what happens in this game,
  10. Rubystar198

    Kirov vs Budyonny ?

    I can only see 25mm under armour plating ????
  11. Rubystar198

    Kirov vs Budyonny ?

    Budyonny 115 mm citadel Schors 75mm citadel, uh oh, not good ! three extra guns won't help if you have sunk! PS Colorado has 25mm citadel and Nth Carolina has 305mm citadel, so what if the shells disperse a little after 12 klm. PPS Anyone want to give me some free research points for the Nth Carolina, I'm getting old grinding away for it, 🙂 Apologies Colorado has 343 mm,
  12. Hi DMW.

    Can you tell me where you find the artillery with the coloured smoke trail please, ? I've noticed it in games but haven't got a clue where to find it,

    Cheers Rubystar198

  13. Rubystar198

    Kirov vs Budyonny ?

    Kirov versus Budyonny Kirov = 13.5 scs reload 50 mm citadel Budyonny = 8 scs relpoad 115 mm citadel Budyonny = wins !
  14. Rubystar198


    Thanks Amade, I think I must have downloaded the US region, but I may have trouble with a new account and the same email, but I'll have a play around and see what I can come up with,this is almost as interesting as the games anyway :-) cheers mate, Rubystar198
  15. Rubystar198


    Hi guys, love W.O.W'S AND W.O.T'S, but I cannot get World of Warplanes access,I have downloaded it but it does not recognize my email or password, the same ones I use to play the first two Wargaming games (Tanks and Ships), If anyone in Australia has the same problem,could you let me know please, or maybe it is not available yet ? cheers guys, Rubystar198