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  1. Clarent__

    Update 0.6.6 Bug Reports

    sound of Ashigara and Myoko mixed with Nachi's voiceover , some maps were black for a few min after loaded in and the sound when you destroy something are delayed
  2. Clarent__

    Super crate

    last time I get a supercontainer was on late October , since then I've got nothing but normal crates :/
  3. I was playing my Shiratsuyu , i did my job : Hunt enemy DD's , give my allies some smokescreen , Cap base's (Domination) . But after I go back to port i see my Notifications tab , Boom i got reported 7 times . Why do some people hate shiratsuyu players ? some of my friends also got reported a few times when they're playing Shiratsuyu .
  4. I can't find any tutorial on the internet , there is one but its outdated ​Tan'z Shipyard : http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/22352-tanzs-shipyard/
  5. Clarent__

    Frequent Disconnections

    Same Problem here , I got disconnected when I was playing ranked and loading a game . My internet and PC is working as it should be . Does re-installing the game will fix the problem ?
  6. I've been using the custom music function after it was announced , I have no problems using it , but after 0.5.12 update , all my custom music is playing at the same time and when I quit the game and play again , all my custom music still plays at the same time , does anyone have the same issue ?
  7. Clarent__

    About the BGM,can you add an option to switch

    ​yea I was hoping they will add it soon
  8. Clarent__

    Myoko's Armor

    so I've been playing the Myoko a lot lately but when I'm around 10-12 km from the enemy , I always get heavy damage from my bow , especially my sides I always get 10k Damage from my side ... is the armor broken ?
  9. IJN Ship line Player

  10. Clarent__

    2 accounts ...

    not really I was just about to make a 2nd acc but im still not sure about it
  11. Clarent__

    2 accounts ...

    Hey i got a Question , if i play with 2 acc will both of it gets banned ? Plz answer quick ! Thank you