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  1. Surely karma is just a a venting system for players. It's a private value on your profile that no one else can see. Not many people compliment. If you ever find you have too much karma, run a triple Belfast div with friends or clan mates. Guaranteed to plummet in astronomical proportions.
  2. Im betting watching the video is always going to be better experience than playing the actual game :p
  3. Going back reading the rewards here; It was never Elite Commander XP, so I must have misread it originally as I wondered where the XP went! :-) Happy Hunting
  4. For those that finished the second part of the mission. Once you win your first game in a Pan Asian DD, you will get a mission called "Greetings Commander", which needs 5 wins in Pan Asian DD for the 129K XP commander XP reward. But it's not Elite Commander XP! So be careful what ship, and commander used for the 5th win as that 129K XP will be applied to that commander! It will not go to your Elite XP pool. Luckly I was using my Ashan captain, be careful you don't earn it in a low tier throw away captain.
  5. I think one time 10 point commanders are fine and they can use the newer operations coming out to fill in for Pan Asia, Royal Navy and the Commonwealth eventually. You could make the 5 star reward to 24 hours premium time repeatable for FTP players, one of those extra a week surely isn't a deal breaker. Replace the 4 star rewards as an extra container. Nabs you 10 oil for you clan, or an extra shot at something. Just have a small amount of flags/camo/consumables for the first 3 starrs, not as much as a first time rewards, but repeatable. Personally I am just happy with the increased XP over co-op. The scripted missions can feel semi immerse, they are a nice break from pvp and surely they can only get better with some semi historical based battles. Be interesting to try and take on a US carrier fleet arm for example if they ever get around tot that. Kinda nice to grind some stock hulls without wasting free XP too.
  6. Heading to alternative history, I wonder how things would have turned out if the Tzar/Romanov family made it out and set up a separate state on an island outside the mainland that eventually became an industrial state (yes a complete stretch I know!). Each government proclaiming they were the only legitimate one, two Russia's. Wonder what kind of ships a WW2 era Imperial Russian navy might of had? I am not trolling. Massive Phillip K Dick fan, especially The Man in the High Castle, an alternative history novel where Japan and Germany won the war.
  7. *Raises cup* *Applause* +1
  8. OK so I Googled how do Australians pronounce LEGO :-) Made me laugh, especially this post
  9. You may want to look here;
  10. Hmmmm What to buy perma camo on? Cleveland is Tier 6, so the camo is 1K doubloons? sec... .... checked So yes Type 16 (T6) is 1K doubloons, so that gets shifted to Pepsi, and I would receive Type 18 camo (T8 worth 3K doubloons) for the new Cleveland for free :-) Thats works. Does not look like any other good camo options as rest of ships down tiered unless you really like a particular ship, or want it to finish a grind. Actually Baltimore camo is OK as you get the camo on your new Buffalo, plus the existing one shifted to Tier 8 Baltimore. Still 120K XP from Des Moines, but should finish that by time this drops so all good.
  11. I have been on several FTP MMO's in the past that also at some point opened to Steam. They have all just linked existing accounts. If you launched the Steam version of the client, the purchase of the in-game currency (would be doubloons for WoW) could only be done via Steam wallet. But there was nothing stopping you from going to the game website out of game to skip Steam tax to purchase currency. I.e. your account was platform agnostic. You could also run the game with the Vanilla client, just would lack all the Steam integration. I don't know if the rules have changed. Just seems naf to go this way voluntary.
  12. Nope, don't think the DPI scaling works over 2K very well, well the game engine is fine, but not the UI. Think you can increase minimap with + key. Not sure if you need the Minimap from Aslains to do that or not.
  13. If a game has purchasable virtual goods, then if lauched through Steam it must use Steam wallet instead, so the client would have to block the current in game premium shop, or configure it differently. Also the Steam version of wows would typically built on Steam API libraries, usually for achievements or other extended features like cards, workshop, cloud save for screenshots and replays and so on, there can be dozens of integration points. Also the patching is different as well as the file checking.
  14. Well you get my vote as long as I can get a Boxing Kangaroo flag! I am slightly jealous as the Kiwi only seems to ever get a rugby ball (I know.... we are better at rugby :D).