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  1. Bitrot

    Increase post-battle service fee for T8,9ships

    Thanks TC. I feel like I had my LEGO movie moment .. you know when Will Ferrell is planning to glue the LEGO togeather. Let it go .... Now when I see these elitist comments, what I see is this salty person in a toyshop, desperately glueing their bricks together, whinging about how the others are using their bricks wrong and not following the instructions! 🙂 It's a game... There is Clan Wars, Ranked, KOTS etc for the serious stuff.
  2. Bitrot

    Increase post-battle service fee for T8,9ships

    This line of thought never ceases to amaze me. Random pvp groups or pugs, no matter what the game genre all have a random mix of skills and ages. People always assume when playing a game that everyone else has the same expectations. Late last year my sons wanted a turn of "Daddys warships" game. I was slightly horrified at first, my stats I thought! So I set them up on Steam with a different account. That lasted one game. It was pointed out that they only had little crappy ships, and Dad had like 100 big ships. Calm I thought, coop and scenarios to the rescue. That lasted a while.... but apparently can't play Yammy in scenarios, and neither game types had enough ships like random battles do. Eventually I just caved. They are having fun, one steers, one shoots. Sometimes they argue and the ship ends up where it should't, or just drifting off because they found something else to do. But mostly they laugh. And that is perfectly OK 🙂 Not that it matter anymore as both are now addicted to Fortnite, and spending pocket money on vbucks.
  3. This was posted 2 days ago by Sub_Octavian on reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/9tuko4/psa_minor_penetrations_bulges_on_0711_pts/
  4. Bitrot

    Royal Navy Containers

    I got the tier 5,6,7 from just the free crates. Not bought any. I missed the first week too due to RL commitments. You can also cycle the sovereigns in the arsenal and buy more crates. Lightning looks like a rare drop, only seen Ralph's in a match so far. If you really want the lightning it's going to be cheaper for most just to free up from the tier 7. Especially if you already have it and can put XP on it now.
  5. NA and EU have this mission up, I assume SEA incoming soon (I hope!) https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/thanks-o-bana/ It's for the Tachibana Lima which is essentially a Tachibana with some very very rare camo + port lsot Looks like you have to accept the mission on the web page for it to show up in game. Mission runs May 23rd, to June 4th for NA. For sea ours are usually a day later.
  6. Bitrot

    Can anyone explain this meme plz?

    I recently watched World War II in HD color in Netflix. Wish it had more warships coverage, or more coverage of sea battles but found it a little lacking which was expected due to the volume it has to cover in only so many episodes. But it covers Dresden in episode 7. Strategic Bombing AKA carpet bombing.
  7. Bitrot

    Arpeggio ships should be improved

    They have improved, you can now sell them :-)
  8. Bitrot

    this game is literally unplayable

    My fibre connection just dropped this afternoon, ONT looks ok but router playing up. So technically I have zero FPS!!
  9. Bitrot

    this game is literally unplayable

    Whatever it is it's not effecting all systems. I have a work laptop with integrated graphics, running in 1080p has many settings off and turned down and yes it has some minor fps drops. Have not tried enough games in it to see if it got worse. My desktop system has no FPS drops from the previous release. Runs in 4K, although I have not tried the new maximum setting introduced last patch. Also played near 30 games in a row on Sunday, although 20 of those were co-op on the trot to finish campaign quickly. No slowdown or leak either, does have a 1080Ti wth 11GB and 32GB system memory though.
  10. Bitrot

    New french campaign

    If you have premium + Richelieu this is the easiest campaign ever. Finished this Sunday afternoon. With premium just select tasks 1, 2 and 4. 1. Just play Richelieu, add all the money flags, use your best credit camo 2. Put in secondary module, spec AFT and manual secondaries if you can. In CO-OP you can usually get at least 100 ribbons in 7 minutes. In an up-tiered game, or a game with lots of BB's you can get 200+. May as well go for 1500 ribbons which knocks out mission 2 as well. Then just grind out the other 300 ribbons needed for mission 1 with a Minotaur, Belfast, Kutzy, Harakaze or Akazuki, or somehting with RoF. 3. Well it was a 100% weekend. Put on all the best camo and flags, 2-3 wins should net you the 40K needed for mission 3 which also completes mission1 and 2. Do the finals in CO-OP for the 7 minute completions. On another note, I entered the Crossfit games this year. Managed under 10 minutes for the 18.2a workout on Saturday :-) Very happy. https://games.crossfit.com/workouts/open/2018/2
  11. Yeah read the patch notes, and gah! Same time slot for NZ, 1AM - 4AM. What interesting is the advertised days are actually all wrong for NZ! It's not Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday BUT Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday :-) I likely join in one battle for the free reset.
  12. It's not just moba though, anything from fps games, strategy games, squad based, battle Royale clones, list goes on that have a much more rich draft/ team pick options and mechanisms. I just used the moba ones since they are the most popular, and the largest commercial ines, i.e. the USD 20 million + price pools. It's ok for version 0.1. surely evolve it.
  13. The idea that you just choose a ship and play is so under whelming. Competitive games like the original DOTA mod had better competitive modes, in the late 90's. And it was a mod back then, not even it's own games. Looking at competitive games over the last 10 years even, I am sure some ideas could be borrowed or adapted. A good competitive game has layers, or a game within a game before the game even starts! Take sailing, look at the tussle that goes on before you get to cross the start line! The game should start in a lobby. They could do a points buy system where certain ships cost points and the team has a pool. Maybe one team could buy two battle ships, but they could be stuck with less ships. Would allow for uneven team sizes or quantity vs quality. Pools of ships could change week to week, another allotment or draft method is to allow each team member to get a choice, one player at a time. The hardest league could be a random draft, which suited generalist who could play any hero , or in this case ship. They could allow this as an optional mode for a team, maybe if you win you get 1.5x or 2x points. Other mechanisms include a timer counting down as each team adjusts their forces against the enemy team. i.e. they add a second Des Moine after your team added an extra DD. This could go on for a minute or so :-) Various veto options, teams could get veto points in different leagues to stop certain choices or ship choices while under the picking phase. Some of these are little bit harder to adapt, especially if players need time to quickly spec up a ship with modules and flags. Wish they would expand the draft mechanism, its just so basic.
  14. Bitrot

    Surviving a battle XP?

    A completely afk player that gets zero XP can still pick up the odd achievement thought, aka solo warrior. I think they should remove that.
  15. Bitrot

    Not sure why they want this ?

    I'm going to garner it's to force anyone with a stock of dubloons especially from santa crates to make a decision and sink some. Get some dubloons removed from the economy, as they are more a liability from WG's perspective, same goes for any other direct cash conversation virtual currency.