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  1. Bitrot


    It's the De Zeven Provinciën, identifier on hull, so premium ship.
  2. Bitrot

    Upcoming NEW American Cruiser, USS Congress

    On reddit someone mentioned how is a rather lazy copy paste. They simply removed 2 barrels. The radar still shows a T9 35 sec duration instead of T8, 30 second one I think. Didn't bother redoing the model. https://www.ibiblio.org/hyperwar/OnlineLibrary/photos/usnshtp/cru/cb1cl-d.htm Is it meant to be CA2F?
  3. Flamu has stat shamed for years, he even has the animal research meme to show for it. WG giving that as a reason is BS. If we are being fair, the more successful streamers are anything but boring, there is always something, toxic, aggressive, arrogance, some talent sure. Look at Ninja. Streaming especially pvp games can be a bit like boxing, you go to watch a badass, not lameness. And I don't agree with Zoup, some big streamers for other games crap all over the game they play even if they are sponsored. Especially if there is some new content or mechanic they don't like. WG don't like that at all, isn't there a history of trying to copyright struck some videos in the past.
  4. Bitrot

    📰 ST 0.10.2, New ships 🐯

    LOL a Schwerer Gustav. I can imagine Hitler coming up with a ship with those on it. After being told there is no way they can go in turrets he would only respond with a design similar to a turretless tank destroyer. Trying to imagine a Tirptiz or a later H design the two 800mm (31.5 in), single railguns up front in AB configuration. Turretless so you have to point the ship towards what you are firing at 😄 It's gimmick could be all overpens cause flooding. On this note wish they let the art department go nuts on some of the crazier designs, i.e. like this one and turn it into some arena mode..
  5. You would think Ashino would have fun. It's weird taking a cap and only being able to torp a a few BBs that are within 20km, while other juicy targets are further out!!! Please WG with dead eye meta Ashino torps need 30km range and speed buff!
  6. Don't forget there is still time for a gimmick. How about full time, always on built in German Hydro? 😄
  7. More of a suggestion than a prediction; give them a German over-engineered theme. They could be competitive through war of attrition. Some combination of following; * More durable modules, or they only get knocked out for a fraction of the time. * Armour tweaks * Repair party , either superheal or % tweaks on what can be healed * Quick turn around on damage control and repair party consumable The theme being if you don't kill em off they come back again ready for another fight. As for predictions, think it will unfortunately only be minor tweaks like RoF.
  8. Well I have been playing Cyberpunk 2077 too. I have been logging into Wows for 1 minute each day to grab free armoury daily. This iteration doesn't have much content, waiting for next iteration of snowflakes, dockyard. Wish we could have half a dozen new maps to play on. How many years now with how may maps??? Mind boggling. Wish they would experiment with some procedurally generated maps.
  9. Bitrot

    Are the Santa Boxes Rigged?

    ^ This, this, this and this. You can even see the rigged list as it pops out of the Santa crates. Yet to see any image or video of a ship outside the shortlist (which is 3-4 ships) appear in a santa crate of any kind. Good to see some CC's use accounts without said ships to show what typical customers would actually get.
  10. Bitrot

    Anchorage impressions

    COOP is your friend, many battles can be over in 6-10 minutes. Got lucky yesterday and squeezed 9 battles in one hour. Lets you finish in a day or two. Pick 2 of the 4 class missions as they take longer, I did BB and DD for example. The other 4 missions you will complete anyway as the class specific missions take longer. Also choose ships of the specific nation if possible as it requires less work. For DD, in domination, sit just outside the cap and pelter ships coming in to cap to rack up defended ribbons. Finish with torps or yolo BBs for bigger torp numbers. You can get lucky and rack up 20+ defender ribbons in 1 game. So you get good RNG and complete in 2 missions, or bad RNG, get standard battle and just not get to trop anything 😄 BB takes a bit longer, I was using Georgia/Massa, or Odin/Tirpitz/Bismark/Pommen. The secondaries/torps help with extra kills, shoot up middle or flank for the citadels. Maybe 12-15 games. Additionally if you grinded out first epoch mission already, you can go lower tier and do second Epoch mission at the same as it allows tier 5-6 ships.
  11. Bitrot

    SuperTester 0.9.9 Mercenaries

    This seems to legalises RMT, you now have two new RMT options allowed within the game; 1. Top clans can leave 1 or 2 spots open in clan battles, and sell the spot to the highest bidder, trading steel for $. 2. Individual players can sell their services to a lower tier clan to help then progress. i.e. 5 top players from Hurricane can join Squall Clan and level them up. You could stop #1, by limiting steel of mercenary if his current clan is placed lower than the clan he is trailing in. You could somewhat limit #2 by limiting number of mercenary slots to 2 or 3. With #1, you can also keep the clan competitive with Team Alpha, but bounce Team Bravo between Squall/Typhoon for max rewards. It just seems a little gutless when you consider recent account trading and repeat offender UMR-R in clan battles. Instead of showing some integrity of how you deal with players that cheat in the major leagues, you endorse it and give them a mechanic to do it in game. WG just seems unwilling to hand out the ban hammer. It's just sad.
  12. Bitrot

    Waaaaaaaaait a sec...

    I was also wondering what happens if you coal purchase then get lucky with a container, site does not mention compensation, those these days would assume credits.
  13. Bitrot

    Sad state of KM ships

    Siegfried is one of the 4? Research Bureau ships. Forgot about Mainz, thanks. So T-61, Mainz, Siegfried, Hindy. Out of 4 very good ships, 1 is tech tree, 2 premium and 1 PR. Considering Germany now has a full tree, just saying it does not seem to have a lot of top picks compared to other nations that even have with less lines.
  14. Ignoring German CV's Can someone tell me is there a new version of Treaty of Versailles in this game? Some hidden URL link maybe, that states Germany must pay for the two last world wars and your ships, even if virtual and in a game should mostly suck? Yes T-61 and Hindy are still great, Eugen/Roon are ... acceptable. Tirpitz used to be a badass. Powercreep is not helping. But these token missions, where the requirement is German ships, I mean I have all the silver ships, missing a few premiums. But looking what to take out and its ... its , its painful. Feels so forced and reluctant to press "Battle". And Z-35 coming out this week... with 6km fish !#^%@# Where is the German Stalingrad? Where is that German DD you would take over Halland/Daring/Haru/Kleber/Shima/Friesland/Groz even T9s like Jutland/Kita/Mogador? German lineup just seems to have a hidden trait "bottom pick". Please change it.
  15. I found during PTS a sub could just surface when depth charges were being dropped for zero damage. Of course you can then fire and torp them as a surface vessel. I did this to a DD, really close and his guns couldn't elevate downwards enough to shoot me. Also as a DD depth charges don't seem to have any friendly fire. Didn't test enough but on one occasion with two subs dancing around each other trying to torp I ran depth charges over both of them and just got an enemy kill and our sub took no damage. When stationary and dropping depth charges you also take no damage. Normally you would need to be moving forward to avoid your own hull taking damage, the AoE still can damage surface ships. Which brings me back to the point of them doing zero damage to surfaced subs.