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  1. There is a spread of class focus over the 5 missions so at least one main gets an easier time in one mission if you are that specialised. Summary (excluding final task which is open XP task) Mission 1, 9 total missions, 6 are CA/CL only Mission 2, 9 total missions, 4 are CV only Mission 3, 9 total missions, 3 DD only, 2 CA/CL only, 2 of either DD/CA/CL Mission 4, 10 missions, 4 BB only, 1 CA/CL only, 1 of either BB/CA/CL Mission 5, 12 missions, 3 CA/CL only, 2 DD only, 1 CV only So 49 missions, 20 are open to all classes, 29 have a restriction. Of the 29 restricted, access is; DD: 7 CL/CA: 15 BB: 5 CV: 5 It does not add up to 29 because of the overlap. Bit of bias towards CL/CA but that isn't a bad thing IMO. source:
  2. Nice to see peeps still getting ships.... they exist! For a while its been about the % drop of SC in Try your Luck rolls. But now that we can get a guaranteed 8 SC's, 2 each time for missions 1-4 so it will be nice to have a look at what comes out of them these days. Mission 1 — Available on 9 August 2017 Mission 2 — Available on 23 August 2017 Mission 3 — Available on 6 September 2017 Mission 4 — Available on 20 September 2017 Mission 5 — Available on 4 October 2017; this gives Yamamoto Collection Containers and starts collection instead of SC's. 6 more chances at a ship....., or at least the 50K free XP
  3. Picked it up playing the Donski last weekend, was retreating from pinging radar in a cap. Short story was our flank collapsed and I spend half the match retreating to the other flank while being chased by a DD and half the enemy team. Racked up 1.7M potental damage. Lots of tail wiggling.
  4. Question number 6 needs clarification, do you mean; 1. The tasks are currently difficult and it should be that way due to rewards or 2. The tasks are currently too difficult, implying they should be made easier?
  5. OK, no matter I found it, shows up as a flag. Got a "Front View" Iron Duke flag.
  6. Just finished stage 1 of Yamanoto campaign and got two supercontainers. Was interested to see what others got; I got * 25 dragon flags * 100 November foxtrots So bit meh but was fun to play cruisers a lot. If you are just after the final task then skip the first 3 tasks for later, the credit tasks goes fast with any T8+ premium. The 30 XP task fllies along with the bonus weekend let alone flags and camp. 200K fire is easy with Chapy/Dmit/Kutz and Atago. 500K battery damage just runs along with anything. Does anyone know where that BB blueprint is? I seemed to have finished a UK BB mission without noticing.
  7. source: Interesting twist. All the major nations experimented with magnetic detonators with varying levels of success, I wonder if this is the source of them in game. It was seen as a way to get around armour and techniques like torpedo bulges. Since they ran at a certain depth could do proportional damage depending on ships keel. Might not need to buff their damage, just have them skip existing ship torpedo protection and maybe increase leak chance. Have to wait and see how it turns out. Unlike CV AP bombs, be kinda crap if you can't switch types during the game even if it costs you full timer for reload.
  8. I have a 12 Ashan captain I think. He will fit nicely into the Grenvy derived boat, others.... not so much. But a real mix of stuff going upwards, both Minekaze and Grenvy mid, Benson/Fletcher/Gearing top. New British stuff is unknown, although going by Gallant might be an all rounder like the US ships. No other tree has this kind of variation though, not even close.
  9. 0.6.9.... hmmm means the Benson B hull gets the 3.5s rudder shift time of the C hull - down from 5.25s. Which is nice since if you wanted it to be mor3e like sims you no longer need to sacrifice a gun. In 0.6.9 every DD in game has had it's hull hit locations changed. We could hope that this is a buff and no longer punished from a stray RNG BB AP shell.
  10. Well he is still in test but is meant to have two built in passive skills that trigger on achievements; First blood gives you +1 consumables, Kracken Unleashed gives a slow big heal plus a gun reloading buff. Need to find one of my Chinese coworkers for a better translation :-) But I like what they have done here and hope it is where they take future commanders even if tweaked.
  11. I have done Ace Venturas (ala Pet Detective) "Like a Glove" parking maneuver quite a few times into a slot that you could not normally sail into. More times in a DD, few times in cruisers, and once in Gneisenau while trying to dodge torps. You are bricked for the match afterwards no way out. Many of these spots have subsequently been fixed with map updates. I would have preferred a flag for doing this incredible drift into land rather than being focus fired but hey :-)
  12. * Could we please have a low-tier scenario to introduce some of the more edgy ideas such as a Tier III Merchant Carrier (CV), maybe a historical Atlantic convoy escort against U-boat wolfpacks and bombers? Would have some little air groups of Fairy Swordfish. Smaller map for the slower ships. Played Dunkirk on PTS, think you did an amazing job. * I have managed to hook a friend into playing, he has moved up to Fiji and is doing pretty well now. You could make this game much more friendly by adapting your scenarios to some single player tutorials for each class of ship. Could give the player a reward for completing them like scenarios, also use of higher tier ships to get a "taste". Could put all the updated CV play here too. So yeah, tutorials...when? * Have you thought about introducing AI ships, objectives or additional goals in some newer PvP maps? I was wondering about a map with a repair ship at each base. Or maybe the chance to spawn attacking AI ships or planes, something disruptive (can keep it to one map). I guess the question is there a roadmap beyond the PvP maps we have at the moment?
  13. I wouldn't get worked up about a test ship until it's released in final form. That ship has had so many changes as they go through testing different combinations and collect data. If you want to get involved earlier look up the SuperTest program.
  14. What is kinda funny about the Naval Base mission is that once you get the "Reinforcements Have Arrived" message, at which a friendly Nicoloas and a Farragut DD spawn, all the players can die and you can still win. This is of course as long as the friendly bots and batteries can finish for you :-) Likely have a few less starts though. Has this happen in one game where I was only 1 of 2 tier 6 ships and rest of team was some rather non-optimal choices and had a completion with zero stars lol.
  15. I used to have rural internet (North of Auckland NZ), which was a radio transmitter on my roof pointing to a line of sight tower on a hill some 10km away, I still got 100-120ms ping.. 99% of the time it was fine, usually when I had lag in warships it was my ISP. Yeah it would lag and disconnect... horrible. I would just turn on my phone and tether to that and could resume playing. Can only count a handful of occasions when that wouldn't work either. Thing is with people all over the place using different backbones, when asking if anyone else is lagging, you are usually the only one :-( I can only recall one game where 5 or 6 players form both sides or chatted lag at the same time, so something at the source end but seems very rare. Anyway moved to Auckland burbs again, have fibre, happy times.