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  1. It was the first free XP ship for 750 FXP. Might have been the first T9 premium? (can't remember and not going to look at wiki). Didn't have those special credit camos back then, nor did we have those special flags. It was new territory premium ship wise, they kinda over compensated. It only ended up more broken as they introduced all these credit boosters.
  2. Bitrot

    New branch is on the horizon!

  3. I am glad they fixed dive levels, at least sub on sub battles you can torpedo each other, as torpedo's then work like they do the surface. When you had variable dive levels you could dodge torpedos easily by just dipping or diving a fraction, it made it impossible unless enemy sub went afk or was distracted. If you were the last 2 vessels it was silly, you one trying to ram to just end the match. I want to see if you can still dodge depth charges by surfacing briefly as well.
  4. For SEA, BB at 44.3% was too high for one class anyway, approaching half by itself. Cruisers benefit here too from a drop in BB pop.
  5. Finding information on Russian CV design studies between WW1 and WW2 is like mining for gold um .... difficult! For a quick compressed read I found this; https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/we-now-know-why-russia-never-had-aircraft-carrier-fleet-113601 Which lists * An Izmail conversion was never completed and the ship was eventually scrapped. * Project 71 class based on the Chapaev-class cruisers * Project 72 * Project Kostromitinov, based on the captured German GZ Stalin could only afford the Army. Anyone know of any books? edit: Also found this short article which is worth a read. Project 69AV was the CV design of Kronstadt conversion. http://www.avalanchepress.com/SovietCarriers.php
  6. Bitrot

    New CV mechanics

    Only 37 votes? Wouldn't you need at least a 1000 minimum to garner some form of opinion. Dataset far too small.
  7. Bitrot

    New CV mechanics

    From reddit ... Just Lead™
  8. Going on looks, the T10 looks more like a cold war design. Both T8s and the T6 look very modern. Does anyone have links to source material?
  9. Bitrot

    New CV mechanics

    Gone back to playing more DD's after this change. Spotting by planes is still the biggest issue, but I'll take this bone I've been thrown just fine. If you do grinded out most of your DD lines pre CV rework/rockets its interesting to come back to them during resets with RB. Regrinding UK, or Pan-European ain't bad. UK has lots of fast smoke, Pan European has some AA that improves with tier. French can be OK. But others I would shudder to regrind, especially mid tier. This change helps with that a little. I wish they did away with rocket planes, which were primarily for ground attack roles, not ships. Be better if they involved fighters more in mechanics. I mean real world tactics did involve fighters doing strafing runs, from the ships point of view it has no idea if the aircraft coming down from the sky has bombs or not and forces the ship to take evasive maneuvers. So it could be interesting if fighters could be seen as a dive bomber squadron from the enemies point of view. Until the aircraft passes ship would have no idea.
  10. Bitrot


    Yeah started playing Z-39 in ranked after one countered me most of a game as a Haida. Had about 10 wins in over last 2 days, with a star save in middle. The 5 km hydro counters torp boats, and a creeping Haida pretty well. Also since most caps are tiny in T7 maps, the hydro covers most of a cap. Yes has slow RoF with 150's, but large HP. Also cits Atlantas, Flints, Fijis and the rest of CL's pretty well if u catch em broadside. Has 6.1 km detection with the T8 module being able to be used which is pretty decent.
  11. Bitrot

    KOTS-VORvFPM now

    Yet to watch these games. Really enjoyed game 2 of VOR vs OhBoy, that play was something else. Well done VOR.
  12. Bitrot

    Code: Probably won't work for long

    Still working as of now 11:55am NZT (GMT+12)
  13. Bitrot

    Research Bureau discussion & rewards

    RB is also there just to help sink credits and reduce banked FXP. Many are too tempted to FXP back though final playthrough to collect points rather than regrind the T5-T10. The theme has been extended to other areas of the game; * Commander 2.0 rework now helps reduce all the banked CXP. I used to have 8 million, now down to about 1 so I guess it worked. * Many changes to the way flags are rewarded, i.e. no longer given in ranked etc. Much harder to increase flag inventory now. At least the premium consumables are gone. I'll give them that.
  14. Bitrot

    Where is my KONG ????

    Would have been cooler if it was a game mode where he could jump to other ships and bash em, or throw stuff at them, possibly even just jump out pick up a charging DD and capsize it. Different stuff for Godzilla and the enemy creatures . Lost opportunity, but likely wouldn't make it past a business case i.e. cost benefit checks 😄
  15. Bitrot

    Optimum chance to get T7 Belfast

    Is it actually listed as being in there? I thought it was only the Christmas crates. I was missing 5 ships, had low expectations and was expecting to get California, surprisingly got Nelson instead.