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  1. Kiwi here, 1AM start lol! I am a night owl and am up till midnight most nights anyway, but yes resigned to the fact that it wasn't available in my region. The only thing those on the outside of SEA CW prime time can hope for is that the CW prime time folks just sit out to make it a failure. Kind of protest the the whole format (CV) and all. If none join they would have to change it you would think. But given the candy on display, that ain't gonna happen :-)
  2. Thought .. I'll just play normally and it will come bad had a bad start while grinding queen Elizabeth and started with a couple if losses. But all went well. Went mik kutzy and Minotaur for last stage but planes we're rare so broke out a Langley to finish. So many low skill CVs on last night doing the same thing it is worth breaking out a Texas or something.
  3. 4th mission done, last SC available :-( Had my youngest son click the button for good luck .... ... doh you get 2 SC's for mission 4! I tried clicking this time ...second one dropped ... 25 Ouroboros. Figures.
  4. You need the final mission container. If you don't mind paying a few dollars you can buy just one Yamamoto container from shop. Once opened it unlocks collection. Then additional yamanoto collection items will drop alongside standard rewards in daily containers.
  5. The game PUBG enabled the Nvidia ShadowPlay feature in their game, this automatically records to video all your highlights, in this case it's your kills and either your death or win. In WoWs we have replay files but they don't always work as you patch. Also having to manually find the great moments amongst a 20 minute files as well as video editing is very very ... very time consuming. Be nice if this was all automatic. Can see it in action here;
  6. Well written article good job. Really like your altitude ideas, makes players balance or decide if they want spotting vs power advantages. You could introduce layers of altitude as players go up tiers. Would also allow dive bombers to takes less AA damage as they move into the bubble at height and are only exposed in the dive and exit. As for loadouts as pointed out the MM does not take into into effect so can get an imbalance as the match starts. Lets CV players change loadout during the game but at a cost. Maybe it's 5-6 mins as planes fly off map and the new ones fly in and can only be done once.
  7. I was dreading those last 2 DD achievements, got lucky with the Udaloi though on a third battle. My plan was just to play normally with guns blazing away, that would get me the battery damage easily. Then hope that a game played out where I would have the opportunity to torp or ambush which is much harder with only 8km fishes. Ended up in a game with < 100hp left defending B cap behind an island, only 4 ships left on each team and we were ahead on points. Had an Amagi, a CV and some CA rush me either side, guess the CV was hoping for a secondary hit lol. Anyway landed a sweet set of fishes for Rush C. Had more issues with "not by torpedoes alone", was switching between Shiratsuyu and Akizuki, took like 30+ battles. On Shiratsuyu I would easily do torp damage and so many times came up short on gun damage by < 1000hp. The opposite in Akizuki, more than enough in battery damage but would struggle landing torps. All the others achievements are a breeze compared to the two DD ones. It's nice to get them all, don't give up.
  8. So we have a steampunk/tech vs beasts/monsters theme going? The vampire/bat on the lexi is very cool, could have gone more insane by repositioning her head near the rear and have the planes spit out form her mouth!. Love the imagination from the artists, looks like they had fun with it. Well done guys WG art dept :-) Yeah so is there PvP? Or you get a random side on a scenario. Not long to wait. .
  9. There is also the write up here; its shows what achievement's match the collection names and associated camo for those working with limited resources, lets you choose what to unlock wisely.
  10. Just got 3rd mission done. 50 Restless Fire camo and 25 hyrda flags.
  11. I have fibre and usually have around 100-120ping from Auckland, NZ. But over the weekend had to stop playing as got high latency and lag spikes. Lag also present in co-op and scenarios! But switched to Test Server and it's all good ! Switch back to SEA, lag again. SEA was much better Sunday night so maybe some workarounds in place. As for using mobile for internet, WOWs is very forgiving data wise - on par with normal web browsing (without video). I used to use mobile data alot when I lived rurally..
  12. From Wiki; Northrop P-61 Black Widow McDonnell XP-67 Bat/Moonbat Vought XF5U Some very interesting aircraft to have on a carrier! Then again with Hornet part of Doolittle raid, B-25s as bombers were a thing :-). P-61 had aircraft radar, could let it see planes further out :D Would be OP if night battles ever were a thing.
  13. LOL Ordrazz WTH is that? Is that some fantasy art? Your ship porn bookmarks are more interesting than mine :-)
  14. Would rather have resources spent on pretty much anything else * new ships lines, RN DD, CV, Italian BB, CL/CA, French BB, DD... and so forth * lots of good premium options still out there * bugs fixes, high tier scenarios As for stuff like Super Yamamoto, would rather they do some kind of crazy mode over April fools, or other holidays. Take T10 BB's, give em moor speed, DD turning circles, lazer shells, go all spaceman :and bring t4-5 fun to T10.-) Could do em like the Haloween ships.
  15. That is one genius troll-bait post, cheers for the giggle :-)