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  1. Presistance_Lydeccer

    Mysterious Ghost Plane

    Really ? Never saw those before LOL.
  2. Presistance_Lydeccer

    Mysterious Ghost Plane

    Don't know if other had encountered this ghost plane before but I saw it multiple times on battle. PS:It might be a ghost.
  3. Presistance_Lydeccer

    German BB Guns

    Nothing much to say but how many of you frustrated by this ? Especially on Tier 7. It look like a joke . 3x2 guns + 258m Dispersion. Aww.... A lil bit angling by enemy and you basically barely to hit with it. About Tier 10. I'm ok with it since it has 3 guns on each turret and more it has 4 turret. I like German T7 a lot but somehow I hate the Hit or Miss luck on it. It is a Battleship but long range is useless . Even barely hit a CA at 15km .| . How it suppose to look like. . How it actually look on game. . . There is Scharnhorst tho but it make me look like I must pay for the ship I actually want.
  4. Presistance_Lydeccer

    Let us rest a lil bit and talk for a while how high ping you're ever acheived.

    Used to reach mil but I never that never happen again since a year ago.
  5. Since this is off topic section so I thing this is fine to share a moment of how hard to play in crappy internet connection. Well. People has good stuff like that and so on and some other don't but when it comes to internet regardless of places, you really can't avoid it. Highest Ping I ever seen on my screen is like 10,000 ms[Forgot to take screenshot that day because I never think to take a screenshot of it] and yup I got disconnect from the game. Well. Mind if we talk a bit about yours ping ?
  6. Presistance_Lydeccer

    Best Tier

    Yea. I also just got myself Fuso and the dispersion and range is too much pain. But when it on full upgrade, those gun 12 guns not gonna disappoint you even a DD have nowhere to run at 15 KM.
  7. Presistance_Lydeccer

    Question on Liquidator and Witherer Flags.

    Don't know much how game mechanics work but I think it total up any available chance on given flag that respond to particular object. Like you has 2 flag give different value but the target buff is same so it gonna be total up. I think.
  8. Presistance_Lydeccer

    Torpedo Hit estimation for Allies.

    LOL. I never done that but that warning is hillarious.
  9. Presistance_Lydeccer

    Torpedo Hit estimation for Allies.

    Hahah well then. and also stuff here getting hillarious about TK.
  10. Presistance_Lydeccer

    Torpedo Hit estimation for Allies.

    Well. Just a suggestion. It would be useful if you want to torp in middle of fleet where you kinda cannot go anywhere or you could say an island on your right and ninja enemy on left side and you want to torp away but there also an allies on side. Just saying, the enemy could shoot you first rather than thing on front of him. DD is a delicious food to hunt. Depends. I didn't say this need to be in game.
  11. Presistance_Lydeccer

    Torpedo Hit estimation for Allies.

    Well. This might unpopular opinion but I might ask something. Will it be helpful to have in game or not ? I mean, If you really want to torp but not sure if it gonna hit an ally or not which result a TK status when you accidently hit an ally. Just saying there sometimes random movement of team mates that sometime also doing WASD hacks to avoid shells and stuff and you never knew if one of your torp gonna hit an enemy or an ally from far that you not want to hit. You know when you play shimakaze with 20km range torp. Well. Just a suggestion. So what you guys think about it ?
  12. Presistance_Lydeccer

    Best Tier

    Grats. Now what is left is grind enough captain points and if you done enough try to take Vigilance and learn to do some torpedobeat. It could help a lot when you met DD around .
  13. Presistance_Lydeccer

    Karma is stupid things

    4 reports lmao.
  14. I'm not trying to say anything bad or else but MAC mostly not good for gaming. Don't know if devs still working everything out with MAC . Ah, I'm not IT guy either but it likely the server were busy and unable to response in current time result a data loss and disconnection and then to the stopping. Try to update the game on other time and see again if that still happens. As you said you try to update as soon the patch out and there a chance that the server still doing some maintenance before completely in full service.
  15. Presistance_Lydeccer

    Best Tier

    Well. That how it goes and rendering Domination mode useless. DD doing some of Area of Denial attack on cap points making capping hard and also mot of ships has large detection range include a Destroyer which capping no longer easy and well the battle take long time to finish. BB shooting each other from far, Destroyer afraid to get closer due to detection range where lot of player already knew torpedo gonna coming and anticipated early by an enemy. CA however like nah. WTF I'm doing on mid of map and decide if you gonna shoot and become a shark bait or run away waiting for something that not sure if will be there or not. USN CA and DD keep sending shells while IJN CA and DD sending torp on high tiers.