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  1. So many radar in game ...

  2. Log in as invisible

    You got 2 reason in front of you lol Zzzz
  3. Log in as invisible

    And i don't care about well known player .. i just wanna simple basic feature like in origin.. and no need to make ship invisible.. Atleast use logic its simple feature. Dont use your mind comparing player,ships bla bla bla Well, No offence.....
  4. Log in as invisible

    Just wanna appear offline... simple -_-
  5. Captain Skill points, where to put?

    Go for superintendent then advanced firing training or u can take Adren Rush my balti skills are 1.Priority target, 2.adren rush, 3.superint, 4.cocealment and advanced firing training :)
  6. Log in as invisible

    Please add this basic feature
  7. Design A Patch submission

    Patch title: GERMAN WAY Author's nickname: CAPTAIN_RAJAN_KHANNA WOWS ASIA ID: CAPTAIN_RAJAN_KHANNA Desired nomination: I just love the german ships so i made this. If i win please give me tirpitz if possible or i am happy with kidd i dont want any bb cause i already brought mighty mo. NOTE: I HAVE SAME IGN ID ON WOWS EU BUT THIS IS FOR ASIA WOWS ID and you guys can add any effects of your choice if you want :) PLAY THE GERMAN WAY!