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  1. @Skarhabek this looks like the ship for you.
  2. All are bad but if I had to suggest anything, do not take 013 if you solo play. Take either 202 or 111 (personally I prefer 111 for the flexibility). Take 013 only if you are in a division with high AA ships.
  3. I am not seeing it, other than the lack of BBs and the obvious DD discrepancy, which isn't too bad considering its a Standard map, not Domination. Maybe one of the Aobas or the Graf Spee should have swapped sides with one of the Nurnbergs so one team doesn't have all the squishy cruisers?
  4. That's the beauty of bots. They are the same no matter the server. They do not care about race, language, gender or religion. They will TK you all the same (and make you turn pink by turning into your torps). They do not discriminate. They are what we humans should aspire to be.
  5. #TIL. Thanks, now I will make sure not to use WP. Lol same here. The only other thing I could come up with other than "well played" was "White Phosphorous".
  6. Question 6 is a tricky one. Not sure which is the best answer.
  7. Clear Sky is almost impossible to get unless the enemy CV is unskilled or you were seal-clubbing in an AS Bogue or something. The few times I got Clear Sky were in low-tier games against players unfamiliar with CVs. Imo Clear Sky and Solo Warrior are the hardest achievements to get in the game. Solo Warrior for similar reasons - it usually requires one or both teams throwing the game.
  8. I put CE on all my cruisers so you are not the only one OP.
  9. Thanks for vol 68! Oh a fellow Leo? Kamome is living up to her horoscope since she is the "leader" of the group!
  10. Who or what is this Susanoo thing you keep on bringing up? It is the 2nd time today I have seen you do this. As for the OP, I prefer Concealment on Mogami but I know Aerroon had a Mogami video where he slapped on both Steering Gear upgrades and was pretty happy with it. Depends on personal preference I guess.
  11. First off OP, welcome to Asia! I remember reading your thread on the NA forums. Enjoy your stay in Asia (or not). 1) Yes we have more CV players in Asia compared to other servers, especially at the high tiers. High tier CVs are endangered in Asia, in others servers they are extinct. Fighters are used to defend enemy strikes first and foremost. I play CVs and I will spot if I have squadrons to spare, otherwise spotting is secondary, especially since I cannot guarantee that my team will actually shoot the targets I am spotting. And with how lethal high tier AA is, even spotting risks losing planes to invisi-AA fire from Minotaurs and Des Moines. 2) MM RNG probably. I have plenty of games where there were 4-5 DDs on each team. 3) From what I see this problem isn't exclusive to the Asian server, but we do have a more cautious meta compared to other servers due to a multitude of reasons. 4) No comment. Maybe it is the time I usually play but I don't really see a big difference between weekend and weekday gameplay. Anecdotal evidence, but some of the biggest steamrolls and blowouts I have seen have occurred on the weekday primetime as well, so even those times are not immune. 5) Well there are about a dozen languages and dialects in Asia after all. It doesn't help that about half of those appear as boxes in the chat to non-speakers. You can try typing in chat, but don't see be surprised if the team doesn't even understood what you wrote. Using the quick commands should suffice for the most part. 6) Maybe it is just the people you play with. But I frequently encountered the opposite. Nobody goes to those caps (even the enemy), so what we have is essentially a free cap just waiting for a spare ship to take. 7) Yeah I find that most Yamato players tend to camp at spawn a bit too much. 8) High tier cruiser players in Asia seem to have their WASD hax engaged all the time. I see people like Notser and iChase dev-striking straight-lining high tier cruisers all the time, and wonder why we don't get those kind of cruiser players in Asia.
  12. Well for starters maybe you should turn on the last position map map markers? Like what we have been telling you to do? If you had last known position markers you can make educated guesses on where the enemy is going to go. Obviously the Atlanta is not going to push into the cap where he will just be outranged and outgunned by both you and the friendly cruiser. So it is a no brainer he will hide behind that island to try and support the BB. I don't need RDF to tell me that. In fact I am pretty sure you didn't even know it was an Atlanta until he started lobbing those shells at you. Plus why are you even thinking of going behind that island? What purpose does going there serve? You can't defend the cap from the BB at that position. Plus all it does is put you closer to that BB so that when you do slip out of cover, he will just delete you. If you were taking too much fire from the BB, just stop firing and drop off detection. Or at least you would be able to if you took CE instead of RDF...
  13. I am personally hoping for a 1-1-2 as well, but it seems WG wants to keep USN strike CVs DB-focused.
  14. You can select her voice in the options so you can hear every game. I used to choose Iona's voice until I got the HSF ones. Put her in a CV then play Wows in a Starbucks without any headphones. Let people stare!
  15. If 1-0-3 and 0-2-2 are the new loadouts, then I am not very optimistic for the USN CV changes. 0-2-2 is a buff to 0-1-3 that's for sure, but it won't do anything to solve the over-specialisation of the USN loadouts due to the FTs. 1-0-3 is more promising, but I am not too sure about the lack of TBs. It is good for stacking fires on BBs, but not good against much else because DB RNG. So we are back to square one with the over-specialisation. AP bombs will not help in that area either. Thankfully they are still WIP so hopefully they will be changed, because they don't address the problems USN CVs face at all.