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  1. I have had a few cases where my computer just freezes up and automatically reboots after a few seconds.
  2. Wonder how many of those old players are still playing the game.
  3. Izumo: difficult to handle her guns

    I think you were just unlucky with RNG. Personally I didn't find anything wrong with Izumo's guns compared to her counterparts. In fact, I found the opposite - she felt pretty accurate thanks to her turrets being located together. Plus her shells have one of the highest, if not the highest, BB shell velocities in the game. Thanks to the fast shells, I found I could hit DDs quite easily assuming RNG didn't decide to screw with me. C hull just gives more AA and better rudder shift, but otherwise there is no difference from B hull. As for builds, my suggestion would be to go with concealment and survivability. Survivability will help you deal with fires, but I find the best way to protect yourself from HE spam is to park yourself behind an island that is tall enough while you position in such a way that only your bow and guns are exposed to the enemy. Izumo is extremely tanky against enemy AP when angled bow on - the only AP you should worry about is Musashi/Yamato, but that is true for every other BB anyway. Concealment allows you to sneak to aforementioned island. Then you just hold the flank like an immovable stone wall. Short of planes or a flanking enemy DD, a properly entrenched Izumo can be extremely hard to dislodge. AP will just bounce off your angled hull or shatter on your guns, or get the odd overpen thanks to your small superstructure. HE will just shatter on your guns and since only your bow is exposed, that is the only place you can be set on fire, and fire-prevention skills can easily handle that. Do watch out for USN cruisers with their orbital arcs though, they can easily hit you behind your island.
  4. Azur Lane Collaboration

    WG have said previously that the Belfast is never coming back again.
  5. Make sure you are logged in when you are in the shop.
  6. What WG should have done was limit these commanders to one per account and introduce permanent campaigns to allow newer players to obtain them. Players who have these commanders can perhaps get elite captain xp instead. While I understand that putting them up for sale was done so players who missed out on them previously can get them, doing it this way IS kinda pay-to-win. Unlike the anime captains, these special captains have in-game advantages that other captains do not offer. I can put down some money and get a 10-point captain that is better than other 10-point captains. Now some may argue that the special commanders' advantages aren't a big enough impact, but the fact is it does have a impact (whether it is a big or small impact is another issue entirely). Personally I am thinking of getting the French captain. I am already using the first one as my French BB captain, but this new one I can put on the cruisers.
  7. I thought that sailing broadside to fire all guns like in real life ships was a good tactic.
  8. Just limit CVs to one per side like in the high tiers.
  9. high caliber is broken

    Was it a BB heavy match?
  10. Errr good for you I guess? But others do want to play their high tier ships in coop. Anyway my point is that in the high tiers, it is not that easy to run a profit in coop if the team does too well and wins too fast. And that usually happens if you have a full roster of human players, assuming they don't just yolo and die like the bots.
  11. To be honest, that only happens if you get mostly bot allies who yolo in and die, leaving you free to farm damage off the enemy. Just had 2 games in my Essex and Taiho with full human teams. We steamrolled the enemy so hard the game ended early. Made a loss of about 15k-30k credits for each game (with Premium account, no Permanent camo, no flags, no Premium consumables). So unless you are using a Premium ship/camo + account and running credit flags, you will very easily run a loss in high tier coop battles if you don't get bot allies, or potato players.
  12. Hey, you might want to check Puka season 3 in my fan translation thread :Smile-_tongue:

  13. These look very interesting! I also like the fact that most seem to be sidegrades than just straight upgrades. More curious to know how they will can be obtained. Credits? Supercontainers? New currency that WG was talking about?
  14. It happens to me too somewhat. While it doesn't lock my game, I can never complete an in-game survey because the survey never loads for me. The page it brings up will just spool for a few minutes until I lose my patience and I close it
  15. Hardly anybody uses the 20km torps on the Shima, and for good reason. Most people use the 12km ones.