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  1. Calling All Hindenburg Captains

    Take dual catapult with spotter plane for maximum teamplay. Jokes aside? I recommend AFT. Hindenburg has extremely good AA, almost as potent as the Mino and DM. The last 2 points you can take whatever you want. EM is good as it helps to keep the guns on target as you WASD. I usually run fighter, so I like to take dual catapult planes - it functions like a poor man's Hydro. Then take PM to buff main gun survivalbility, that allows me to take Aux mod 1 and buff AA gun HP. Of course this is for Random battle, for CW you can take RDF instead of AFT.
  2. Well WG did say that flag customisation options is planned somewhere down the road. But it would be nice if the countries that are not involved.
  3. People have been saying that the new campaign that comes with patch 0.7.2 will also drop the crates, but take that with a pinch of salt.
  4. I find the Normandie pretty fun in Scenarios. It feels like a Fuso with its shotgun. Not impressed by the Bretagne however.
  5. Err ok? I am not quite sure why you told me all that. Like I said, the Aigle has definite strengths and weaknesses. Not all Premiums have to be stupid strong or way better than their tech tree counterparts to be worth getting. And I find it quite fun to play once you get around its awkward firing angles, floaty shells and turret traverse. It also has extremely good fire chance for a DD and an enhanced speed boost which means speed tanking is a thing. But like I said, the Aigle is certainly not for everyone. It plays more like a speedy CL than a traditional DD, so if you don't think it is worth the marathon, then fine, don't go for it. This should be it ... though there is speculation that a 2nd part of the French campaign is coming up in the near future which may also award the crates, but nothing official. If you want to play it safe just wait until the last day and then purchase one crate, since you only need 1 dupe more to get 4 items.
  6. Well, rumour has it that there is part 2 of the french campaign coming up which will also award crates, but otherwise nothing confirmed yet.
  7. Actually I am quite liking the Aigle though I agree it may not be for everybody. In fact I would say it is a well-designed Premium. It has unique strengths and weaknesses and is neither straight up overpowered or underpowered.
  8. 46k average damage is good?

    While I agree it is not perfect, it does help as a gauge for self-improvement. If you are getting high base xp scores compared to the other players in the match, it means you were doing something right.
  9. Like most other gaming companies, WG is trying to cash in on the lootbox strategy that is sweeping the gaming industry now. Though to be frank I kinda expected this to happen eventually. My alarm bells were ringing back in Halloween last year when WG locked the unique permanent camos behind the Halloween crates which you had to buy if you wanted to get some of them. I managed to get 2 (Wakatake and Chapayev) camos from the 5 free crates obtained via the Halloween Scenario, so I consider myself lucky. I know there were plenty of players who didn't get anything. Unfortunately there is little that can be done unless the WoWs playerbase has a collective protest and boycott of all future lootboxes. And going by how incredibly popular the Santa crates were, that is probably never going to happen. Why would WG stop doing something that is both popular and an incredible money maker?
  10. Heck, I think few of them can even grasp how their own class should play.
  11. Yeah the fear of not being able to complete the collection was a big reason in my decision to the purchase the Aigle, since I can earn one additional crate per day by playing it. I believe there are 25 free crates total. 18 collection items with an exchange rate of 3 dupes for 1 item means you are only allowed 10 dupes or less. More than that and you are screwed. I could be wrong but that looks like about a 40% chance of completing the collection? That ain't good odds for me.
  12. Just take it that they are jelly of your Kraken.
  13. 46k average damage is good?

    Probably referring to the base xp you can see on the 2nd screen of the post battle results. That is the simplest way of seeing how you fared compared to the other players in the match.
  14. Secondary build skills

    Yup. Imo you should be getting both eventually, but my preference is AFT first then Manual second. AFT has the benefit of buffing your AA, plus I like the increased secondary range. But ultimately it is down to personal preference which you get first.
  15. The US camouflage

    Lol I actually like ARP ones. Imo the worst are some of those limited edition camos like Valentines day etc.