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  1. They are at the stern, written in Hiragana. Mikasa And Ishizuchi
  2. There are various reasons why WG may not want the Musashi as a Tier 10. First off, if Musashi were to be a Premium, then she would be the first Tier 10 Premium (yes there is the upcoming Stalingrad for Clan Wars, but no news if that is going to a Premium for now, though most likely it will be). As a Tier 10 Premium, her earnings will likely be ridiculously huge, kinda like how the Missouri has very good credit earnings as a Tier 9 premium. So if you thought the Missouri was a credit machine, the Musashi at Tier 10 will be a credit monster. And I don't think WG wants too many credit monsters at the top tiers - it goes against their monetisation strategy. Stalingrad as a Tier 10 Premium is probably within acceptable limits for WG, since it is a reward ship and not everyone will be able to get it. Secondly, similar to the Iowa and Missouri, what's the point of grinding to the Yamato when you can get the Musashi for free xp? With the Missouri, there is really no reason to play the Iowa anymore unless you are grinding to the Montana, as Missouri and Iowa are essentially the same ship, except one is a Premium with Radar while the other is tech-tree ship with a catapult plane instead. But with Yamato and Musashi, it will be worse. There is no ship past Yamato, so unless you just want to get the Yamato for historical reasons, there is not much of a reason to grind through the Izumo to get to the Yamato. Thirdly, some have suggested that Musashi be a unique camouflage for the Yamato. But problem with that is then you can't have the Musashi in its as-built config as it has different AA and secondaries. And if we use the as-sunk config for Musashi, then it is practically the Yamato - the difference will be in name only. It will be a total waste of a historical ship. Plus having Musashi in its as-built config makes sense considering the High School Fleet collaboration is still on-going. For those who don't know, the Musashi in Haifuri is the 1941 version. So it is yet another opportunity for WG to make more money from the collaboration. Offer the Musashi as a Tier 9 Premium ship obtainable via free xp, with the HSF version as a purchasable unique camouflage.
  3. Was wondering about this too. What's the rationale?
  4. WG could have left the ships for sale even after the smoke changes. The fact that the ships are getting removed from sale shows that WG probably thinks there are too many cruisers sitting in their own smoke and firing HE. Either that or there are further changes planned down the road, and they don't want to put those ships on sale until those are settled.
  5. Ok so it seems the Perth will only be obtainable through Supercontainers. Same for the Kutuzov, as further down it says it can no longer be obtained through the in-game client. Edit: I can't remember. Can the Belfast be bought in the in-game client?
  6. Ohh will we get a HSF skin for the Musashi? Also WG please add Moeka as the captain!
  7. Thanks. Will be of some use to me since I understand a small bit of Japanese. Also fixed that typo there for you. As amazing as WoWs is, I don't think anyone would use it to read the Islamic holy book.
  8. It is the Missouri for me. Awesome credit printing machine that nets me a profit even if I have bad games. Otherwise Tirpitz is fun since I like brawling in German BBs, and Harekaze because lol anime. Though nowadays I just spam scenarios to farm credits, so I am playing a lot of my Tier 6 Premiums there (Dunkerque, Warspite, the two Graf Spees). I aim to get the Mutsu and Molotov when there is a good discount/package going so that I can spam even more scenarios.
  9. Obligatory Yuro video:
  10. Oh yeah I forgot about that. I heard it was about 10 days after the clash? So in a few more days perhaps.
  11. I have just watched Jingles' video on it too. Now I have never tried the old WoWP, but it seems this new version solves a lot of problems that the old one had. And considering that new conquest mode has respawns, I am honestly quite intrigued. I wouldn't mind giving this a shot if this got released for the Asia server, because that's where my Premium time is.
  12. Going by his previous posts, I would say trolling.
  13. About the time the Harekaze's USN guns were fixed. I had one game where one HE salvo instantly took out 2 out of 3 guns. This was with both Preventive Maintenance and the durability upgrade. Lucky my team was already winning.
  14. Yup getting the same warnings as well.
  15. If you use the dynamic music or wardrums, it changes when an enemy shoots at you or is detected nearby. But then again you would probably know if someone was indeed shooting at you.