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  1. Most likely did nothing, if one is able to lose 3/4 of a DD's HP to an RJ in 2 mins. Probably threw up their hands in the air screaming "CVs OP!" when seeing planes approach, not attempting any evasive moves...
  2. What's my opinion on CVs? Barring some small issues they are generally in a good spot and are a great addition to the game. I find the extra gameplay elements CVs to be very refreshing since a CV game plays a lot different (and better imo) than a game without CVs. Also it has been nearly 2 years since the CV rework, and WG has said repeatedly that CVs are here to stay, so best learn how to deal with it. As a sidenote when are the forum downvote buttons coming back?
  3. This. Also it is even worse when new concepts and mechanics are tested, because there is the danger of shoehorning them in regardless if they actually fit into the game or not.
  4. Thyaliad

    A rant

    Eh I dunno DD numbers going down. From my own anecdotal experience (for the high tiers at least), there are more matches with 0 DDs, but there are also more matches with 4 DDs per side. I certainly disagree about the remaining DD players being good. Maybe it depends on the tier and time you are playing? As for BBs, well there will always be bad BB players who like camping at the back, due to a multitude of reasons. My beef though, is that these bad players tend to play Thunderers for some reason. And there have been a lot of Thunderers as of late. Like half to 3/4 of my team's BBs are Thunderers. And more often then not they always are in the back sniping. Even if most of the team is dead, the remaining friendly cruisers and BBs are low on HP, they will still be at the back with relatively full health. Gosh I just hate most Thunderer players on this server. I know there are some good Thunderer players, but most I have seen are just plain bad and selfish. Indeed. It is far better to sacrifice a bit of health to get a good early game initiative or position, than it is to preserve your HP for a late-game comeback that never happens. The IJN tried to do something similar in WW2, preserving their mightiest assets for a grand decisive battle that never came. By the time they did try to do that at Leyte, it was far too late and the enemy advantage was just too great. (oh hey that rhymes lol)
  5. Thyaliad


    While I am no fan of the RB, I dislike removing options from players even more.. Why did WG remove this? If this option is unpopular then just leave it there for those people who do use it. Removing this just limits the amounts of things a player can do with their Research Points. I will never understand the rationale of removing options in the digital space just because they are unpopular. Sure, it makes sense to do so if you are running a physical store or service, but for digital goods and services? I am not expert in the field, but I am pretty sure the act of converting RB into Free XP does not take up a lot of server power. Since cancelling the animation also cancels the damage immunity period, it will not always be beneficial to do this. The only benefit I can think of right now is if the CV player wants to press F to recall the squadrons immediately after launching their ordnance, perhaps to avoid their planes flying further into enemy AA behind the target ship or to avoid straying into the close-range AA of the ship they are attacking.
  6. Thyaliad


    Show me a CV that is immune to damage then.
  7. Thyaliad

    Shimakazes using AP

    Could be. Except I have seen different Shima players doing this recently so I thought I was missing something, because I can't think of any reason why a Shima would use AP outside of some very specific situations.
  8. Thyaliad

    kansas rant

    So far I have been getting her to work. Kansas is a team ship, so you have to work with your teammates. Don't bother trying to flank or do any sort of lone wolf heroics, because she is not suited for that. Poor AP pen at range and lousy accuracy means she is not suited for sniping, instead I have had more success in Kansas by sailing closer to the enemy (about ~15km away from the enemy cruisers). I take fire when necessary, but my main plan is to shoot at anything that exposes their broadsides, especially if it is an enemy cruiser. 40s reloads hurt, but when you do get a good salvo against a broadside target you can do a lot of damage. Sometimes it pays to be a little patient and actually hold your fire if you foresee an enemy growing broadside soon. This is one reason why Kansas works well together with other teammates. You wait for when the enemy tries to angle against your team and in the process expose their broadside to you, and that is when you strike. If Kansas is isolated, an enemy can easily angle against her and reduce her damage output drastically. If enemy pushes, then you bail and start a fighting retreat. Even on the retreat a Kansas can put up a good fight as along as she has support from other retreating teammates, hence the importance of not playing solo in her. The enemy can't get lazy and expose their broadsides against you, and if they try to whittle you down slowly as you retreat your teammates can take potshots at them. In all I find Kansas to requires patience and deliberation. You don't try to run from one side of the map to the other. Instead you stay on your flank for as long as possible and act as solid anchor that other teammates can rally around.
  9. Thyaliad

    Shimakazes using AP

    Is there a reason why I see so many Shimakazes using AP instead of HE? Sure, AP can be useful if they are going up against broadsiding ships at very close range, but in any other situation isn't HE just plain better? Since Shimakaze AP shells only do a mere 50 damage more than HE does, while HE can start fires, knock out modules and don't run the risk of ricocheting. Did I miss something?
  10. Thyaliad

    It is time for the BLUF decision...

    How about New York to Vermont instead? Because the new ships seem to be a further development of the slow dreadnoughts seen in New York to Colorado, while the faster BBs from North Carolina onwards seem to be the offshoot. And WG seems to agree with you, because that is how they are positioned in the tech tree. The Montana line is the one that branches off the main branch now.
  11. Sorry to hear that. But it is what it is.
  12. Not sure why the downvote emote was removed but eh whatever. Indeed. They are more or less the same thing. Actually the NA forums had a confused/WTF emote. I don't know why we didn't get that one.
  13. Just block them and ignore. Raging at teammates in game is one thing, I mean I do that too sometimes, but messaging them in a private message after a game? That is just sad. Not to mention the whole racism and stereotyping thing. Seriously what is up with so many CVs haters being racist as well?
  14. Thyaliad

    GIFT CODE (each valid once, while supplies last)

    I have already activated one, so here are the rest: CREU-P9VC5-C5W2Y CREU-P9VCR-ACRS3 CREU-P9VND-84KKT CREU-P9VYM-FCYKD
  15. Thyaliad

    Big Girls Don't Cry.

    I am using the standard concealment-survivability build on mine. Works fine so far.