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  1. Thyaliad

    WG‘s anniversary summary for every player

    Makes sense since I like resetting the IJN CA line in the RB. Haven't been playing the Eagle or any of the other superships for that matter. Don't like them. But hey at least they give a Supercontainer like the T10 ships in this event. Miss the old CVs sometimes...
  2. Thyaliad

    Operations Return

    It seems the bots don't put as much effort into dodging torps as before. This means torpedo DDs are pretty strong, even when bottom tiered.
  3. Thyaliad

    A quick PSA

    Looks like someone didn't read my other posts in this thread...
  4. Thyaliad

    A quick PSA

    A DD is in a forward position, but not so far forward that your team cannot help. This is a common misplay by DD players, they either play too aggressively and put themselves in a position where allies are unable to support them, or they play too passively and don't spot or screen for the team. In any case you still need to be positioned close enough to allies such that you can duck into their AA bubbles to deter enemy CVs. So if you are playing a DD where you can get stalked by a sub without being close to any allies, chances are you overextended. Seriously subs are frustrating to deal with, but of all the ship types DDs should be complaining the least...
  5. Thyaliad

    A quick PSA

    Nah not really. A DD's duties - spotting, screening the fleet, area denial with torps - is still the same regardless if there is a sub or not. On the surface, both subs and DDs have similar concealment, so the sub risks taking return fire from your team if he tries to push into you to spot you. He could go to periscope depth, but then to spot you he would need to go into your AA concealment range, which depending on the DD can be as low as ~2.5km. This means he needs to be extremely close to your allies.
  6. Thyaliad

    A quick PSA

    Because DDs force subs to hang back with their friendlies for protection instead of getting in amongst your fleet where they are at their most dangerous. An overextended submarine is a dead submarine if an enemy DD is present.
  7. Thyaliad

    Rework operations, simple solution

    That's the downside of the new Operations - they are now balanced with the assumption that the player side is playing with Tier 8s. So playing anything other than a T8 is just hurting your chances of success.
  8. Thyaliad

    A quick PSA

    Had a game where there were 2 subs on each team with no DDs. The subs had no counter...
  9. Thyaliad

    25% debuff for selected Ops thoughts

    Wtf is going on in this thread? But yeah I would much rather WG just ban those outliers using Virtual Machines, instead of a global nerf for everyone.
  10. Thyaliad

    I love Anniversary/"Snowflake" events!

    I am loving the new system. I have 400+ ships, so being able to clear multiple rewards from ships I don't play is a godsend. Still working through clearing them all, but much credit to WG.
  11. Thyaliad

    Operations Return

    I am liking the new difficulty balance. Easier Ops like Narai and Cherry Blossom are more difficult, while harder Ops like Newport and Ultimate Frontier have been made easier. Also it is a bit harder for a single player to just solo carry the map. Teamwork is essential if you want to complete all bonus objectives. The best thing though is the ability to use a greater range of ships. Now I can play around with my Tier 8s in Operations.
  12. Thyaliad

    Why the Moskva sank - some details uncovered

    I thought it was sunk by a Russian cigarette? Jokes aside, this should really be in off-topic.
  13. It seems there is a bug with Operation Ultimate Frontier, where if your team manages to kill all the enemies on the map, the Operation ends in a victory even if other enemy waves haven't spawned yet. We killed the enemy CV group and the first group of enemies that the Aerodrome planes attack, then the game ended. As a result, we couldn't kill the 2nd group of that the Aerodrome attacks, and we didn't even get the objective to prevent the 3 enemy DDs from capping our repair zone. Here is the replay for reference: 20220917_201658_PFSA506-Bearn_s06_Atoll.wowsreplay
  14. Thyaliad

    Warship Strike!

    Everyone should take the time to play this. Already got 1 one of the permanent xp bonus packages. With the other 2 rounds of missions, plus buying the Festive tokens with credits, I should be able to get the other two packages. Can always top up with Community tokens if necessary. Will essentially get 3 Tier 7 permanent xp bonuses for free this event. Thanks WG!
  15. Thyaliad

    Warship Strike!

    In fact the AI does this also. They will tag in diagonal lines.