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  1. Just hope you get lucky and have mature players who don't abuse the karma system I suppose. Managed to get 5 compliments in an Essex by just playing decently and providing AA for the team.
  2. Don't worry WoWs isn't heading anywhere there. Far from it. In fact with the removal of open water stealth firing and the smoke changes, I would say the game is moving in the opposite direction.
  3. I remember winning a 1v1 way back when in my tier 2 Russian DD against another DD. That's what I get when I play low tiers in the wee hours of the morning hehe.
  4. Hmm I don't mind the Ibuki really. I use the increased range mod and light BBs on fire with HE spam. Also thanks to its great concealment, I can usually choose when and where to engage. Pretty fun sneaking in close to some cruiser and shove a load of AP into his unsuspecting broadside. And because I can choose when to shoot, I am already kiting away and he can return maybe 1 or 2 salvos before I go dark.
  5. Some days you just can't catch a break. When that happens I either call it quits or just play some coop or scenarios.
  6. I would say BFT is better than DE. Not only for the direct DPM increase, but also for the additional plane slaughter!
  7. Lol Loderunner. I played that a lot on the one that came with my very first Windows PC. Can't believe I actually completed all 100+ levels on that game. I guess I was a completionist unlike today.
  8. I wouldn't really call DWTs on IJN DDs an upgrade, they are a sidegrade at the most. DWTs work on Pan-Asian DDs because they still have their good guns to fall back on when it comes to handling other DDs. But IJN don't have that. And only able to hit BBs and CVs? That is only a third of the enemy. This is over-specialisation to the extreme. And I thought WG learnt from USN CVs that over-specialisation does not make ships fun to play. I do not see how this will make it to live server. But I can very clearly see that this is yet another attempt by WG to control the BB population by introducing specific counters, instead of just fixing BBs themselves. AP bombs and DWTs were just the beginning.
  9. RDF is actually pretty good if you are building your ship as a dedicated DD hunter. But yeah i would still take CE as the first 4 point skill, meaning I will have to wait until a 14 point captain at the very least.
  10. As long as it can be done in coop or Scenarios, it doesn't look too hard.
  11. Unfortunately elitism is bound to exist in any game which has even a bit of a competitive aspect, and WoWs is no exception.
  12. Ah, I remember reading that stacked TB thread on the NA forum. That was some facepalm worthy. Sure why not make it that you can't salvo fire your main guns too. Oh and DDs cannot fire their torp launchers one after the other. It is only fair isn't it? I don't like it when I am in a cruiser and I get dev-striked by some BB, or when a DD pops out from behind an island and launches their entire load of torps into the side of my BB. And and the one about RNG - how about no? Contrary to what most people think, CV players do have to put up with RNG too just like other players - especially AA and DBs. Not to mention surface ships can no longer predict drop patterns when it comes to dodging TBs. WoWs as a whole could do with less RNG, not more.
  13. Got the Okhotnik for rent too. Put in my Udaloy captain and took it out for a spin in a Random Battle. Not impressed. It would be a fun gunboat DD if not for that godawful turret traverse. Good thing I managed to try it for rent, because that is one ship I now know for certain I am not going to buy.
  14. It irks me when I see USN AS CV players using their fighters to escort their DBs, leaving the rest of their team to fend for themselves. Not saying that the OP does it, but it goes to show the mentality of some of the players. They don't understand the purpose of playing AS. And the main purpose of playing AS - protecting your team from airstrikes - that can done by simply not queuing as a CV in the first place.
  15. The only USN BB that I don't really like is the New York. Love playing the rest.