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  1. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way. One player engaging in teamplay provides nothing if the rest of the team doesn't capitalise on it. For example a BB might want to push closer to drive the enemy away from a cap, but unless the other teammates on that flank accompanies that BB, all that accomplishes is getting focus fired and killed. Or a DD might want to contest a cap, but if the team doesn't want to take out the radar cruiser and instead just damage farms the enemy BBs, then that cap is not getting taken and the DD is putting themself at risk for nothing.
  2. Thyaliad

    Back from almost a year break

    Welcome back! First and foremost the biggest change would be the captain skill rework. Apart from that we had a few new ship lines and splits as you might have noticed. We also had more Dockyard events, with Hizen, Odin and Anchorage being offered. More Premium ships were added to the Armoury, while others like Georgia, Smalland and Massachusetts were removed for being too popular. Somers will also be removed from the game in the next patch for an indefinite amount of time, so if you are thinking of picking her up now is the last chance. In terms of other changes the biggest would be the CV rocket plane aiming reticles. They were all standardised to have similar aiming ellipses - attack enemy ships from their broadside for the best effect. That's all the major ones I can think off for now.
  3. Thyaliad

    Roast me!!!

    You need to play 100 more Random battles. After which you can never ever play Random again. Or maybe 1 more Random game after that, as long as you use the gameplay footage in a "why i quit WoWs" video.
  4. Thyaliad

    DD guns - when would you use AP on a DD?

    Depends on the DD and the situation. Some DDs have pretty good AP, while others like the IJN torp boats have almost no reason to use it.
  5. Thyaliad

    The Zoupening

    Zoup's response seems perfectly understandable tbh. I disagree with Zoup on plenty of things, but he has been getting shit thrown at him for a very long time. I think he has just gotten fed up with all the accusations of being a WG shill just because he dares to go against the doom-and-gloom outrage narrative that other CCs like Flamu have been pushing. And I would be too if I were in his shoes and I keep getting mentioned in a fiasco I had nothing to do with. It is hilarious because Zoup has plenty of videos where he criticises WG for stuff that he disagrees with them on, but apparently to the angry mob that is not enough. You either agree that WG is the devil incarnate, or you are WG shill. Wtf happened to things like nuance? If anything this fiasco and the community's pitchfork reaction to it makes me more disappointed in the WoWs community than Flamu or Zoup or anybody else.
  6. I wonder what is the official reason behind his axing. But Flamu has been a toxic influence for a long time now, so it is very surprising that he was given the boot out of the blue without prior warning from WG. Maybe WG were reprimanding him behind the scenes but he refused to cooperate. In any case, WG should have still given public warnings or reminders to their CCs. While I have no love for Flamu and I am happy to see him gone, I still think WG should have handled this better, especially since we have his rabid followers to consider.
  7. Thyaliad

    The Sad Truth

    Nothing odd about the data once Base xp is still biased towards doing damage - the forums have been highlighting this for ages now. So it is not surprising that PR, damage and base xp will increase together, since they have a great deal of overlap. However, doing more damage does not necessarily lead to more wins because it is not just about about doing damage. Who you are doing the damage to and when you are dealing that damage is just as important. Damage done in the early to midgame will be a lot more influential than damage done in the endgame when the match is already decided and you are either mopping up the enemy team or fighting a last stand. None of this is reflected in PR, average damage, or base XP. This will, however, be reflected in winrate. The graphs just show that whatever you are doing, it is not translating into wins. Maybe it is because of target selection - damaging an enemy BB that is spearheading an enemy push is going to be a lot more influential than an enemy BB camping at the back for example. Or maybe you are capping way too late for it to have any influence on the outcome of the match. There are plenty of intervening variables affecting the relationship between damage and winrate. That is why more damage =/= higher winrate.
  8. WG did try to push an e-sports scene for WoT a long time ago. It didn't succeed for various reasons.
  9. Thyaliad

    The Sad Truth

    Not surprising when you consider how PR is actually calculated. https://wows-numbers.com/personal/rating Long story short, PR is heavily skewed towards doing damage. And not relative damage either, just raw damage. Doing 10,000 damage to an enemy DD is worth a lot more than 10,000 damage to a BB, but PR treats both equally. So you can already see where this is going. PR by itself is not a very good indicator of skill. All PR does is show how good you are at doing damage, and nothing else. And as we all know, doing damage =/= winning the game. PR is best used together with winrate, because it can indicate you got that winrate. High PR and high winrate means you are a good player. High winrate but low PR means you prefer playing a more supportive role instead of doing damage. Low winrate but high PR means you are a damage farmer, while both low winrate and low PR means you are not very good. The only advantage PR has over winrate as an indicator of skill is that you can see any changes a lot quicker. Whereas for winrate you need over a hundred games before it starts getting reliable, because it has to weed out the random elements first.
  10. Thyaliad

    📰 ST, Axis vs Allies

    This should really be a PvE mode. I remember WoT tried to do this a long time ago. The result was what one would have expected - it ended up being horribly imbalanced.
  11. This is why I don't play Ranked. Since Ranked has no barrier to entry it is ultimately no different from Randoms. And I already get enough salt in Randoms.
  12. Thyaliad

    Would you pull the trigger?

    If you like to play CVs then why not? I would like to get FDR, but I already pulled the trigger on Somers since she was going away soon.
  13. This. Outnumbered is a noob trap and definitely not worth the 4 points. The kicker is that enemies have to be visible for them to be counted while friendlies don't. So there will often be situations where the skill won't activate despite you being outnumbered on your flank because some of the enemies (like DDs) aren't spotted. To get it to work you either have to be very badly positioned or solo flanking just right.
  14. Thyaliad

    "Naval Battles"

    Tbh I much prefer it this way. Damage just promotes damage farming, while ribbons favour certain ships over others.