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  1. Ashitaka ---- Buffed?

    Sorry haven't tried the buffed Ashitaka in Randoms yet. Perhaps I should give her a go... She works fine enough in Scenarios. With the Kobayashi camo she can really print out the credits, though I don't know if you can get that camo right now (I know you can't for Kii).
  2. How to rearm FT?

    Your planes can only be rearmed by landing on your carrier. I am not sure why pressing F doesn't work though. Maybe your fighters were locked in combat with enemy fighters so they couldn't disengage?
  3. Damn that is sad to hear. And judging from the farewell message there were a lot of unpleasant circumstances behind the scenes as well.
  4. Imo Killer Whale is the easiest of all the ops, perhaps with the exception of Cherry Blossom. The problem is players get too greedy and selfish, and try to farm kills instead of escaping.
  5. BUG ... radio contact lost with WG.

    They have a policy of not directly nerfing Premiums, lest they risk running afoul of consumer laws. Also it might put off some players from buying Premium ships in future.
  6. Oh gee what is this? An alt-right thread in the Asia forums. Don't see one of these very often. Of all the problems plaguing WoWs right now, SJW bogeymen (or bogeywomen? lol) are the least of the game's worries.
  7. How to get better in randoms

    If you are guys are talking about Killer Whale, imo BBs aren't very useful there. Too slow to do anything. They are good at taking out the forts quickly but that is about it. So don't expect to do anything outstanding in one.
  8. WG failed to clamp down on BOT

    Something certainly seems to be up. Had a match last night where 3 enemy BBs on the same flank just yolo'ed. Pretty sure at least some of them were bots - they just sailed in a straight line directly towards my team firing their guns at whoever. Didn't even bother trying to change course a little. So 5 minutes into the game the enemy was down 3 BBs with 0 losses to my team. Did the enemy team a favour and reported them anyway. Then during a coop match, a player ship just went straight through the cap, right past the enemy Prinz Eugen who he nearly collided with, to their spawn to attack their CV. I was playing a CV so I easily noted his actions. I honestly thought it was a coop bot until I saw it had a player's name and clan. Yes this. A bit hilarious WG keeps on creating unimportant stuff like the Arsenal when we lack a proper replay system. Heck, even WT boats have a replay system. I saw a YouTube advertisement for such a thing in a Jingles video once. I was pretty surprised.
  9. WG failed to clamp down on BOT

    This thread is heading in a dangerous direction faster than a bot in a coop game.
  10. Musashi or Alaska

    I know. I was saying that I play them in a way similar to that of Legionary's.
  11. Bismarck in Tier 6?

    Pretty sure that is a mod. WG doesn't put the swastika in game.
  12. Musashi or Alaska

    I play my Yamato and Musashi in a similar manner. A BB sniping at 20km is of no threat to me when I play my cruisers. But a BB at 15km or less is a very big cause of concern.
  13. Fancy YouTube videos are no substitute for actual, well-planned tutorials.
  14. Should I change my team?

    Tomorrow is fine. As long as you don't switch today.
  15. If you ask me, saying that players would just skip tutorials is just an excuse for developers to be lazy and outsource the teaching process. Why bother trying to teach players how the game works when CCs can do that for free? Imo the lack of tutorials is part of the reason for the overall poor quality of the playerbase and low player retention. New players have great difficulty in learning how to play and either quit out of frustration, or fail their way to the higher tiers where they just be a burden and frustrate their teammates.