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  1. Thyaliad

    Thoughts on KOTS

    It is almost as though the game was designed from the very beginning to have 4 classes, not 3.
  2. I have been using WGC ever since the CV rework TST, which required its installation. So far, I haven't had any issue with the WGC despite the horror stories I have been hearing about. Maybe I got off lucky. With that said though, I still preferred the original launcher. WGC is only really useful if you have multiple WG titles installed imo.
  3. Thyaliad

    German Cruiser Ammunition Selection

    Nope. I remember years ago when I was a new player the playerbase kept on saying that German cruiser AP is good and that you should be using it most of the time. But my personal experience taught me that it wasn't good against anything further than medium range and not presenting the flattest of broadsides. After that I learnt to take whatever the community says with a pinch of salt and to always try things out first before coming to a conclusion. Anyway as with other ships, switching of ammo types is the key to success.
  4. Thyaliad

    People you've encountered in-game

    I remember seeing Drakon in his Kaga a few days ago in Randoms. And I think Sound_Thief or Sir_Feather in Coop but that was further back.
  5. Thyaliad

    [TIPS] 5 stars in Sunray in the Darkness PvE

    Also the Transylvania will stop if an enemy gets into its repair circle so don't let them. You actually don't want too many players inside Transylvania's circle since it moves faster the more people that are in it. So if the Transylvania moves too fast, players are not able to sink the enemies in time and it just ends up rushing into an enemy and stopping.
  6. Thyaliad

    Some random thoughts and questions

    Depends on what holes in your roster need feeling. If you need a Premium USN cruiser, get Alaska. If you want a RN BB to spam Narai in, get Nelson. But of course most important is to get a ship you think you would enjoy using. Otherwise, just keep accumulating your free xp if you aren't sure what to do with it. Don't feel compelled to spend it on a free xp ship if you aren't particularly interested in them. Yes speed juking is a common tactic for them. A French cruiser spamming HE from long range with proper speed juking can be extremely infuriating to deal with in a BB. Because even if you do aim correctly chances are you will just get an overpen or two, while he is setting you on fire constantly. Don't have any of them yet. So can't help you there sorry.
  7. Thyaliad

    LOL Divs

    When CV anchoring goes wrong ... Nicely done! Looks like you spanked them hard.
  8. Thyaliad

    Wait, Hang on a minute...

    They could be account farmers or sellers. As in a person or group of people grinding an account with the intention of selling it later. I personally knew a few who did this in World of Warcraft to make some money on the side. I also heard that some bots are sophisticated enough to talk if they think that people are suspecting them. Like if they detect someone mentioning their name or ship together with the word bot, they will reply with stfu noob or something similar. There is also the possibility that the numbered accounts are the sock puppet accounts of famous WoWs players or streamers, but I doubt this is the case. I know for games like Starcraft a lot of pro-gamers use "barcode" accounts online to hide their identities so rival pros wouldn't know who they are going up against and learn their tactics. But I don't see why people would be doing this for WoWs. WoWs is nowhere near as competitive. But WG doesn't. WG could easily make a flag system where if your account has a numbered name and/or a ridiculous number or games it gets flagged to WG for further investigation. But they don't because WG just doesn't care. And I suspect they don't care because the botters also spend a bit of money on some Premium time or ships. As long as a bit of money is spent, WG will turn a blind eye because why go after a paying customer.
  9. So darn obvious that these are bots yet WG does nothing.
  10. Thyaliad

    why do you play

    Wow that's dedication alright. I only have 2 of her.
  11. Thyaliad

    1v1 me

    Lol! How the eff did that happen? Did MM have a brainfart or something? Or was absolutely nobody playing Tier 10 CVs? Congrats on the win though. That must have been intense.
  12. Thyaliad

    [TIPS] 5 stars in Sunray in the Darkness PvE

    Do the BBs still get the Invulnerability skill? I remember last time a common tactic would be for BBs to equip the ramming flag and ram the Rasputin and Gorgon with the Invulnerability skill activated. Very effective way of taking out those targets. And yes Secondary builds are the way to go for BBs. Remember that the healing skill for BBs increases its effectiveness the more friendlies are in the radius. This includes the Transylvania and its escorts. So get in the thick of it and let the shells fly.
  13. Thyaliad

    I'm not complaining...

    I have said this before and will say this again: WoWs has a really unhealthy fixation on doing damage. If you aren't doing damage, then game is not going to reward you. Nevermind that other actions like spotting, laying smoke, detecting torps, tanking or delaying caps can be just as important for winning as damage and kills. It doesn't matter if your torps caused the enemy to turn and expose their broadsides, it doesn't matter if your very presence as a DD discourages the entire enemy team from pushing, if none of your torps hit, you aren't getting paid. Just the other day, I got over 3 million potential damage just by tanking and trying to delay an enemy push in my FDG despite being outnumbered by the enemy like 7v4. And because I was the sole BB on that flank I had to dodge torps, dodge shells, manage my DCP and Repair Party and perform a fighting retreat while waiting for the other flank to get off their lazy behinds to push (I actually had to ping them and point out that they vastly outnumbered the enemy they even tried to cap, some players really have 0 map awareness ). But because I only did about 45k damage (lol German accuracy), I ended up in the bottom quarter of the team scoreboard. Even though my tanking and my kiting ended up drawing a large portion of the enemy into a wild goose chase and gave time for the other flank to get back into the fight and win the game. Since doing damage and getting kills pays so well but other actions aren't, is it any wonder that most WoWs players like to selfishly farm?
  14. Thanks! Didn't notice that until you pointed it out. I post too much lol.
  15. Thyaliad

    So 6 CV games are a thing now?

    Bear in mind that WG envisions every game to be a CV game with at least one CV per side. Not 0 CVs per side and certainly not 3 CVs per side. So WG needs to look at why so many people are playing the low tier CVs but not the high tier CVs as much.