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  1. Thyaliad

    Cruiser line recommendations

    Yep. Now is the time to grind the Russian cruiser line.
  2. Thyaliad

    A different DD build for Z-39

    Interesting build. I think it will be useful when playing in divisions or in competitive modes where you have allies who can leverage your screening and know how to play defensive, or in games where there are several DDs and you aren't needed to cap. Because with 6.8km concealment you are not going to be doing any capping. Torpedo spotting is fine and all but as a support DD you will still need a proper DD to do the usual DD job of contesting caps. And considering how low the DD population has been lately, chances are you will be the only DD on your flank. And I don't trust players in Random to know how to fight a retreating battle (and for the players on the other flank to know when to push).
  3. Thyaliad

    Ship Consumables Modification 1 on BBs

    I haven't gotten the Conqueror's UU yet, am considering swapping out Concealment for this but I do like abusing the Conqueror's relatively low concealment. Yeah I have swapped out Concealment for this upgrade on my GK, since my GK is Secondary-specced and is seen from the moon anyway. Will see how things go.
  4. All the discussion about the Torpedo Lookout System upgrade vs Concealment on BBs has led me to look at what other alternatives there are for BBs in that slot, and I noticed this new upgrade. Ship Consumables Modification 1: Increase the action time of all ship consumables by 10% So that got me thinking, does this affect Repair Party? And the answer is yes it does. Republique without and with Ship Consmuables Modification 1 So the question is, is it worth taking this upgrade in BBs for the extra healing? Healing amount varies from ship to ship, but in all the T10 BBs that I have this upgrade increases the Repair Party time by 2s. That ranges from ~1,100 extra HP per Repair Party charge (Republique) to ~1,500 HP (Montana) to almost a whopping 4,000 HP for the Conqueror (all with healing flags). Conqueror without and with Ship Consumables Modification 1 Factor in Premium Repair Party and Superintendent for extra charges, if you use all healing charges in a battle, you can get up to an extra 5,500k HP for the Republique or 16,000 HP for the Conqueror. Now I know in reality those numbers may not be as high because some portion of shell penetrations and torpedo hits are irreparable, but against fire and flooding damage that is 100% repairable, that extra healing may go a long way. So what do you all think? Is it worth it to drop the Concealment upgrade or TLS in BBs for some extra healing?
  5. But AA is a very big aspect of anti-CV play. Knowing how to share AA to make yourself a less inviting target is all part and parcel of playing against CVs, because CVs will not strike a target with strong AA if they can avoid it. The problem is many ships at the low tiers don't even have AA and the ones that do are mediocre. CVs can virtually strike anywhere they wish because the main deterrent to CV strikes - AA - is not present. It is why people like to sealclub in their T4 CVs rather than the play the higher tier ones. Because it is stress free. T4 CVs don't have to deal with walls of flak or monster AA. They don't have to deal with patrol fighters even.
  6. Thyaliad

    We are growing...

    Maybe the recent return of the ARP collab got more people playing?
  7. Thyaliad

    Things fall apart on weekends it seems

    That is because the average WoWs player is absolutely horrid. These are the players that won't push a cap despite outnumbering the enemy 7v4. I mean if you are unable to take a cap despite having an advantage, perhaps you should juts uninstall the game and reconsider your choice in hobbies. And don't get me started on the Yamato players. Seriously they are just as useless in WoWs as the ship was in real life.
  8. That sounds like a fun Halloween event tbh. If NPC ships are added, this can be easily modified into one of the beach landing or shore shelling operations in the Pacific theatre. Maybe it can be a tug-of war/Moba style map where you have to support the ground divisions as they attempt to take a large island. The ground troops will be shelled consistently by the enemy, and you will need to help the troops out by destroying the enemy bunkers/tank platoons/infantry divisions, artillery, etc. Meanwhile the enemy will try to attack the players and the landing ships with PT boats, DDs and other larger vessels, in addition to aircraft and shore-based artillery. If the troops take too many casualties, all players die or the landing ships are destroyed, the landing will be cancelled and the mission will end in a loss. Players can win if the troops push up and capture the enemy HQ at the rear of the island. Alternatively, players can try to assault the enemy HQ themselves by getting past the enemy naval fleet and the shore-based defences.
  9. Most likely bots or farming accounts set up for sale later. Either that or they are Internet cafe accounts. Regardless, most of them play like absolute dogs**t anyway. Just had a game where one of them was playing an Asashio ... he never went near a cap. Just tried to ineffectively torp BBs from long range at the back line. No surprise we lost that game and he ended up at the bottom of the scoreboard despite being top tier. Player had 45% winrate ... geez.
  10. Early Access for ship lines was implemented in WoWs for a very simple reason - to spread the players out over different tiers instead of having everyone start at the same tier and overloading the MM. I remember back when the German BB line was released you would have games with 9-10 Nassaus on each team ... even the Puka Puka fleet manga (does anybody remember that?) lampshaded this in one of the comics.
  11. I ... don't think you will want to know the code for freckles. She will just lead you down the road to lewdness and depravity. But if you really, really want to know:
  12. Thyaliad

    Free Flag ?

    Well polish my torpedo.
  13. I have been saying this since like forever. A new ship line every quarter is way too much and is unsustainable in the long run. Very quickly WGs going to run out of ship lines and delve more and more into paper, while the players just get burnt out. Well that is pure unbridled capitalism for ya. The objective is to make as much profit as possible, and by any means necessary.
  14. Thyaliad

    Moskva and Kirov, research them while you can!

    Yeah Premiums can get directly buffed sometimes, but WG won't do so without careful consideration because while Premiums can be directly buffed, they cannot be directly nerfed. So if any buffs to Premiums are slow to come and few in number, it is because of the no nerfing Premiums policy.
  15. Thyaliad

    We are growing...

    Nah just you I think. I personally don't really care much about him as I never watch the streams. Precisely. Players are hating on him because he is the public face of WoWs. The problems in WoWs are much, much bigger than what one man alone can cause. And I am pretty sure he is not the once calling the shots in WG; but rather his superiors. Anybody who works in a large organisation will know that almost all company decisions are made by groups of people at very high levels.