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  1. Thyaliad

    First impressions: Convoy

    This is probably it. You dealt almost 3 T8 ships worth of hp. That's a lot of xp.
  2. Thyaliad

    First impressions: Convoy

    Is that the Raider achievement? I am guessing that shooting the transports has something to do with it. If the transports are considered T8 ships then killing 2 transports will net you a lot of xp, especially if you killed them from full hp.
  3. Thyaliad

    Anyone won defending the convoy?

    Just pointing out that my experience is the direct opposite of the OP's. Played about 15 games today and I don't think I have ever lost as the defender. Maybe I got lucky with my teams. But yes this mode is a lot of fun. Absolutely destroys the boring camping meta that is prevalent on the Asia server.
  4. Thyaliad

    People you've encountered in-game

    Saw @Onlinegamer in Convoy mode just now. What's an Alabama VL?
  5. Thyaliad

    Anyone won defending the convoy?

    I find it to be the opposite. Defending is stupidly easy and it is the attackers that have it hard. Like I have played 10 games so far and only twice did the attacking team actually win. The key to success in this mode is brawling. Engagements at close or knife fight ranges. Therefore playing playing your BB as a sniper is playing to lose. Secondary BB builds shine here - use ships like Tirpitz, Bismarck, Massachusetts. Use radar cruisers to counter DD smoke shenanigans, otherwise use Hydro and help your BBs push. And no matter what team you are on, never camp as a cruiser. Move with your BBs or convoy. For DDs gunboats are great. But for both teams, you must yolo and push together.
  6. Thyaliad

    Let us share all we've got about Kantai Collection!

    I guess I just don't have good enough equipment then. Using light STF felt like I was smashing my face against a wall... In any case I completed E-3 two days ago so I am done with this event. Just going to use the remaining time to farm for No. 30 and hopefully pick up Jervis as well. Speaks a lot about this event when I felt nothing after completing it. No sense of satisfaction or accomplishment. Just an "oh am I done?"
  7. The ship is already available via the Dockyard. But yes its airstrikes are pretty powerful, especially against immobile BBs.
  8. Thyaliad

    Cheshire T8 British CA

    She was released around the same time as the RN CAs I believe.
  9. Thyaliad

    Fair winds, friends.

    All the best Sail!
  10. Thyaliad

    FXP for Tech Tree or Premium ship?

    Just grind it out as much as possible. If it looks like you will not finish in time to get the super container, then finish with free xp. In general It is far more efficient to grind a ship using ship xp than to skip with free xp. Only use free xp to skip stock modules or if you absolutely hate playing that ship.
  11. Chkalov planes are more or less immune to patrol fighters due to how they work. So the only way you are shooting down Chkalov planes is with AA.
  12. Thyaliad

    6yrs Anniversary Perm Camos, your choices?

    All except Akatsuki, because I already got a Perma camo for her sometime ago.
  13. Thyaliad

    Personal thoughts on Pan-Asian Cruisers (Rant Warning)

    It is to prolong player interest in the game by spacing out highly anticipated lines with less anticipated ones. If all the popular lines came out first, then there will be nothing to look forward to later in the game's life.
  14. Thyaliad

    Let us share all we've got about Kantai Collection!

    What fleet composition did you use? Light STF, heavy STF or pay-to-win Fast+ CTF? Fast+ CTF is out of the question for me, and with light STF there was no way I was going to beat sink the boss, without pulling off a boss snipe with historicals TCI on a Green T. Which aren't good chances at all.
  15. Thyaliad

    Australian Navy inspired by Wargaming

    Sorry but this is a bad argument. Just because people aren't "falling dead", doesn't mean there are no bad effects. Bad air has been proven to have health and respiratory risks. In countries like China, air pollution in smog-filled cities is indeed a big risk factor, and their government recognises this. Plus coal does have a direct impact on health - an example of the top of my head is black lung disease. And yes poverty and socio-economic status does effect human mortality. But guess who suffers the most from the negative effects of air pollution? That's right, the poor. When a poor person gets lung disease from air pollution, they aren't going to be able to afford treatment. In addition, they are more likely to be exposed to the bad effects of coal in the first place, whether by using it for cooking or heating or to fire up their coal-powered generator because they are living in a bad area with poor power grid. So unless we somehow solve world poverty (which is not happening anytime soon unfortunately), people are and will continue to deal with the health risks of bad air, so we cannot just dismiss it. Cleaner air leads to better health. This is a fact, and I will be very highly suspicious of anybody who tries to downplay this. Likewise, don't swallow everything you hear from conservative news or Youtube channels. And when it comes to independent reading, be sure to look up actual scientific and peer-reviewed studies. Yup precisely. If you have the capability to produce uranium for submarine reactors, it is possible to progress into developing weapons. Same reason why everyone is up in arms about Iran's nuclear programme, even though they insist it is for peaceful use. Just because a country says something, doesn't mean everybody else is going to believe them.