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  1. The title basically say's it all I'm just asking to be sure, if I earned the Bismarck through the 'Hunt For The Bismarck' campaign which happened quite a few months ago, would I be able to buy her again if I sold her? The reason I want to sell her is because I'm strapped for credits and I don't have the patience or money to get more using common methods... And I really want the North Carolina simply because she's a beautiful ship.... And I definitely do not want to sell my Yamato.
  2. But it's happened to me, I can never citadel a Kurfurst in a Yamato, however sailing another Kurfurst I can get anywhere up to 3 citadels on them.
  3. Oh it does too my derpness for not noticing, strange I would've thought that by viewing the ship directly the camera would be at the same distance as if you were sailing the ship yourself.
  4. derpitz, you mean a Tirpitz? Well if I'm not mistaken that's a German battleship, I am not out right saying that they can't citadel them, it's just very rare and in my case a few others in our clan we can never citadel German battleships.
  5. Actually that's incorrect when I was watching him playing the Bismarck the two ships were actually engaged in a pursuit with eachother so the Colorado was actually chasing after the Bismarck when his secondaries started opening up at 10.9 kms.
  6. I have to disagree with you here my 460mm guns tend to bounce and shatter a lot off German bows, the so called fat freddy is one example and the kurfurst is the other, as well as that I can not over match Bismarcks bow directly the only time I do a lot of damage to the bow is if my shells go through the deck, as well as that I have come to notice that when facing German battleships the only thing that can score citadel hits on them is other German battleships.
  7. So basically just a little glitch? I mean I was viewing the ship in spectator mode exactly so the camera should be lined up with the view point of the ship, and when I asked my friend if he was shooting at the target from 10.9 he agreed that it was rather strange because he was seeing it too, and he was in command of the ship.
  8. No I haven't forgotten and as you can see it is still 10.6 kms
  9. So we all know War Gaming likes to throw their historical accuracy out the window at times, but I would not have realized this if I didn't see it for myself, I am a Yamato captain fully built for secondary action, the max range that I can get my secondaries up to is 10.6 kms, I was in a training match with another player who captains a Bismarck also secondary built, however being the aggressive person that I am I rushed in softened the enemy team and died fairly quickly and as expected my secondary guns started opening up at 10.6 kms, now I realize that Bismarck has better secondaries than the Yamato in some aspects, but what I didn't expect is that my friend in the Bismarck had his secondaries going off at a target 10.9 - 11.1 kms away, and his ship is tier 8, now if this is actually a part of the game I believe that because Yamato's 155mm secondary guns were literally taken off a Mogami class cruiser they should have the same range as when they were on the cruiser 14.2 kms, because balance wise I do not think for a second why Bismarck should have better secondary capabilities than a ship that is 2 tiers higher than it, Großer Kurfürst I can understand but oh wait it has 10.6 km secondaries just like me, not this far fetched ridiculousness of 11 km secondaries on the Bismarck, so I ask why Bismarck should be the all round seasoned fighter with impenetrable armor better secondaries than tier 10 battleships a relatively high speed and faster rate of fire with main guns that hit harder than 460mm guns, they are taking a ship that was powerful in some but not all ways and giving it extraordinary combat capabilities that don't seem to match what the real Bismarck was capable of if it was implemented into a game, War Gaming if you even have the slightest bit of attention to listen to what we are saying you should tend to this issue.
  10. Woohoo! World of Warships is coming to my country! I hope I can go Aotearoa The Land of The Long White Cloud, I need to start saving so I can travel from Rotorua :O
  11. First off I am probably making myself look like a fool but I don't think this is fair, I was put in a match 8 times with pretty much all tier 9 ships and tier 8 ships, my equal opponent being the tier 7 Nagato with 410mm guns, granted I can bounce these shells under the right circumstances but when you're being focused down by two F. Der. Große ships, a Nagato, a Chapayev and a Shiratsuyu things become very difficult, and with Scharnhorst having its unique 283mm guns and with its relatively big size, it draws the short stick by a ton, I think with those kind of guns Scharnhorst would be better suited at tier 6 because it doesn't matter if it's a battle cruiser or Gneisenau's sister ship it still struggles in heavy situations, now before there was a post in the news regarding battle tiers saying something along the lines of certain tier ships seeing lower tier ships rather than their extremely better in all aspects higher tier ships, but I find that to be a lie for 8 games in a row now I've seen nothing but tier 8 and 9 ships and on occasion a few tier 7's, and because RNGesus hates me I always get focused down first and die with about 11-23k damage done because the Scharnhorst can't damage anything really, its AP shells can't pen even a cruiser unless its totally flat on a broadside, and its HE shells are useless to set fires with, its heavy inaccuracy at anything more than 14 kms doesn't help either, I mean I'm not trying to say I snipe with it, no I try to brawl with it because that's what I've been told to do and what its made for, but I can't even get into brawling range without blowing up first from HE spammers or a torpedo that just grazes me but manages to blow up my magazine anyway. Oh well that's my rant over, goodluck seal clubbers.
  12. potato18

    Co-Op bots ram too much

    Hey guys I'm just reporting this because I just had a battle with all bots on Co-Op and this is happening to me fairly often, you see the bots on the allied team ram the enemy way too much, in 1 battle of 6v6 out of 6 bots on my team 4 of them rammed the enemy and lost and the other two were killed by gun fire or torps leaving me to the last resort you know the "our team depends upon you". I hate hearing that especially when facing a battleship, 3 Cleveland class cruisers and 1 destroyer, can we please change the way bots fight to a more aggressive way instead of just ramming? Please all I want to do is film a video with commentary about different ships but I can't do that because I don't like showing defeat about 18 times a day and only 2 wins.
  13. Hey guys I'm looking for a fleet in the NZ/AUS/US timezone to play world of warships with on the Asia server, I would ask that they use TS3 or Discord but preferably TS3 though, so we can talk through the mic and have strategic play styles for more wins and more XP per battle.
  14. potato18

    Problem with Fraps AGAIN!

    Bad news fellas my 4 year old cousin came around the other day and I forgot to lock my room and he totally screwed up my gaming PC so now I'm back to a wooden PC for a few weeks.
  15. potato18

    Problem with Fraps AGAIN!

    I disagree Fraps has been working perfectly for me ever since I started YouTube about a month ago. Please I just need someone to help me fix this problem because I have already tried reinstalling the game and Fraps itself but nothing seems to work.