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  1. InterconKW


    So uh... congratulations. You changed ship to a German BB. As it turns out, Bismarck and FDG are not relatively thinly armored Soviet cruisers with a raised citadel, high vulnerability to focus fire and HE and thus the gameplay options have changed. Are you unable to tell the difference between your own ships? Before assessing your strategy (since deciphering your English takes some time, even as someone who does Chinese to English transcribing for his company), can I ask you why you have 4 fires in FDG with 28 shell hits? Are you seriously firing exclusively HE in a T9 BB armed with 16" guns, despite the Germans having relatively poor HE compared to other nations with low alpha? Bizarre. I could educate you on the basics of how to play better, but you seem to be very vindicated in the idea that you are a competent player instead of noticing your obvious mistakes and improving. Do you know what the single constant in every one of your battles is when the 23 other players change every game? YOU. And I can assure you your winrate will follow wherever you go if you keep on thinking this way. Feel free to tell me if you change your mind and decide you want to learn to play the game.
  2. If you are suffering a string of steamroll defeats on the Asia server, there is actually a very logical explanation for it. In the current state of the game, few players are what I would consider "good" - By this I mean few players have the combination of game sense and mechanical skill to markedly influence the game. This is why one sided defeats are so common now. Let me give an example. You have a capture point. Let's call it A. Team 1 sends a DD, 2 cruisers and a BB to A. Team 2 sends the same. All these 8 players are "mediocre." Team 2's destroyer however makes a mistake. That DD player fails to make a good approach to the cap, gets torpedoed or locked by radar without planning an escape. Team 2's DD dies. This puts Team 2 at a disadvantage in spotting. The other 3 players on Team 2 have mediocre game sense and are not sure how to set up a defensive counterplay. Therefore, they continue playing at a deficit. Let's say one of Team 2's cruisers makes a panic """counterplay""" by rushing A and also dying. The second cruiser and BB then get overwhelmed as they are outgunned. Due to the advantage in numbers WoWs gives, even though both teams had the same balance of players, Team 2 loses an entire flank while Team 1 can well suffer minimal losses. The same situation can unfold if this time, one of Team 1's cruisers makes a miscalculation and thinks he can push up into or beside A, but instead now gets focus fired by all ships on Team 2. The Team 1 cruiser dies, and now even if both teams play equally, Team 2 will win as they have superior DPM. Imagine, both DDs enter the cap but Team 1's DD gets eaten by twice the DPM. Now Team 1 is 2 ships down and the steamroll continues to build up. I could go into "one of the BBs dies and the opposition thus has much less cruiser freedom" but I'm sure you get the idea. When one flank of mediocre players (and bad and mediocre players are the majority of players in WoWs) faces another flank of bad-and-mediocre players, the sheer lack of game sense means a steamroll the moment one gets a slight advantage as they are simply unable to think up a counterplay reaction that is suitable and it becomes a mass suicide or complete underextension. This isn't a problem of the MM. There are bad players in abundance on both teams and their lack of ability leads to natural steamrolls. In my eyes, the problem lies in the players.
  3. InterconKW


    This image. This image alone. So much is wrong in this image... ...with what @TsunamiShenShi is doing. For goodness sakes, in this battle the original poster is top tier in a mostly even tier game, but chooses to not just be aggressive but to PUSH INTO A as one of his first game choices, leaving him completely exposed to enemy fire should it come from either E1 or D5... in a 25mm plated (now 27mm decked) Donskoi. This over-commitment in theory leaves him with absolutely 0 gameplay options once he has entered that cap, unable to escape without giving full profile to the bulk of the enemy team. Though he thinks that his team can engage the enemies at D5 from many angles, his awful positioning has put him closer to the enemy than the enemy is to the rest of his team, and the enemy has all advantage of island cover against him. For all I care, the only reason why his allies at F1 have died is due to them trying to compensate for HIS OWN position, or the enemies have only managed to push through A because Tsunami has died and thus his team is now at a firepower deficient at that flank. Not only that. The team is limited to 1 DD (a Fletcher) and as CVs are in play, a good Fletcher player cannot just rush the caps for fear of being struck or having information on his position compromised to the enemy. Yet Tsumani still EXPECTS sustained scouting of B to make his horrible early game positioning and blames his team if they cannot provide it? Tsunami could have passively waited with his team on the H and G line, kited or suppressed the enemy BB push for good damage and EXP (something Donskoi is excellent at) or waited for an opportunity for the Fletcher to enter A (given the Fletcher is obviously waiting in that position), but no. He chooses to enter A. His top tier cruiser dies in a suicially aggressive and underassessed position. A ship that could have potentially dealt 100k damage for the team to win is now gone. Only a replay will be able to fully provide an assessment of how terribly Tsunami actually played in this match, so the above is just theory based on thousands of games of experience. But if I were on either team in this battle and had seen this player rushing into A in that Donskoi, I would have reported him.
  4. InterconKW


    To YOLO in a game is to put yourself in a position where you are overly aggressive and thus increasing your chance of death or destruction early. It should be evident that this is what you are doing given you yourself point out that you die often. It should also be obvious that while CS and WoWs are single life per round shooters, the combat environment is very different. In World of Warships you are much slower and cannot freely travel anywhere in the map at any point during the game. You are also more likely to be fired on by multiple enemies as people tend to travel in fleets and the amount of cover the map creates is very different. Therefore, your position is too aggressive and you have "YOLO'ed". Essentially, you are cutting metal with a woodsaw. Both are cutting. One is not going to work and be a detriment to everyone in the workshop. But instead you have chosen to blame your colleagues.
  5. InterconKW


    So when your teammates die in 2 minutes, you call them bad, but you do the same? Your decision to push when no allied DD is able to be on your part of the map makes even less sense. You are in a cruiser without exceptional concealment and this is making yourself vulnerable to enemy fire and you getting trapped without the ability to escape. And now you have died early, your team has less possible damage output and you have no positive impact on the rest of the match. In fact your death has not achieved your goal and has put your team at a disadvantage. With all due respect I am unable to find logic in this.
  6. InterconKW


    When someone is throwing their ship into the enemy team every single game with a self-assigned goal that is never achieved because they die early, there is someone they can blame consistently.
  7. InterconKW


    First of all, if you expect your allies to be bad, you have a near 0 chance that they will do everything that you want them to. That is a very selfish belief. You have to play around them. Second of all, basic art of war. Indirect approach, defending is better than attacking. Now you are confirming you put your own ship in a disadvantageous aggressive position because you are going closer to the enemy lines (especially in a target with a big turn circle and moderately large citadel like Donskoi). When you are spotted, you now are making yourself an appealing target instead of being in the same line as the bulk of your team that is passively taking opportunities. Your basic job as any cruiser is to deal damage and survive. You seem to be unable to do this? And by dying because you are in a position where it is impossible for you to contribute, you have not achieved your self assigned goal either? Then you call the others bad? Your statement makes no sense. Sorry. It sounds like you are doing something with a goal in mind, except what you are doing does not achieve the goal and only gets you killed, but you blame others for it.
  8. InterconKW


    What logical reason do you have to be the front line ship? Those teammates "hiding behind rocks" are prolonging the time they can engage enemies and thus doing more than you, while you make yourself the most appealing target to multiple enemies and die before pulling your weight. From this statement I have a feeling you know nothing about the game environment. Sorry.
  9. InterconKW


    You are uploading high tier games where you are ~400 BXP (abysmal in high tier and towards the bottom of the team). Have you read the post I made earlier? You should try to maximise your contribution before complaining about your allies because to be honest, just from this I feel like you are not doing your part and are thus a net disadvantage to the team. It might not be fair for you to accuse others in this position. I'll leave this to your own assessment, but I've given the facts on how to win more.
  10. InterconKW


    A long time ago I made a post about how Win Rate (WR) didn't matter... Or rather, that short term WR didn't matter. See, things work this way. You may have streaks of good or bad luck but over time that makes the score you get over a few games very random. Yes, recently I got very upset after averaging 98k damage in Tier 8 with 1.5 kills per game but a 30% WR on that day. It can happen to everyone. HOWEVER you will have an impact on your long term winrate (be it over tens or even hundreds of games) based on your skill level by the rules of basic probability. You are correct to say there are a lot of very bad players in World of Warships. For example, there are people who cannot even achieve 40k or so average in Tier 9 cruisers despite that not even being their own HP pool. It is fair to say such players are the majority and it is thus totally possible to get a bad team. However, by probability, the number of bad players on your team over time will be equal to the number that are on the enemy. So this is where you can make a difference and start winning more. When you play a match, you make a contribution to the team. If your contribution was above the average, over a large number of games you will start to do a part to skew close games into a win. Think of it this way. In a large number of games, 40% of games the team is so bad you have no chance of winning unassisted. The other 40% the enemy is so bad your team will surely win. The remaining 20% are battles that can go either way. When you are scoring above the average, these are the games you can hope to make a difference in. Conversely, if your stats are terrible (for example, you are doing 10-20k damage less than the average expectations, sites like https://asia.wows-numbers.com/ exist to show players what the average score in each ship is), in those 20% of games you are a net disadvantage to your team and thus you will increase the chance that such games will become losses, and thus have no right to complain. There is no way to change the fact that most people playing WoWs are bad. What we can do is try to play as well as possible.
  11. InterconKW

    Look at Arashi not Yashima

    Beyond the "totally" historical German gun modifications on this ship... Spotted by someone in a History group I am in. US Navy FCS director (Mk. 37) Nice going.
  12. InterconKW

    DD is the hardest ship to play in current meta

    I recently played a fair amount of Solo Fletcher to do the directives for destroyers (I believe it was either EXP or BXP). Keep in mind my Fletcher is nothing special. I believe her winrate sits in the 60% range but average damage is sub 40k. I am also far, FAR from a destroyer main. I found playing DDs is rather uh... easy as compared to pre-CV rework. This might come across as shocking, but having played a bit of rework CV, I watched the enemy aircraft on the minimap and sailed to locations with my team where I would generally not be expected instead of immediately capping. Turning off my AA also helped when it came to not being seen (Your AA fires far outside your ~2.something depending on DD air spotting range and can compromise your stealth). The rest was just played as usual, taking caps when I saw openings and planning escapes if necessary. What I found was that often, my enemy counterpart DD would get himself killed in a silly way before I even needed to contest them, trying to rush a cap alone with poor situational awareness and often with their AA on, letting them get crippled by the opposing cruisers or carrier. I should add many DDs nowadays seem to forget to run Survivability Expert, despite it being a fundamental skill. And then the objectives would be free for me to take whenever the opportunity opened. Once again, I'm not a unicum, I'm just giving my perspective on things.
  13. InterconKW


    Feel free to correct me on this but this ship is actually nothing special. The 510mm shells do not pass any meaningful plating threshold that Yamato doesn't (overmatch is 35mm?) and have worse DPM (6 vs 9 guns as well as 5s longer base reload). They're just... big guns and the shells are rather slow too. If you know your angling, in their current state there will be no difference. Perhaps with improved dispersion (See Thunderer and Georgia) bad players may be punished more often by their big alpha. But that's about it.
  14. InterconKW

    Smallest Kraken

    I am not proud, but I am also not apologizing.