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  1. Unique and weird ship designs

    I honestly feel inclined to share a few of the ones I know. Admittedly not all of these date to WW2. Italian Monitor Alfredo Cappellini This is... two 15" guns on a small barge that makes an incredible 3.2 knots. French Predreadnought Carnot (And actually, French Predreads in general) Yes, they are as mad as they look. And no list is complete without the French Submarine Surcouf And her famed 8" gun turret and rotating centerline torpedo tubes. Just remember... Every warship was designed for a purpose or role their respective navies saw as necessary or as the best they could manage at the time. It doesn't make them less fun to look at though.
  2. See? Obviously rigged. 3 on one team including both top scorers at the cap, all from >50% HP, and none on enemy. Wake up sheeple. (/sarcasm)
  3. An Argument for CV Removal

    Update My general conclusion is that many people are unhappy with the current state of CVs, but it has also been brought to my attention that it's best to speak from personal experience, so I definitely want to consider how many here have substantial CV experience before jumping to conclusions. Anyway, with respect for this in mind, I picked up carriers again. Keep in mind I played Hosho before alt-attack removal and while I haven't hit the alt-attack tiers again yet my performance has not been bad at all. I have observed a lot of issues with low tier CVs, including a very sticky UI (Sometimes not responding to rapidly sent commands very well and on one occasion it stopped responding to the waypoints for the ship itself set on the minimap, resulting in me having to use WASD) Additionally, I've found the prevalence of the 4 point AS skill to be quite unconducive, worsened by the removal of alt attacks. There are definitely counterplays but it doesn't make it a good thing. MM putting you with T6 carriers where only one knows how to lay an alt attack feels pretty painful too. Last of all, I can't help but feel like CVs are in an odd spot where they still have massive carrying potential despite their nerfing, and my average kills and damage feel a bit high even at low tiers. This is definitely fueled by a near total lack of effective AA on low tier ships. Once again, this is my opinion and I'm open to disagreement. In conclusion, CVs are not as bad to play as I previously made them, but are in quite a bit of a mess, at least from T4-5. Will have to see about T6 and up.
  4. Heavy Cruisers?

    Unrelated to the OP, but you clearly haven't heard of USS Wichita. You'll stop liking the others as much now (Also look at Hipper's tonnages and reliability issues, that thing is pretty terrible.)
  5. Fuso

    Arise, dead thread. It is your time. InterconKW's Fuso in North Cape/ New Year's Raid 2017-2018 In the first Christmas Convoys and Graf Spee mission, most of my grind weight was pulled by my Fuso, a ship I'd already had a good time getting to elite status. The trend continued through the Bismarck event, and many others. This year, as the Battle of North Cape and New Year's Raid missions came along, I found myself back in my favorite vessel, and having just as much fun as I've always had, with both missions completed in games with Fuso. #brag (solo stats) - Not including the other 41 games played in division during this mission. In addition, I had an absolutely wonderful game which set my all time base EXP record so far- A great way to pass 300 total Fuso games. Makes me realize how far I've come in this game, and with this ship, from playing old A hull with 33% WR to where I am now. I still love you, Fuso.
  6. An Argument for CV Removal

    Ha, clickbaity title. Sort of. It's come to my attention through a recent thread that opinions on certain aspects of carriers are... conflicting. So I'm going to give my two cents- MY OPINIONS- in a dedicated rant thread with reasoning about why carriers are the most horrible thing that has ever happened to this game. You have been warned, feel free to attack me. First of all, I'm going to clear up the misconceptions people might have about me. First of all, I'm not having problems fighting carriers. I sometimes wipe their squads with DFAA, sometimes they kill me... that's not the real issue. Second of all, I don't hate many people who play carriers at all. I in fact highly respect good carrier players and keep many of the ones I've met on my ingame contact list, including ones that mowed down my team... because let's be honest, carriers are not easy to play and expert micromanagement is an admirable skill. It is due to my active interaction with these players that I can lay down my points, despite not being one who would be considered a "carrier player." OPEN RANT- A BACKSTORY ON WHY I HATE CARRIERS WITH A PASSION. A while ago I posted a thread detailing the... nasty experiences I had suffered under carriers during the marathon for the Gangut battleship. The grand total games I played with CVs in the matchmaking was 65 during the last portion of October 2017. In these 65 games, 3 times I had a carrier sail into the enemy team, and I saw 24 allied carriers sniped by the enemy. A further 8 were AFK, or actually didn't do anything (see- sub 200 base exp) and often, the enemy CV dominated. I kept count on the WoWs Reddit Discord because it was just too horrible to be true. Any user who happens to be there may feel inclined to confirm my progress keeping. For a while, I thought I could let the matter slide and that my stroke of bad CV luck would come to an end. I left it in my resolutions for 2018 to not rant about carriers. One party wasn't happy about this... and it was the carriers themselves. The New Year event has hit, and complaints about "events bringing out bad or tryhard players" go flying. And so it begins. Here are two photographs from the last 2 days alone. \ The first photo shows... a Taiho. I can throw an incredibly long and vulgar insult about the level of intelligence this player is exhibiting, but the moderators would not like that. The second photo still physically pains me. The allied Independence not only got deplaned, but in the last 20 seconds turned into an enemy destroyer, got killed, and flipped the points after a backbreaking carry by my division (note the base exp)- DEFEAT. What is this. WHY AM I PUTTING UP WITH THIS DAY AFTER DAY. TODAY ALONE IN 4 GAMES WITH CARRIERS 2 GOT DEPLANED AND 2 SAILED INTO THE ENEMY, INCLUDING THAT TAIHO. WHAT ARE THE REASONS. To me, the cause of this is how absolutely horribly the CV class has been designed. There's a difference between a badly balanced ship, and a badly designed one. The CV class is TERRIBLY designed IMO has brought about a plethora of issues, including and not limited to... 1- Intra-class Imbalance The interaction between carriers and other carriers is flawed. Note tier 7, with Sai-pain's infinite unpenalized strafing works, Kaga's one-shot kill drops, keeping in mind the state of the silver CVs. How about tier 8? The fiasco that was Graf Cr... I mean Zeppelin, a carrier so out of wack it had to go through the process of removal and community testing? 2- Inter-class Imbalance Carriers are not "clear cut" more powerful than all surface ships, but they are in most cases and tiers the highest influence class. They can do unavoidable drops on many surface ships (see USN CVs, high tier especially) and can spot destroyers and heavily influence the capture points and the game. This on its own is not outright bad... but consider... 3- Carrier Skill Gaps Since CVs are a high skill class, the population of players who plays them well is... relatively small, which is why I respect such players. However, WoWs is free-to-play and that inevitably brings about the people who are less than skilled. Measures have been taken to penalize poor play in carriers, but this hasn't stopped many individuals from failing their way up the trees. I won't pull any names. Bad carriers, especially ones with poor attitudes along with poor skill, can be... notoriously well known. This means that a portion of the CV population will continuously roll over the other without much effort. This skill gap is, IMO, further aggravated by recent changes to low tier CVs (bring out your “it stops sealclubbing” argument now, then remember the 4 point AS skill exists) that gives any new CV player a rough ride into the tiers that alt-drop, with visible effect on especially tier 6 carriers. Okay, so you say "skill gaps exist in all classes?" I say "it's worst in carriers". Remember how CVs have a small but highly skilled group on top? This causes a metaphorical "top heaviness" in CV vs CV interaction. Furthermore, CVs are high influence and one CV being steamrolled or doing something unspeakably stupid spells doom for their own team moreso than any other class doing the same. Thus, this skill gap is more influential in carriers than in any other class, and also has more negative effects for the teams when carriers are involved. It's also pretty rough on a new player picking up carriers. The gap only widens. 4- Badly-designed Mechanics Involving Carriers The following complaints have reached me from even good carrier players. AA mechanics are iffy, RNG filled and a select number of ships turn the skies into the Bermuda Triangle. Then we have AA powercreep? (look at that Kidd). The carrier UI and how it handles lag/latency is another talking point. Such issues make playing carriers unpleasant. On the other hand, CVs are bad-mechanic riddled. A good example would be the APDBs. Anti-battleship you say? Watch a full HP Des Moines get left clicked to oblivion. Today a LEXINGTON APDB took 22k off my Zao. WORKING AS INTENDED. I won't even talk about the juggling of carrier loadouts, including recent USN changes. 222 Midway totally hasn't pushed Hakuryu into the sub 50% WR zone. This list is once again not exhaustive, but put the factors here alone together. Here's a possible vicious cycle. Carriers in their current state > Skill gap widens > Steamrolls with CVs occur > More hate for carriers "throwing games" > More AA builds and ships > CV changes > Updates > Flawed Mechanics > etc. etc. I have more CV issues to bring up, but it's getting tiring on me. GET TO THE POINT. I HATE CARRIERS. CVs are ruining my games. Causing me defeats. Causing negative experiences. I'm not alone. I'm sure issues like this are giving the CV players pain, especially those who are well-educated on their own class. Community opinion of carriers is poor. You see phenomena like "CV blame" or "CV hate" and this community opinion is totally justified. In fact I'm willing to say the majority of players usually consider the presence of a carrier an element that makes a round worse than a round without a carrier. I've seen CVs tell me about how "everything runs AA builds" and honestly, this is because people want to mitigate this flawed high influence element of carriers. In turn, this gives CV players a bad time. Let's throw more stuff into my CV hate soup. How about the aforementioned APDBs with autodrops wiping full HP Tier 10s? Seems enjoyable. Carriers committing suicide and other forms of manipulating the CV's high influence for "griefing"? Groups of players using carriers to sync drop or mess with MM? Oh, let me rant about that last one too. In my first solo T10 game of 2018 a clan had a solo Essex on my team and a Taiho divved with a Des Moines group on the enemy team. Same clan. Seems fishy? Well, the Essex strikes like normal, but proceeds to fly his planes into the enemy side where his clanmates shred them. I call this out to my team. Fortunately, a group of players agrees to help try to stop this possible "clan feeding", and we take out one of the Des Moines and start taking the objective and point lead. This is when the Essex possibly starts trying to "sabotage himself" so the larger div of his clan mates wins the game. First, he lets a flanking, border riding Shimakaze close the distance to him. When I successfully intercept this DD, he refuses to spot it. When the DD dies, things go back to normal again for a while, but then suddenly he charges straight into the enemy flank. I believe he was trying to flip the points by essentially killing himself. He succeeds, but an objective lead and two last minute kills make my side win by 20 points. Mission accomplished? No, I just felt outright sour at the usage of CVs like this. How else can CV divs manipulate MM apart from such syncdropping, assisted by low carrier populations especially at high tier? How about 2 T6 ships divved with a T5 carrier, or two T8 ships divved with a T7 carrier, thus essentially forcing MM to give them a more advantageous tier spread? Are CVs the kingpins of such manipulation? To me, yes. And we return to the vicious cycle- such actions make the community hate CVs more, and CVs suffer more, and so on. Oh, I almost forgot. Premium carriers. An Enterprise on my team 1 day after the release sailing into the center of Tears of the Desert and dying without launching planes? People with no carrier experience given the opportunity to ruin games by buying high tier CVs? The imbalance of premium CVs? All contributing to CV hate, no? And if it isn't obvious, people hate seeing their own CV getting steamrolled too. Yay, my CV is useless and the enemy CV, the highest influence class in the game, is now facerolling my team. Bit of a roundabout point, but I'm summing this all up. CV hate grows due to these factors, among others. And so on. And so on... AND SO ON. And with countless games ruined by the class with the derogatory nicknames of "Sky Cancer" or "Cancer Vessel", this is why I make my stand that I should not have to tolerate the existence of CVs, which is a huge mistake in the face of WoWs even the developers have arguably acknowledged (Clan battle CV exclusion? The post about carriers being unsatisfactory and the developers being unsure about what to do?). As someone so utterly salty about repeat horrible experiences with carriers, my opinion on "what to do" is more radical than most's. Once again, WHY AM I PUTTING UP WITH THIS. CVS ARE A MISTAKE IN A VICIOUS, SELF DEGRADING CYCLE, AND NOONE TRULY CAN AGREE ON WHAT IS TO BE DONE WITH THEM. Honestly, a deep down, less logical part of me wants a carrier removal. I'm being self reaffirmed that carriers are sinking further and further into their mess, and that they are "too far gone" to have their reputations fixed or the class resolved. The alternative to a hardline removal I've talked about would be a bypass. Say... an option to never see a CV in your game until the rework (we know one is needed- CVs are too flawed). Regardless of what ship you play. You get the choice, say "No, I do not like CVs" and never see them again until they are fixed. The latter suggestion brings about the questions "Wouldn't this make playing carriers horrible because the only people who want to see them are AA build, or worse, if the majority of the community hates carriers and says no (something I believe is totally possible), would getting a game as a CV be impossible?" Personally, I don't care anymore. Carriers have done enough to ruin my experience in a game that, while far from perfect, I otherwise enjoy, and I don't want to see their ugly flat-decked faces ruining my games and turning my hard fought victories into defeats through abuse of their high influence anymore. This rant is sponsored by the countless "allied" carriers who may as well have teamkilled me outright (and... the one or two CVs who accidentally did drop me)- Who have ruined my games, who have used their ships to put their teams at disadvantages whether willingly or not, who have made WoWs unpleasant enough for me to warrant posting this. My apologies go out to the few good carrier players out there that give me the only fading reasons to try to talk about carriers in a reasonable manner. I still respect you for being skilled and often nice or understanding to me in chat, but your class is bad for the game. I also know the developers of WoWs probably put more dedication into their game than most of the community probably believes, and that expecting them to get a class as complex as CVs right might not be fair. Everyone makes mistakes. You guys made carriers. I pity you. Rant over.
  7. Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    As a Fusō and advocate of the insane main battery gun count club, I am highly disappointed by the French T10. We could have had a 16 gun meme like Lyon
  8. Unconventional Fuso Gameplay

    I personally didn't know until now.
  9. Fuso

    I reserve the right to maintain another few BB lines in port so long as I maintain my dedication to Fuso. Fuso is irreplaceable ;<(
  10. Fuso

    This is a thread necro again, but I'm back here to say (a public) happy birthday to my Fuso, now my favorite ship in the game (Ironic as I'm not a BB or even IJN main right now) which first was delivered to my port on October 10, 2016, just before I made this thread as I struggled with my old A Hull (The new generations of World of Warships Fusos will never understand!) At this exact point I'm at 2018 battles played (Cos I'm kind of busy), and 208 have been with Fuso. 3 days ago I got a Kraken Unleashed, 2 days ago I set a new Fuso personal damage record, today I won against two clan divisions in T8 matchmaking, scoring 2nd on team with a Dreadnought and two crippling kills on enemy cruisers. (Hope I'm not bragging too hard.) Fuso is still (and probably forever) my number one.
  11. When I was just a little noob, I thought that carriers would be OP So I got a Hosho Found out I sucked That's why I quit CVs. First of all, the title of this post sounds really... REALLY contradictory. Second of all, keep in mind that I'm writing this after 3 consecutive games with an AFK or sub 200 base EXP CV on my team, all were losses, and this is far from the first time this has happened... so if something salty and stupid comes out, you can blame them who I shall not name. I am already out of reports for today. Now... CVs. Are they... overpowered? Not necessarily cough cough Saipan but they are without doubt the highest influence class in the game, in particular at midtier, where most ship AA hasn't picked up yet and CVs have full reign to spread their flies around the map to spot and conduct (if they are decent) probably unavoidable manual drop attacks. Fine. "With great power comes great responsibility." Okay, I admit when I was a garbage straightlining Myogi player I was in every way convinced carriers were overpowered. That is, until I actually got one and got into the world of micromanagement involved in carriers. Clearly to me it felt like a class that could in every way heavily influence games, but the RTS-ish playstyle, iffy UI, required skills and of course responsibility involved just screamed that CVs were not a class for everyone. So this rant addresses that "everyone else" group who play carriers without any sign of having an IQ greater than one figure kappa of the required skills. The people who come into a game in the highest influence ship, run out in the open and become first to die/AFK etc. etc. or play carriers without the knowledge of even the basic strategy. Now believe it or not, I ran into an Enterprise player who happened to have no other CV in port, and I'm noone to "statshame" but this guy went charging to the front lines, quickly turning the Big E into the Flat Scraps... and then proceeded to ask in all-chat... "how launch plane" HAVE ALL MY REPORTS, SIR. The situation has repeated around me both on the enemy team and on my team many times... and the moment you see one CV is visibly bad, you can just imagine players on the other team cheering away. Why does only one team having a CV that can do something matter more than an AFK DD/BB/CA/CL? Well... an AFK or effectively useless ship always sucks, but it sucks more with carriers. It gives the enemy CV free reign of the skies. Strikes and strikes without counter, on average 6-7 in a match?... without being spotted itself. Easy mode as the only direct counter to the enemy CV is your CV who may as well be nonexistent points fodder for the enemy. That could very well put your team not only on the disadvantage by sealing the fates of 2-3 more ships or even greater... a guaranteed loss. Alternatively the team could ball up and become an AA "Your planes is dead" death sphere, a frequent phenomenon in CV games anyway, and that kind of makes the games snoozefests. Since this is a rant I might was well throw in the "games with CVs are more boring because anyone who goes out alone dies and thus deathballing becomes the best choice." Even then, if your useless rotting plank CV might be sniped, putting the enemy ahead on points. There are so many ways for you to single- handedly throw your team into loss as a carrier. Your team depends largely on you, and if you can't play CVs even if your life depended on it... would you fall into that category of Premium CV buyers or grinders with little to no carrier knowledge spamming games at 10% the server average score and an even lower percent of the winrate (and that would be completely because of you throwing games as stated above by the way)? Sounds like a bad choice but a significant enough portion of the CV population is making it. To me, something needs to be done. I don't have a surefire solution at hand, but to me carriers need a rework in implementation. Something to decrease their influence... would that make carriers too unplayable? Reducing the range of planes from the CV to make them more battleline standard such that they could play the positions of a second line surface ship? Something to discourage players from playing CVs if they cannot? Anything to target these perceived flaws in CV implementation as the "game throwing, fun ruining class" would do. Even a "NO CV IN MY GAME" option for queuing. I'm sure the population is big enough. I don't know how much people here would see eye to eye with me, so I'm totally open to discussion. Is there a flaw or unexplained gap in my logic? Tell me. Is there a random-player friendly counter to this? Have a proposed better solution? Tell me, tell me. Anything goes. And if my writing format has a repeated point or beats around the bush too much, tell me. I can correct it :I
  12. R.I.P yuribait, 2015-2017

    #YuroStillLives (Holds back tears.)
  13. Grinding to Tier X

    Excuse the Necropost, but I'm here! 23rd July 2017 (Although the forum post is late.) And was it worth it? ...YES :D My time dedicated to this game isn't much but I definitely enjoyed my grind (mostly) and think it made me a better player overall. I'm considering another long term Tier 10 grind, probably for a BB, which will either be Montana or G. Kurfurst... not so much into Yamato though it isn't out of question. Recommendations accepted. Thus, World of Warships Asia now has another potato in tier 10. Praise be.
  14. BBabies needs to shut their mouths up

    DaDDy sounds weird. I prefer to call bad DD players any variant of DDumb. As for sucky cruisers, I call them CAowards.
  15. BBabies needs to shut their mouths up

    I identify as a Fuso and I find this thread very offensive. OP is clearly a BBphobe. On a serious note as a player with experience in all classes I think this decision isn't necessary. But let's not jump to conclusions just yet.