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  1. Fuso

    21 June 2018 Well, there's nothing particularly good about this game except for the (lol) solo cap, but I did top the team and it does mark a milestone. Interestingly, my 1000th game was my 98th Fuso game, and my 200th Fuso game was my 2000th game. I think I can keep this trend up. Onwards, my noble battleship!
  2. These things on the turrets

    Well since people have already said it's a liferaft... Does anyone remember certain questionably made naval games where liferafts could bounce shells for whatever reason (Historical accuracy citation needed)
  3. Soviet Cruiser T9 Kronshtadt

    Just saying, only Furutaka has exceptionally big guns for her tier when it comes to IJN CAs and it's simply because nothing else at T5 has an 8" gun. By Tier 6/7, 8" guns or larger on cruisers are common. For 8" guns, the Furutaka 20cm/50 actually does not have exceptionally good performance, even for an 8" gun and you're stuck with it all the way. Even Ibuki has the exact same weapon. You will find the American 8"/55 models all have better penetration and penetration angles, for example, and the German 20.3cm/60 SK C/34 you see from T8 and up also has better performance. Only Zaō with the longer 20cm/55 has good gun penetration among IJN cruisers. Moskva and Henri IV both have bigger guns than the IJN cruisers. Even the 21cm guns on tier 7 Yorck are larger calibre (but arguably worse performing). I'd say if you think IJN cruisers are well known for the biggest and most powerful guns, you're misinformed.
  4. Lol Health Moments

    I blapped an enemy Nicholas with my Nachi, and got him down to 4 HP. In his panic he collided with one of his allies. I admit guilt.
  5. EU server stats, in graphics.

    https://wows-numbers.com/player/500976713,TomTomOne/ (No shame)
  6. EU server stats, in graphics.

    The thing is... This guy is actually good. 22000 of his games are solo at 59% WR
  7. Is it easy to hack a game server?

    Well... What tier of RNBB are you fighting? And with what ships? I'm assuming you get burned down a lot.
  8. EU server stats, in graphics.

    TomTomOne should be a legend. I mean unironically, no shame intended. 33900 games, a skilled player too? He probably loves WoWs more than most of us.
  9. Why play CV when you are bad at it?

    ...now no offense to you as a person, but this "mission hunting" playstyle is something I find inherently selfish. I'm doubtful you'll play your part to impact the game positively by just rushing and farming your goal/mission. But let's be honest, this playerbase is selfish, and every time a mission rolls around, you'll see the worst of it. This inherent selfishness... This "I do whatever I want and claim to play for fun" and the "I'm really not skilled at the game but I'm in denial and don't want to learn" attitude is what is underlying the OP's concerns.
  10. Is it easy to hack a game server?

    You can hack every ship you want out of the game in one easy step. Just right click your WoWs folder and select the uninstall option... Alternatively, you could learn to fight RNBBs, but I've come to accept the playerbase seldom learns...
  11. Why play CV when you are bad at it?

    In the current state of things, the playerbase doesn't care that their overall average could be 45% WR and half their weight in damage after thousands of games. They don't care about going out of their way to learn game mechanics like the importance of concealment and spotting, or how to focus priority targets or contest objectives in a non-wasteful manner. In fact, some are outright ignorant or dismissive when called out. Moreso for CVs, which appear overpowered to the new player, but in reality are a problematic, trainwreck class that countless people fail their way through despite the punishment. So unfortunately, people are selfish, thoughless, and don't care about doing the right thing for their allies. "We r casul" They just don't care.
  12. Why did I get reported in this match?

    I can't confirm this, but it might be due to your Conqueror usage.
  13. Detonations should be skilled based

    This is a Fusō nerf and I disapprove. MagazineMagazine-Magazine-Magazine-MagazineMagazine ._.
  14. the flying ship

    The Iscandarians gave Wargaming a Wave Motion Core for the sake of fighting galactic empires, but initial experiments have not gone particularly well. Assume the developers are working on it.
  15. Why there is no British CV line?

    I rather not be impolite and I'm not a very good CV player and don't focus on the line. My highest tier CV is 6 and even then my winrate is over 44% (I have 56%). In this case @Exiaameans AA cover as in "stopping enemy planes from reaching your allies by shooting them down" and you should be able to do that. It is actually true that CVs are a high skill class. You need to be good at micro like an RTS. You cannot fly your planes around in one group and you must be good at manual attacks (using the alt key) especially above T5. Also, I believe striking important targets when you can is very important, not just situational. For example taking out an enemy DD at the start of the game is a huge advantage to your team. From what you say, I'm doubtful that you are a very good carrier player. CVs have the greatest influence on the game and thus the greatest disparity in winrate and performance over time, and thus, your WR should not be as low as 44%. Note that a bad CV is the most detrimental single ship to their team. Statistic sites like asia.warships.today may help you improve if you are willing to do so.