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  1. BUG ... radio contact lost with WG.

    The only thing CVs deserve is deletion from the game for being the most screwed up single class (On a serious note- Looking forward to the rework)
  2. I'm always useless using the Fuso

    Hello, proud Fusō commander here at 410 Fusō games and counting. Fusō is a strong ship. She has a higher gun output than even some T8 BBs, isn't slow compared to many of her tier spread mates, and has incredible armor if you know how to use it. Yes, the gun sigma is bad, but your dispersion circle is good, in fact even better than New Mexico. You'll have frustrating salvoes but if your aim is good you'll hit hard consistently. Fusō's concealment will never be good, but that's not a bad thing. You're a tanky ship. By raw armor value you aren't impressive and your citadel is vulnerable when broadside, but angle and 3/4 your surface profile bounces or shatters every shell in your tier spread (see-How HE and AP pen works). The thinnest part of your freeboard amidships is 6" and your whole fore/aft deck is 35mm. You stop all same tier cruiser HE, for example, so you can be a tank for your team, kiting away and manuvering like a big cruiser yourself while constantly putting shells downrange. I have a dedicated Fusō commander. My first 4 point skill was fire prevention since it increases your tankiness even more. I run rudder shift mod. With a ~12s rudder, Fusō can actually use her 28s reload (In fact, 23-24 with adrenaline rush) to push any enemy at 30°, bounce their shots, swing open to 50° fire two salvoes and then swing back in to 30°, mitigating your bad turret angles. I sometimes have taken on T8 BBs with little fear since their AP only pens my ends, and at 30° rather than 0° bow in, I can bait shells into my belt with rudder and angle play. Tank, play manuverable, push when you need to, run when you need to, keep the guns firing to create a presence, even lead flanks and win. And if you see a CV, sail with allies.
  3. Lowest damage record as well plz

    I'm not proud
  4. Lowest damage record as well plz

    I have a 14k damage Kraken. I'm not proud, I'm just saying it. And if you get lower, don't be proud cos you need to be legitimately bad at the game to pull this off. Also, everyone gets 0 damage games. Sad truth.
  5. A49 and A50 were preliminaries for Fusō. I believe Fusō was A64. I don't believe they got beyond the profile sketches, but then again, neither did Myogi...
  6. @DeadArashi has proposed an alternative line for Japanese battleships, namely splitting for fast battleships/battlecruisers. I was particularly interested that this could do with some improvements as I didn't quite agree with the moving of certain ships and what I saw. Plus, I need to defend the position of my beloved Fuso. Sorry for the memes. So to avoid my posts being buried, I decided to consolidate them, giving credit to things sourced from both the Hiraga archive and a friend, godzilla5549. Enjoy. This is the current proposal. First of all, I feel like Kawachi should stay Tier 3 as Satsuma and Kurama would be... rather weak. Think Mikasa. Also, I feel it would be a better gameplay choice to keep a battleship introduction that both options from the split are grinded from. Would be weird doing games in Tenryu (?) for three ships that are rather different. Now the issues begin. Three ships are going to be taken out of the IJN BB line. Myogi (The paper B-40), Kongo and Amagi. Rather than downtiering Fuso for Ise, I'd rather keep Fuso in her place. Problem is, alternative battleship designs are quite obscure at this point so I don't blame him. BATTLESHIP LINE The Tier 4 and 5 Credit to the Hiraga archive, I feel like we would have more luck working A49 into Tier 4 and A50 into Tier 5. A49 with 10 14" guns outguns her tiermates but I'd presume the firing arcs on her echelon turrets would bring her closer in practice, seeing Konig ingame as a good example. I'd assume the 22 knot variant of A49 would be more reasonable, maybe with an armor refit. A50, 23 knots as-built and maybe with a 24-25 knot fictional refit adding a pagoda mast would fit in at Tier 5, like a Fuso with one less turret. All these ships carry similar armor to Fuso. At Tier 8, the Tosa battleship is a good enough choice after adjustments to fit in better. THE BATTLECRUISERS Splitting from Kawachi, Myogi in her current state would be a good introduction, followed by Kongo. These ships can stay as they are. Tier 6: I believe Haruna in her 1945 fit would be a good option here. It wouldn't be out of question to give her the 28 second reload of Fuso, accuracy and exceptional AA, and Prinz Eitel Friedrich. But this progression might prove out of place and I'm currently working on alternatives. Tier 7: Ashitaka, stock Amagi, exists at Tier 7 right now, and hasn't proved popular. Keeping Amagi at 8, instead of a repeat Ashitaka, so I started looking for alternatives. B-62 (No image found) was a preliminary design for Amagi with 8 41cm guns. 30 knots which would be the same design speed as Amagi with a 9" belt on 39900t. Alternatively B62A brings a near-crazy 35 knot ship with an 8" belt to the table. I feel that B62A's massive length, 925 feet (longer than Iowa!) would make it rather silly though. Edit: Yeah, I see your B62 now. Tier 9 and 10 The A design seems like a good progression from Amagi, increasing belt to respectable levels without a loss of other attributes. This gives a good Tier 9. I don't feel these battlecruisers need the torpedoes proposed in the original thread. In the last 3 rows we see the Number 13s. Personally I think K (8 46cm guns) and L (10 46cm guns) could both work as our T10, bringing similar gunpower to Yamato to the table and a higher 30 knot speed. By now this has become similar to the original. @DeadArashi hope this helps.
  7. Fusō belongs at 6 and Ise brings no gameplay advantages, bar giving Ise artificial buffs or Fusō artificial nerfs. I don't agree with either. They have the same guns, same protection thicknesses, similar speed and similar AA. As I said, the more suitable T5 is A-50. Fusō can stay where she is, and Ise, possibly with a aircraft option, would be a more logical Premium Choice for Wargaming, albeit after the carrier trainwreck is cleared (up there with Tone). I believe Myogi could be the opening to the battlecruiser tree. Will find a suitable tier 4 battleship, probably looking for a 8 gun 14" or 10/12 gun 12" proposal. I'm sure one exists. Will get back to you when I have one. I'll have to check the Hiraga archives for more suitable low tier options. Kawachi at tier 3 can branch to the Myogi to start the battlecruiser line, followed by the current Kongo and maybe a refit Haruna. Amagi belongs at 8 - torpedoes are already artificially removed from most BBs across the board and even Kii right now is not carrying a historical mount.
  8. In other notes, Kawachi is probably too weak at 4 bringing less armor, speed and guns to bear than her counterparts. Satsuma and Kurama would be absolutely lacking at 3. Putting Haruna below Kongo is questionable since Haruna's late war AA refit combined with artificial buffs like 28s reload or maybe better dispersion would make it the more suitable 6 - Don't move Kongo either. Amagi at 7 would be suspicious but I suppose Ashitaka "works" vaguely. Edit, I have to downvote that for the very purpose of protecting my Fusō-kind. It's in my blood! Sorry!
  9. I will 100% riot if you touch my Fusō, especially if it goes T5 with 19mm end plating. I think Ise is worse ergonomically for gameplay than Fusō due to the inability to put 3 turrets forward too. 100. %. GO AWAY. On the other hand, you could just put one of the 23 knot Fusō prelims like A50 at tier 5. Fusō can stay 6. From a historical standpoint I largely disagree with your choices right now.
  10. I've done it.

    On the other hand in 5 games today I lost 2 allied DDs to detonations, as well as 1 enemy, and detonated the enemy Montana with mine, and our Cleve also detonated. I swear the propellant manufacturers are rioting.
  11. Regarding being made PINK!

    As others have said, your torpedoes are your responsibility. Don't make the same mistake and move on. Also, just saying, you might want to try "Random Battles" against other players instead of only "Co-op" against bots. It'll make your claims of skill seem more credible and you'll also probably run into more experienced players.
  12. Boggled.

    To address your concerns... 1- Noone has a 100% MBH rate. I've seen 40-50% achieved with destroyers and that's about it. Usually BBs or ships with high DPM tend to suffer with lower hit rates due to more dispersion or more shells fired. I'd advise you to compare your hit ratios to the server averages on stat sites like wows-numbers. If your aim is better, you'll beat the average even if you aren't 100% and the damage will come with it. In fact in cases Dispersion allows you to get hits when your aim is off. It's a random factor that can work both ways but averages out over time. 2- This seems to be about stats and winning. Short term winrate is a bad metric to judge a player. Everyone has days or weeks of horrible MM and phases they just can't win, and I don't blame anyone for being angry. I feel like there's a concept of "weight pulling" inherent in this game. You have a weight in teamplay and damage to pull every game depending on your ship, and the average WRs and damages and other stats are a decent indicator of where you should aim to be. (asia.wows-numbers, everyone) If you're playing above average, over time your statistics between good and bad phases will balance out, and you should get a good winrate as you pulled more than your weight in your role on average every game. If you fall in this group, ask for help, get divmates, and persevere. We don't blame you for being salty. On the other end of the spectrum there are players who are bad, and don't try to improve. They reach 500 games... Even 1000 games, even 3000 games constantly being a liability to their team as they simply never do their job or pull their weight, and their overall winrates are thus low. 48%? 46%? This cannot be blamed on teams. If you're in this group... There's nothing wrong with being bad if you're willing to improve. I used to be a 42%er at 300 games. I'm now 54%. Unfortunately many of these players seem to be stubborn to accept blame. 3- Even if you try your best, collisions with allies are inevitable. Sharing positions like smokes or moving in groups tends to cause accidents. I've struck an ally in half of my games by accident, but never turned pink in the last 6 months. Damage for friendly collisions seldom exceeds 50 or even 20. The pink penalties won't appear for these actions. But if you've built up a high number friendly fire or collision accidents, it adds up and the game will quickly give you the pink. In this case you have noone to blame. Wargaming isn't perfect, WoWs is mechanic heavy (with positioning, angling your ship etc. etc.) for a game and you only get one go per round. But I think in 90% of cases the game achieves what it wants to be: A historical-inspired but overall arcadey and mechanic-based shooter with warships, and learning the game makes you appreciate the work put into it more. Hope this answers your questions.
  13. Fuso

    21 June 2018 Well, there's nothing particularly good about this game except for the (lol) solo cap, but I did top the team and it does mark a milestone. Interestingly, my 1000th game was my 98th Fuso game, and my 200th Fuso game was my 2000th game. I think I can keep this trend up. Onwards, my noble battleship!
  14. These things on the turrets

    Well since people have already said it's a liferaft... Does anyone remember certain questionably made naval games where liferafts could bounce shells for whatever reason (Historical accuracy citation needed)
  15. Soviet Cruiser T9 Kronshtadt

    Just saying, only Furutaka has exceptionally big guns for her tier when it comes to IJN CAs and it's simply because nothing else at T5 has an 8" gun. By Tier 6/7, 8" guns or larger on cruisers are common. For 8" guns, the Furutaka 20cm/50 actually does not have exceptionally good performance, even for an 8" gun and you're stuck with it all the way. Even Ibuki has the exact same weapon. You will find the American 8"/55 models all have better penetration and penetration angles, for example, and the German 20.3cm/60 SK C/34 you see from T8 and up also has better performance. Only Zaō with the longer 20cm/55 has good gun penetration among IJN cruisers. Moskva and Henri IV both have bigger guns than the IJN cruisers. Even the 21cm guns on tier 7 Yorck are larger calibre (but arguably worse performing). I'd say if you think IJN cruisers are well known for the biggest and most powerful guns, you're misinformed.