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  1. Kuchikuseiki

    How do I bind zoom/artillery camera to RMB

    Found a mod that could fix it https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/133803-how-to-designate-my-rmb-to-the-artillery-camera/ but you will need to recheck your in game bindings to avoid conflicts, otherwise it won't work
  2. I'm used to having RMB for zooms/scope mode for almost every game, but whenever I try to bind artillery camera to the right mouse button, it would say "hotkey reserved" and wouldn't let me. I tried unbinding all the keys first and it wouldn't work either. Deleting preferences.xml won't fix it too. How do I fix this problem? Why don't WG just let us bind to whatever keys we want? This is not a shitty console port. I don't want to remap my mouse just for this game too, when there's been no such issue in every other games I play.
  3. The only one I played is SD Gundam Capsule Fighter online, which is indeed fun, but now I want the ones with original size scaling, not midgets. Also, by Gundam-like game I mean mechs with new and modern design ("Gundam looking"), not industrial-looking mechs like the Hawken. Any suggestions are very appreciated.
  4. Kuchikuseiki

    Northern Lights too bright?

    Thank you for your good response. Actually I don't get any headaches (thank you for your considerations), it is indeed that I think the atmosphere is too bright for a night map, as I don't recall auroras being brighter than a sun >.> . If my screenshots looked like everyone else then I can rest well, but yeah, I would rather have them doing balancing stuff than these aesthetic stuff that I can bear a bit. Was afraid of my monitor/game freaking out.
  5. Kuchikuseiki

    Northern Lights too bright?

    So we're going to give up on the issue just because WG refused to take action in the past? I didn't know it's wrong to bring up old issues that should've been discussed and solved in the past. Might as well just stop giving suggestions to anything altogether. Also my account creation date has nothing to do with issues that have been left unsolved, and I do know that it's been mentioned before, it's like a little reminder for the people, or for new players that have no idea about the map's changes up until now (if there's any at all). Also I'm merely asking you guys if my screenshots are normal or not compared to you people (the reason why those imgur link are here.). If the majority thinks the map is fine, then I rest my case.
  6. Kuchikuseiki

    Northern Lights too bright?

    Brightness at 50% which I considered the best brightness for many situations. There's no contrast settings since I'm using a laptop, there's no settings/mode in the support softwares given by the manufacturer either. I don't really know what point you're trying to contribute, but show me the answer if there's one. If my screenshots are exactly the same as everyone else here, then I guess there's nothing could be done. I'm asking because I'm afraid it's my computer's problem or something like that.
  7. Kuchikuseiki

    Northern Lights too bright?

    I have my gamma turned down to the lowest and is still goddamn bright. Isn't this supposed to be a night map? It's blinding compared to day maps.
  8. I'm not sure but I think it's only for ARP Haguro.
  9. I maxed out everything, beside post process which I set to medium/high because i hate lens flare with a passion. Also, realistic looking ship models with those kind of smoke doesn't makes much sense to me lol
  10. http://imgur.com/m87j26a All ARP ships suffer this issue, I'm not sure if this is intended or not because it happens on all the ARP ships. Also, sometimes the bloom effect of their "marks" doesn't glow at all, so this one might be a bug. If the smoke/fire effects are meant to be this way, is there any mod to use the standard fire and smoke on those ships?
  11. Kuchikuseiki

    ARP Kirishima graphical effect bugged?

    So you mean the smoke and fire effects in the pic are intended?
  12. Sometimes the bloom/glow from the "marks" wouldn't load, and almost every time that the smokes from the smokestacks and turret fires look like some kind of low quality smudges. Is there any way to fix this? I'm using reshade, however it shouldn't affect them since other ships' smoke effect work just fine. I have no mods installed at all either. I'm not sure if other ARP ships have this issue though. Edit: All my settings are maxed out beside post process which I set to High (Can't stand the lens flare)