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  1. Ttly

    Musashi HSF camo is wrong

    Hopefully they'll take notice. I have the small feeling that this collaboration didn't get as much attention or effort as the Arpeggio one.
  2. Ttly

    Musashi HSF camo is wrong

    Hence the post on the forums, but no one seems to be noticing much. Haifuri explains why the ships are posessed later on, but the story is rather simple anyway. Musashi's HSF camo is indeed superior to her base camo. It has an extra +50% bonus to commander XP that the base camo does not have. So yes, I bought it also because of the perks - and the looks, which I have shown to be inaccurate in many places.
  3. Ttly

    Musashi HSF camo is wrong

    I think the musashi one is a bit too dark. For something that is a product of an official collaboration, the quality is not good at all, especially since it isn't free like the Arpeggio collaboration.
  4. Ttly

    Musashi HSF camo is wrong

    I think it should be accurate because there is far more than enough material for WG to use, and they already did it properly the first time, so there is a precedent. WG cannot claim ignorance, this is becoming incompetence.
  5. Hi, as the title suggests, Musashi's Haifuri camo is not accurate to the one in WoWs, and I think WG should fix it. First, Musashi is missing the modern radars that it is supposed to have: But Harekaze has the correct radars: Musashi is also supposed to have her name at the back of the ship: Again this is missing on Musashi's HSF camo: But, it is not missing on Harekaze: Even the way WG makes the red stripes is wrong: Since I also paid to buy the HSF camo for Musashi, I think WG should fix these glaring inaccuracies on the camo. If they can get it right on Harekaze, they have no reason to make so many mistakes on Musashi. Yamato's HSF camo is also missing her name and modern radars. I really think WG should fix these, or not call these HSF camos because they are inaccurate to the ships in the anime.
  6. Ttly

    Stein's Band of Casuls

    Here I am in this box, funny how I was just dragged in like that.