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  1. PYT_Argen CV soft limit and Dive bomber fix

    Do anybody think that the falling speed of all bombs are slowed down? It seems like happen suddenly and no update talks about this.
  2. After CV rework, CV is weaker than it should be.They may much weaker than they are reworked before. The extreme improve of AA increase the rate of shooting down the aircraft of some strong AA ship like Worcester of USA, Minotaur of UK, they give a good protect to other teammates away from the attack of CV.These ships can do something like this very easily.Even the income of CV- Musashi of JP also can protect herself under CV's attack after CV rework.And this is not the only problem on CV rework. So, players discover styles to play after CV rewoked.Such as long range torpedo attack using Hakuryu of JP, return aircraft immediately after the first attack group’s run inorder to avoid heavy AA from many ships. However, WG see these playing styles as 'bug 'and in update they 'fixed' these 'bug'. Longer time for aircraft reach the height in order to become invulnerable to AA Changing several features of the Japanese torpedo bombers Although WG made a change on AA,they change the efficiency of different type of AA guns,it doesn't help aircraft attack under AA fire.The damage of AA explosions decrease but it won't be a great decrese and the constant damage of AA guns are buffed.It doesn't look like a nerf.It may be only a balance or even it is a buff. These changes and extremely high efficiency AA maybe a choice for WG to 'balancing' the game but this affect the possibility of CV on attacking ship and the usage of CV.For the situation now, it seems that CV are not totally reworked.WG may need to have more improvement or changes on CV and AA
  3. PYT_Argen

    Balance of AA and CV

    This paragraph is from my ticket to customer service center.I would like to see any other problems about CV I don't mention.
  4. PYT_Argen

    Balance of AA and CV

    I have played World of Warship for 1 year.And some player and I find that,in high tier games,we seldom saw Aircraft Carriers(CV) in the matching.I know that when the tier of game become higher, CV will be harder to attack enemy. It may make some players give up to play CV in high tier game. However,as I see,this is not the only reason that make players give up. On high tier ships,their anti-aircraft(AA) damage is enough for keep themselves and their teammate safe.This setting is reasonable but some players make the AA damage of their ships become very high by using upgrades and commander skills.I have tried to play CV in the public test server.Although,there is no problem with Cruisers(CA) and Battleships(BB) increase their AA damage,some AA damage is too high that all the planes will be shot down before they can throw bombs or torpedoes.Also,this kind of AA will build up a area that CV players may lose many or even all the planes while that ship can be undetected. Sometime I also see destroyers(DD) use the same method.Some DD have high basic AA damage,such as Akizuki of Japan,Fletcher of USA and Grozovoi of USSR.This method is very suitable for them to shoot down planes and lucky only a few number of DD can have the terrible AA as I said before.However,a few days ago defensive AA fire consumables of USA DD and USSR DD has been increased to 4 time AA damage after consumables activated.Nearly higher than other ships using AA skill and upgrades. Moreover,since ver. 0.6.3,"Alt"-attack has been removed form tier 4-5 CV to protect the ships which don't have enough AA to keep themselves safe.This is helpful for low tier ships but at the same time, Japanese CV will easily lose air supremacy when they are fighting with USA CV.This may reduce the number of Japanese CV player. Finally,I would like to know that is this phenomenon is same as developers expected.If no,will they are going to have some improvement for CV players.