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    Make it more obvious the chimney's are smoking

    When I am up close, It's not very obvious to my eye that the ship has power because of the lack of coal smoke that comes up through the ship's chimney, he ships often feel like they are running Eco-friendly diesel mixture.
  2. GOTT_MIT_UNS_steel

    My List of Suggestions for World of Warships

    Another Suggestion came to mind: This suggestion is inspired by Silent Hunter Series, the captain (you) have a manual which you look through to identify what ship is in the horizon which tells information about it so you can plan your attack. This can be used when the game has "hardcore mode" with absolutely no assistance from Gui and you must do everything manually (that's always fun, kinda like when the power goes out at your house so you have to use a candle or ligher)
  3. GOTT_MIT_UNS_steel

    My List of Suggestions for World of Warships

    There is a solution for No.3..............Have a look at what the Developers of War Thunder have done. They have defenetly added crew members which move around, however when a crew member is shot, they have chose a less gory way to show this. The same principle can be applied here, if sucessfull it may be good to also add voices like "man down the deck!" plus a few other useful speeches. The game already is Violent, you basically simulate Battles on the Ocean with ships, cannon fire and all these exciting things, it's just how it is. Check out some of the other features War Thunder has made and use some of the ideas here like X-ray vision to see what kind of armor plating exists and how thick it is and all of that, good to know
  4. GOTT_MIT_UNS_steel

    My List of Suggestions for World of Warships

    I've had another idea: Make it so the enemy or "bot" ship dose not have a flag up. One of the biggest mistakes the war gaming simulators make is that you end up fighting with a ship with has the same flag as you do. If this is what happened in real life two, I would not be surprised. Can we make it so the enemy ship dose not have a flag? or at least make it so you are not sinking an enemy ship with the same flag as you?
  5. GOTT_MIT_UNS_steel

    My List of Suggestions for World of Warships

    It depends which version of history we've been taught, that's kind of critical. I do investigate alot of things in my spare time as an independent researcher, do have the courage to question alot of things two. I am more than happy to explain what I have discovered and understood, but I feel it would best be done via a inbox method. Do appreciate the leads on making the game more historically accurate (personally) and letting me know about the other suggestions and where they stand
  6. GOTT_MIT_UNS_steel

    My List of Suggestions for World of Warships

    Well with the swastika Flag, thanks to alot of propaganda and lies, sure the world has been made to hate it as well as Germany. the nazi flag was never the flag of germany. It was the national socialist party flag, a political party in Germany. The origins of the Swastika however go back to the Ancient times, the symbol is found on all Ancient cultures. The word ‘swastika’ is a Sanskrit word (‘svasktika’) meaning ‘It is’, ‘Well Being’, ‘Good Existence, and ‘Good Luck’. However, it is also known by diffrent names in different countries - like ‘Wan’ in China, ‘Manji’ in Japan, ‘Fylfot’ in England, ‘Hakenkreuz’ in Germany and ‘Tetraskelion’ or ‘Tetragammadion’ in Greece. I would love to do a history lesson which may or may not make you question everything you've been taught about History, Hitler, Germany and that time period. But, ok I'll have a look for the mods, are there any mods in regards to the human crew visible?
  7. GOTT_MIT_UNS_steel

    My List of Suggestions for World of Warships

    Greetings, I have decided to make a simple topic with all the suggestions I feel that need to be implemented to improve the experience of the Simulator, here is the List: 1.Historical Flags (each country should have it's historical flag, if I need to pay like 3 or so dollars I would do it) 2.Free Roam( option which further extends into learning how to maneuver the ship, sink abandoned ships or get familiar with other systems such as AAA, Torpedoes) 3.Dynamic crew members( seeing crew members at their stations on the ship doing their job) currently the ships feel like they are ghosts because there is no crew to visually represent the actions. 4.Voices, when operating a ship whilst under a country, we should hear their country's voice not American for all. 5.Improved ship,gun fire sounds. I have played Silent Hunter Series which has very loud booms and impressive sounds when it comes to the warships and cannons and all of that. 6.Improved effects when it comes to gun fire, smoke (kinda like the video that's played)
  8. GOTT_MIT_UNS_steel

    Wanted: Historical Flags For Ships

    I've examined quite a number of Simulators which take a different approach to war gaming and one thing all have in common is that the flags are not the true Historical Flags. I am really wanting Historical flags on the ships. Germany for Example should have it's Historical Flag. If we had to pay like 5 or dollars to have this feature UN-locked I would be happy to. The main aim for this is to have Historical accuracy in World of Warships.