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  1. Boo_Keeper

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.8.11

    this year is the worst year in world of warship, i spend in December events.
  2. Boo_Keeper

    Need 6 vs 6 Clan Battle format

    Suggests the new clan battle format in 6 vs 6 in tire X ships with dynamic whether conditions (No CV Required), Players can brake the island covers like island of ice maps
  3. Boo_Keeper

    Run WOWS (and WOT) natively in Linux

    Highly recommended please make it as possible
  4. Gys what about new shell types??? 

  5. Boo_Keeper

    Battleship Development

    nop talking about accuracy and amour and much more like surveillance radar like missouri hydro and more they use in actual naval battles
  6. Boo_Keeper

    Battleship Development

    Thinking new era of battleships
  7. Boo_Keeper

    Battleship Development

    Battleship Development Upgrades and More!!
  8. Boo_Keeper

    0.5.12's economical problems

    its so bad mate need to fix it WG
  9. Boo_Keeper

    0.5.12's economical problems

    i think economy is good than the previous one. its more efficient in tier 1 to 9 not for tier 10
  10. Thinking next nation USSR or Germany!

  11. Boo_Keeper

    German BB Immune to Citadel Hits?

    is it work???
  12. if they decided to change the acuracy in us bbs?
  13. what do you think about desperation rate of Iowa and Montana. In WWII they have very accurate guns but game does not have it we wont balance gun accuracy Iowa all so have blind fire technology using there radars!!!