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  1. FaCiEnDum

    [] Arachne Azur Lane Mod

    [] Add - Jerzy Swirski commander Add - Strong-Wilded campaign Change - menu
  2. FaCiEnDum

    [] Arachne Azur Lane Mod

    [] Add Ship preview images Change Commander skill images
  3. FaCiEnDum

    [] Arachne Azur Lane Mod

    [] Update some of UI buttons
  4. Arachne Azur Lane Mod Sample Images Loading Screen Campaign Game Icons Download http://www.mediafire.com/file/6xb67c2g8ymbk4m/Arachne.zip/file Download folder and paste into own WoWs folder Please feel free to contact me if any inquiries. Discord - Ar#2088
  5. This mod replaces commander to Azur Lane characters Use Image Download files and put into World_of_Warships_Asia/res_mods/ Download http://www.mediafire.com/file/8wpmyq45ut6larr/crew_commander.zip/file
  6. FaCiEnDum

    Issues within Containers and WG

    I contacted support to WGKR but they didn't reply to my ticket, so I tried again in WGASIA. But this time, they solved my problem immediately. Why WGKR and WGASIA are so different?