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  1. [] Azur Lane Mod This mod change WoWs icons to Azur Lane Mod Screenshot How to add this mod Download Link https://www.mediafire.com/file/6xb67c2g8ymbk4m/Arachne/file Contents Port Campaigns Commander Map Loading Screen Battle Queue National Flag Ship previews Ribbon Many icons maybe more... Work In Progress
  2. This mod replaces captains to Azur Lane characters Most of the Russian captains are from Girl's Frontline Use Image Direction World_of_Warships_Asia/res_mods/0.8.X.X/gui/crew_commander Download http://www.mediafire.com/file/8wpmyq45ut6larr/crew_commander.zip/file
  3. Blossom_Arts

    Issues within Containers and WG

    I contacted support to WGKR but they didn't reply to my ticket, so I tried again in WGASIA. But this time, they solved my problem immediately. Why WGKR and WGASIA are so different?