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  1. Issue: Fighters are stuck in strafing mode(just circling around from the launching point) & Bombers are stuck in bombing mode(just circling again from the launching point) Screenshots: N/A Ship: Ryujo and Independence Map: New Dawn and Fault Line Occurrences: Thrice Tested: Yesterday(June 10) and Today(June 11) Severity: Failed to deliver any real air support to my allies causing us to lose the game(thrice) Additional Details: Planes won't return even if commanded. Only way to gain back your role is to pray that the enemy CV or AA kill off that squadron Anyone here having the same issue?
  2. Comrade_General

    Rise "Philippine Guardians of the Sea" !

    As long as you're a Filipino, then you're hired! Since you're still level 7, I cannot send you an invitation for the meantime but rest assured that you will be sent when the time comes. Looking forward working with you in the future! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!
  3. Comrade_General

    Philippines WoWs Community

    Hey kultabashi, what time are you always online? Looking forward to play with you sometime.
  4. Comrade_General

    Philippines WoWs Community

    IGN: Comrade_General Location: Valenzuela City I'm mostly available for division during 1:00-4:00 pm and I'm adept at using bb's or cv's regardless of the nation. I look forward playing with you mates! Thanks for creating this community. saan ka sa Valenzuela pre?
  5. Comrade_General

    Rise "Philippine Guardians of the Sea" !

    Thanks mate!
  6. Comrade_General

    How to rename a thread?

    Thanks everybody !
  7. Comrade_General

    How to rename a thread?

    Does anyone here knows how to rename a thread? Thanks.
  8. Comrade_General

    Rise "Philippine Guardians of the Sea" !

    I am deeply sorry for my insubordination. I wish that I didn't cause any trouble whatsoever in this forum. Rest assured that this post will be immediately edited in the English language and it will never happen again. Thank you for acknowledging my violation of the rules. p.s. How can I rename the thread ?
  9. I'm calling for Filipinos who wants to join the newly-formed team "Philippine Guardians of the Sea" My in-game name is "Comrade_General" and I will be your team leader. Any Filipinos who wish to join the team may state his/her message in this thread(state your in-game name) and/or message me in the game. Rest assured that you will be sent an invitation/reply. I'm not strict in the implementation of the rules but I will not hesitate to remove you if your absence exceeds 30days without any forewarning or for foul behavior. This team not only aspires to be the best but also to make every match we have to be amusing and relevant. I wish to say that I'm also new in this game so it will be appreciated if you give any advice or we train together. For that reason I welcome players of any skill. You can contact me for furthermore questions. Thank you Thread locked on OP's request. ~amade