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    gg WG

    I had a similar problem yesterday (Friday), playing the Friant, and I lost most of the interface. I could control my ship, but I could only fire my torpedoes, and not my guns. I could not see any details on the map, and I could not tell who was friend or foe. I fixed the problem by accidently hitting the "Window Key", and upon returning to the game, all was OK again. I did not worry too much about it at the time, as I had been playing for a couple of hours without a problem. I did not have time to gather any details, as I was being stalked by a nasty cruiser.
  2. HMAS_PortAdelaide

    Lost elite status

    Thanks guys, that was it. I did not research hull C before, as I would have lost 2 sets of torpedo tubes, but I still achieved elite status. I have now researched hull C, and have received the elite status again, and I have gone back to hull B to keep the 4 sets of tubes. Thanks for the replies.
  3. HMAS_PortAdelaide

    Lost elite status

    When I upgraded to the Yorck, the Nurnberg went elite, but recently, after one of the updates, the Nurnberg has lost its elite status. This is the only ship to lose its elite status, has anyone else have this problem?.