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  1. Let's talk T10 destroyers

    I dont think Z52 is a good dd anymore. Yes u have hydro, then what ? your hydro is only 5,9km compare to its detection which is 6,1km, u got detected pop hydro pop smoke but enemy dd can 'simply' turn a little (assuming contact from paralel and reverse sailing) and run from your hydro range. Different than yueyang that already have a good concealment of 5,8km. by the time u spot him u already balls deep in his 7,5km radar range. God help me for having an opinion at this time and age.
  2. Destroyer armor nerf (buff)?

    it will make another problem such as heavy cruiser shooting Ap to a destroyer coz overmatch, and a heavy cruiser is much much more accurate than battleship
  3. Tell me how to avoid Ap bombers

    you dont avoid it, you embrace it
  4. Des Moines how to

    But how to dislodge a moines from its position ? as a dd player i always go NOPE when i see dm lock the position and change to other cap leaving my bb dealing with whatever dd near that dm (am i cruel?). Coz im not expecting my bb to push with me and kill that dm....
  5. How to play Pan Asia DD ?

    from t7 - t10 you play it like usual usn dd with much much more forgiving smoke cooldown, honestly just spam that smoke.
  6. Migrating to yugomo

    nah, your team will always cry for you to spot enemy dd (gunbote) , go cap (when there is z52 and gearing inside it) , etc. thats the hardest part with ijn dd line. i think this is a common knowledge but always reverse cap in an ijn dd unless you 100% sure that cap is safe.
  7. Migrating to yugomo

    you are easier to spot, get use getting shot at. hell, even shimakaze have same conceal as gearing.
  8. How to use Radio Location

    well it show the nearest location of enemy. Up to you want to run from it , or gun it down ( tho its not recommended in ijn dd ). If you have divmates that also take RPF, triangulate it to know exact enemy position.