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  1. dieselhead

    German Captain Skills: Graf Spee to Gr. Kurfust.

    Dont waste your time on old ships, WG will just release new OP ships and your old favs will be useless. That's how Russian's roll mate.
  2. dieselhead

    Change server

    Wonder why that is? lol
  3. dieselhead

    Change server

    Id be interested to know how they persuaded WG to allow it.
  4. dieselhead

    Change server

    I have something I'd like to fit in their "interests"......
  5. dieselhead

    Change server

    Well they should allow it, even for a fee. Like its hard to cut paste your account onto another server....
  6. dieselhead

    Change server

    Apparently, hope its soon.
  7. dieselhead

    Team Chat

    For real. Around 100ms each. I play SC2 on NA server and its fine.
  8. dieselhead

    Change server

    When is the next mass server thing? https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/article/19374/
  9. dieselhead

    Team Chat

    Cant be any worse than the communication on this server with the ret..ds I see everyday. My ping to NA server is exactly the same to ASIA server.
  10. dieselhead

    Team Chat

    Or quit ASIA server and join NA. Problem solved.
  11. dieselhead

    Open/Close Wallet? 2018 HOHOHO

    60 containers for 1 ship isn't overly impressive lol
  12. dieselhead

    i will regret this

    So 25 containers for 2 ships? So much for xmas spirit!
  13. dieselhead

    fix your damn game

    This^^ Its all about the coin comrade. If they spent half the time on the actual game that they spend on premiums we might have a chance but I cant see that happening. I've said in previous posts that Ive never played an online game so full of IMBA, bugs and random crashes.
  14. dieselhead

    fix your damn game

    I was thinking last night my yamato with unique upgrade was strangely inaccurate with shotgun like salvo's more often than usual.
  15. dieselhead

    Please explain

    That's a sound theory and could work but we both know coordinating anything in randoms is hit and miss. Guess ill just avoid Daring until they get nerfed when I play DD.