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    It's pretty disgraceful for a game these days. I've got 10 year old games with faster UI than this game! Come to think of it I think my 10yo games are more stable in every aspect lol

    I personally don't care what the port looks like, I'd much rather they fixed the port interface lag. It's so unresponsive. For example if I click my contacts list it will take at least 5 seconds minimum to open. It's not my system as it runs the game at 100fps on highest settings, so I don't know why its so slow.
  3. I don't think any line needs a rework. Some ships could do with some balance changes sure but I think if they are going to invest considerable time into anything it should be the current radar meta and making that a bit more realistic in terms of balance.
  4. Which BB line worth to grind?

    Who doesn't? lol Ranked is literally world of Yamato.
  5. Captain Skills - A Meta list?

    Most of the captain skills are pretty obvious what you should be using. Then with ships like DD's you need to decide if you're going to gunboat or torp boat and pick the appropriate skills to suit. BB's are pretty much all the same except the odd exception where you may want to spec for secondary's. I'm not really a cruiser player so can't offer too much advice there except to ask your clan mates what they re running and why.
  6. Captain Skills - A Meta list?

    Wiki warships isn't a bad guide. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Warships .Type your ship into the search bar and have a read. Most ship types are a pretty similar build anyway as far as captain skills and upgrades go. I mean there are only so many skills suited to DD's or BB's for example. Obviously subtle changes for specific ships. I use elite captain xp to re-spec captain skills if needed, especially when they have a discount running.
  7. Question About RN DD

    So you cant get the ships in the containers you earn? Only the bought ones?
  8. Question About RN DD

    My mistake, only Cossack and Gallant are for sale. Pity I haven't gotten any of them in containers as yet. Though that isn't unusual for me lol.
  9. Question About RN DD

    And make a few extra $$$ in the process!
  10. I saw a Brilliant Strategy for BB

    That BB is not supporting his team for half the match then taking advantage of everyone else's efforts. This is exactly what happens in ranked due to the "save your star" mechanic.
  11. How radar should work IMO

    This, exactly this! In today's radar meta you can't really avoid being shot at by BB AP if you wish to play the objective. Sure you can avoid all the radar ships and steer clear of enemy DD's but that will mean you aren't going to be playing the objective. You are going to be out wide on a flank not really contributing to your teams chances of winning.
  12. what happened to WOWs?

    That doesn't mean they are wrong. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to work out that there is way to much radar in the game at the moment.
  13. How radar should work IMO

    Oh I dont think BB's AP on DD's needs to be totally nerfed or have zero lock on, it just needs to be balanced out a bit better. Currently it isnt balanced and doesnt make a lot of sense. Same with radar, not a total nerf but just make it more reasonable so DD players can play the objective.
  14. How radar should work IMO

    Well when you get hit by BB AP and it does 8k or 10k dmg, pretty sure thats NOT an overpen! lol
  15. what happened to WOWs?

    Sure you can bait the radar(and I do do this when I can), but when its a wooster radar lasting for 50?seconds its a bit much. Reposition to where exactly? Moskva radar is 11.7km so it effectively puts out out of the game if you stay out of his and all the other radar ships range. I'm not saying you cant play around radar, only saying its another reason why the game isnt what it was. All the major streamers agree that something needs to be done about radar.