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  1. I'm not buying this either, you cant tell me with all the data from other similar ships that WG cant get it closer than what they do with some ships? I'll use Thunderer for an example, its not that different to a Conq, why couldn't they use the data from that ship to balance it? Like who thought 63% fire chance on a 457mm gun with fantastic dispersion was a good idea? Don't forget they gave it 12km(?) concealment on release on top of that. There is literally no excuse and there is more than enough in game data for them to use to balance that ship. It's the same with any other Premium ship that's OP they have released. As if there isnt a similar ship in the game already that they cant use the data from to balance a new premium ship. This is on top of what the testers tell them.
  2. Yeah WG using the spreadsheet to balance has been fantastic so far hasn't it? If WG knew so much about the stats and figures of ships in this game surely they would have a much better idea where a ships stats need to be to be balanced upon release? Clearly that isn't the case since, you know, Thunderer exists just for one. Proof they don't know wtf they are doing is the fact the thing they nerf on Thunderer is a tiny range nerf, thats not even what makes Thunderer broken. Same with Stalin's radar nerf, as if thats its most potent feature? Don't make me laugh. Since the captain rework Stalin isn't even that good anyway. Like honestly, how can you sit there and say WG know what they are doing using the "spreadsheet" after this is their idea to balance Thunderer? Same with the recent Kitekaze nerf, Its concealment didn't make it broken, its dpm does with 12km torps and torp reload, but hey, lets nerf its concealment instead. You wonder why people don't trust WG to balance things correctly when they cant even get it close with the massive amounts of data they have access to plus testers telling them ships are broken. This change from WG would be fantastic IF WG could prove they had a clue about balancing their own game which clearly they dont.
  3. dieselhead

    The only long-term plan WG come up with so far

    WOW! Pulled out all the stops on that reply didnt you? Im confused, am I a silly bogan or a cry baby? As for your total BS reason for CV's, there are still PLENTY of ships still broken with CV's in the game. Looking at you Thunderer, FDR and Kitekaze to name a few. Cant achieve much? Well we have similar games and my stats are a lot better than yours for a start. Btw, its "AT the end of the day" not "In the end of the day". I dont even think you know what a boomer is. Just because CV's wont ever be removed doesn't make them any less broken. It also doesnt take away from the fact you cried over not getting a discount on free in game content. Yet apparently I'm the crybaby? LOL
  4. dieselhead

    Upcoming NEW American Cruiser, USS Congress

    Funny you guys seem shocked with this ship, its not like WG has a track record of putting dumb ships and ship classes in the game against ALL advice, logic or common sense. Why should this be any different? I imagine the T10's it will face on a regular basis will "balance" it.
  5. dieselhead

    The only long-term plan WG come up with so far

    Good comeback. Your only reply was to mention a bunch of other people. End of the day you are crying about wanting a to use a discount coupon for a camo available for a free resource in a free game. Also, fyi, wanting a ship class removed because its broken as shit for the game doesnt make me entitled, it makes me want a fair game for all classes. Perhaps you should look up what entitled means because what you think isnt it.
  6. dieselhead

    The only long-term plan WG come up with so far

    Nope, your post speaks for itself. Nothing to do with anyone else.
  7. dieselhead

    The only long-term plan WG come up with so far

    So you want to play your free game and get a discount on a camo that you get for free in game resources just for playing the game? Bit entitled dont you think? What else do you want for nothing?
  8. dieselhead

    Random thoughts - CVs.

    And I havent seen anything to make this statement from WG invalid so why discount it? What other context could you take it? Like just LOL. It was a plain, straight forward statement from them. We werent talking about surface ship HP, we were talking about plane losses and how thats on the CV player. Stop moving the goal posts and admit plane losses is largely up to the CV player. If he eats glue he runs out of planes, if he has a brain stem he baits flak and DFAA and negates his losses easily to the point they arent a concern. I still get a lot of games without the flying cancer so yeah, I still play. Nice to see you dont really have an answer to any of the points I made but to change the subject or move the goal posts. Using logic to point out that there is NO equivalency between surface ships and CV's. Tell me if you miss a drop do you go back to port? No ofc you dont. If you go broadside to a BB in a DM you do. How can it be fair when one players mistakes means he does no dmg or loses a few planes while everyone else goes back to port? If you cant see how broken that is then idk what to tell you. It's only dribble to you CV apologists because you refuse to admit the class is broken. You cant fix 35knots vs 200knts, its that simple. I know this isnt a sim but the same thing happened irl, carriers removed the need for most other ship types. Like ffs, carrier planes dont even have range in this game. So according to you its fine to talk about CV's as long as I dont disagree with you? LOL, nice discussion there Hitler. Im not aloud to point out the obvious flaws in the class in a CV discussion thread? LOL, actually it IS, you have a fair idea where radar ships are going to sit in most games on most maps, you should also know which ships have hydro and what ranges they detect. So you answer to plane spotting is smoke up or hope your AA does something(which is a joke ofc since as soon as you turn AA on you get plane spotted)? What about cruisers and BB's? You literally cant outrun a plane fast enough if he turns towards you unless youre so far off the map you may as well not play the game. Sure you can keep an eye on the planes but if he comes to your position he is going to spot you. You know, 200knots vs 35knots?
  9. dieselhead

    Random thoughts - CVs.

    I draw my conclusion from the fact it was filmed in the CC thing and the fact WG hasnt done much of anything regarding CV's. Thats right, they "manage" their planes, they rarely run out of planes. Managing planes doesnt mean running out of planes. None of this changes the fact CV's spot for free, zero risk, and spot for their own targets. All that while putting up BB average damage numbers, again, at no risk. Umm what? Since when? It removes the ability to disengage in larger ships for one thing. Why even have spotting if your argument is "everything should be spotted so games aren't boring"? Sure is "another strength" to CV's, they literally have no downside. In your example you say the BB should just cop the strike(and while I agree with things as they are)thats hardly counter play is it? So he clicks his sector and just cops his whack for picking BB in port. Great game design and I cant believe you think that is a fair engagement. The CV creates that himself by out maneuvering pretty much any ship in the game, again, total garbage game design/counter play. I agree on this one but spotting shouldn't be gained for free with zero risk. As for predicting spotting etc etc, well you can predict all you like, fact is, 200knots vs 40 knots means if the cv players decides to turn your way you dont have a lot of chances to escape his spotting(that he's doing for free, zero risk mind you). No one wants to get plane spotted, and most decent DD players will actively try to avoid planes but again, 200 vs 40? shrugs. Predicting radar and hydro positions and cooldown is much more negatable than plane spotting.
  10. dieselhead

    Random thoughts - CVs.

    Dude flak can be baited and dodged, AA is largely only as effective as the CV player allows it to be, even DFAA can be baited out be a CV player with a brain stem. In my experience its CV's who finish targets off not surface ships. If you are getting deplaned then its on you, EVERY good CV player I know doesnt really have issues with running out of planes. Just no, CV's get to engage surface ships from ANY range with zero chance of going back to port. They out range, out speed and out maneuver pretty much any ship in the game and only risk their planes. Even if you do manage to sink the CV he still gets to fly around for 3 minutes. Even CV spotting is done for free with zero risk. This whole conversation is a waste of time, WG have made it clear they have no interest in fixing it and will sacrifice balance in order to maintain CV popularity.
  11. dieselhead

    Something is spicy happening in the other forums

    Yes, yes you do. You think that because I wont play CV I dont have as valid an opinion as you, you wont listen to anything anybody has to say even when they show facts and stats to back up there points. You even go so far as to go to another forum to "educate" them on CV's since you think you know so much better than them. Tell me if NA players are so bad how come they have mopped the floor with everyone in all the recent tournaments? Perhaps they know more than your inflated ego gives them credit for and they dont actually need you or you "opinions" at all.
  12. dieselhead

    Something is spicy happening in the other forums

  13. dieselhead

    Something is spicy happening in the other forums

    And AP destroying everything in sight, planes had range, USN torps were junk that barely worked and CV's detonated..........
  14. dieselhead

    Something is spicy happening in the other forums

    Righto, so In your expert opinion, comparing players wanting CVs removed from a VIDEO GAME is comparable to mass genocide by a maniac? Are you F...ing kidding me? The 2 things arent even in the same realm let alone a reasonable comparison. IDK how you can honestly say thats far less hyperbole than a CV haters comments. If thats not hyperbole idk what is. Talk about an echo chamber...........