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  1. A more friendly mechanic to newcomers

    Agree with lead indicator comment, there are enough cheats playing this game as it is! Having something to teach players the basics before they jump in may lead to them enjoying the game more and staying with the game for longer. A larger player base is a bonus for us all.
  2. A more friendly mechanic to newcomers

    Why not make new players do training before they can play randoms? The game itself wont let a new player join randoms until they have completed the training provided? A driving game called "Driver" used to do this, you had to complete a set of maneuvers before you could start the campaign.
  3. idea,s for new german BB

    WG should do it, a nice, big, fat juicey torpedo magnet for my YY! lol
  4. Wows in one sentence contest

    "Hold my beer"
  5. My 32 bit windows cannot handle WoWS

    In my experience WoW's is a buggy platform compared to other games I've played. Even old games were less prone to crashing and random DC's than this game. Apparently the WoT's engine is much better but IDK if its more stable or if any plans are around to migrate WoW's to it.
  6. Multiple yolo in BB coz its a BB and it should decimate all! lol
  7. Let's talk T10 destroyers

    I swear WG have no brain when it comes to balance. How is giving a T10 DD heal and an extra slot balanced? That's on top of its other improvements.....
  8. Let's talk T10 destroyers

    Radar meta has reduced all DD's carry potential. Personally I think Gearing could do with a minor speed buff just to help it be a bit more competitive. Z52 is probably ok with it's hydro ability and if you buff its concealment you run the risk of it being OP. Its a fine line to walk.
  9. khaba need buff

    It always was a one trick pony. It pretty useless as anything but a HE spamming CL with the odd foray into the cap zones.
  10. 0.7.7 lagging

    My first game on this patch saw spikes of 5000+ ping. I restarted PC and router and its been ok since. Im using game center.
  11. Let's talk T10 destroyers

    I dont think it really matters what DD you are in if you are taking a BB AP salvo. They all generally hurt a lot!!
  12. Let's talk T10 destroyers

    Gearing is still good but its big, fat, slow and its detection isnt great anymore. Z52 is a good DD but its detection lets it down a bit too. Gearing has suffered from power creep I believe. The other DD's have caught her up :(
  13. Let's talk T10 destroyers

    Radar YY is pretty versatile ship. Decent detection, great torps, radar and its a physically smaller target than gearing.
  14. Enhanced upgrades

    Anyone link me to the Enhanced upgrades page? Can't seem to find it anywhere!
  15. Advice request

    I'm a DD main, I rarely use my guns unless my hand is forced (USN/Pan Asia DD's). I find it not worth the rain of shells you have to cop from being spotted out to 11km. Smoke is situational as well, it's fine to use it to escape but remember it also hides the enemy from your team mates at times so smoke can be a double edged sword. 100% you want RPF, it gives you intel on the general area on where to expect torps to come from and also on where to send your torps especially in the cap early game. Radar awareness is essential in today's radar soaked meta.