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  1. The bots are of WG's creation perhaps. Makes the server numbers look better.
  2. dieselhead

    Increased critical errors

    And thats just while in port! Never had another game work a GPU so hard in the main menu page! hahah
  3. Of course it is, just saying its dumb since kids in primary swear like troopers anyway so who are they worried about offending? Also im pretty sure you click an "18+" thing when installing the game yes? U.I? Like where the UI stalls and takes forever to do something. Cant select "battle" because its having a tantrum. Super slow while selecting signals, modules, consumables etc. Stalls while trying to browse your ships. The fact it makes my GTX1080 work harder in port than it does playing the actual game. Its a well known issue.
  4. Get rid of the chat one and add more afk ones
  5. dieselhead

    Mod station, anyone use it?

    Normally I would agree with you but WG isnt exactly fussy about things being fair and an even playing field in this game.
  6. More than happy to chat ban the shiznit out of you for dropping the "F" bomb. It's like they dont think 10 year old kids dont know these words and might be offended lol. Mind you, here we are still waiting for a port UI that works like its 2019 not 1953 so I wouldnt hold your breath waiting for results.
  7. Ive heard rumors about that, makes you wonder if its true when you look at any given team and their WR's are mostly well below 50%.
  8. dieselhead

    thoughts on rank sprint

    And certain diseases are also banned. TBH im actually surprised "HELL" is allowed. What an amazing thing! Its almost as though im having a little dig at him for some of the warnings he has given me isnt it? haha
  9. dieselhead

    thoughts on rank sprint

    Watch your language, I get reported for not much more than that............
  10. dieselhead

    WG Buff CV plz

    Did I say it was a "major"? Nope. He actually started it if you read back with his "stupidity" and "ramblings" comments. Dont forget to give him a hard time as well while you are up on your soapbox since you are hellbent on defending snowflakes. He likes to think he knows everything because he has played 20k battles or something and heaven forbid anyone have a different opinion than himself.
  11. dieselhead

    WG Buff CV plz

    Says the guy who is 12 years old and like's pictures of little anime girls with flying pigs and fairys or whatever that is supposed to be. Oh thats right, you're probably a university student, I remember something about you studying debate, talk about stupidity.............
  12. dieselhead

    WG Buff CV plz

    losing strike power and being useless ISNT a risk! Does it send you back to port? No it doesnt. Your planes regen and you are back in the game but not sunk. BIG difference! Ill keep commenting for as long as CV is in this game so get used to it. Dont like it go play with your anime dolls or something.
  13. dieselhead

    WG Buff CV plz

    Isnt it? So as soon as AA was nerfed, every noob and his dog suddenly gets the urge to play CV again? yeah OK.......not exploiting at all is it? Oh you mean the part where the CV dumpsters you no matter what you do? Yeah I can see how much fun that would be.....for the CV. Oh and all while he risks zero hull HP. Great, just fantastic. More difficult maybe, yet still the same zero risk factor. Until WG make the CV risk hull HP when he attacks it will never be balanced or fair. Before you mention DD's being able to torp while not risking anything, take into account they have little HP and MANY counters while being by far the most exposed class in the game. Meanwhile CV's are the embodiment of what everyone hates, a long range sniper who hangs out the back and risks nothing to attack you.
  14. dieselhead

    How to play dd against cv in t5?

    Would you like some replays? I havent seen anny replays from you either so go ....yourself. What else is a DM going to do? like really? lol This isnt a court of law and like I said, I dont see you providing evidence for your BS either. Wasnt even a rant FYI, just stating the facts as I see them in game. Negative pansy? ROFL. Come to Australia mate, we shall see who the pansy is wont we? The CV population is a bunch of exploit players, they only play when CV's are OP or AA has been nerfed. Proof of this is the recent patch and hey presto, CV spam everywhere.