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  1. dieselhead

    not playing again till aircraft fixed

    They are doing what is common in society the world over, listening to the minority and not the majority. When whole clans are becoming stale to the point of not even playing CW anymore because the players have left due to hating the CV meta then something is seriously not right. Just use your eyes and some logic.
  2. dieselhead

    CV rework

    @_TAMAL_ Here you go mate, my first comment on this topic. No mention of hating CV's anywhere to be found. The very next comment is you starting the pointless argument. All in black and white, all of it indisputable.
  3. dieselhead

    CV rework

    Yes as a matter of fact you did. You stated that I was talking about hating cv etc etc when in fact I only stated my choice and very very briefly why. Then you proceeded to interpret my words incorrectly and continue to say that I was talking about hating CV's in this thread. I invite you to go back to my very first comment and re-read it. Then quote me on my EXACT wording that says I hate CV's. Go on, I double dare you.
  4. dieselhead

    CV rework

    Go read my very first post in this thread, I didnt whine about anything. I made a simple statement and that's it. You guys are the ones that started spewing shit and carrying on, not me, I just tried to defend myself. Ill say it one last time since you are obviously not right in the head, get your facts right before you open that massive big cake hole of yours.
  5. dieselhead

    CV rework

    I didnt insist anything FFS. Your logic is so breathtakingly flawed you actually make my brain hurt reading it. Feelings? Negative emotions? Hate? WTF? Are you a psychiatrist now or something? How about I take care of my own emotions and you just mind your own business and STFU? So im a fanatic now? ROFL!! If im a fanatic then so must you be since you defend CV way more than I'm against it! Also why would I need evidence to say if I like something or not? If I dont like the new CV meta for any reason it doesnt require any evidence whatsoever to justify. Why would it? That would be like you not liking peanut butter and me asking for evidence to prove it. You dont like it because of the flavor or texture or whatever, it doesnt matter why! You JUST DONT LIKE IT!!!! DO you not ever just dislike something or someone with no evidence? This is one of the dumbest things I've seen you post.
  6. dieselhead

    CV rework

    WTF??? You didnt even read what I wrote did you? Just wow, tries to get all high and mighty yet didnt even read my post....... So you misinterpret what I wrote and IM the bad guy? Yeah ok, think its you who needs to grow up. Stop putting words in my mouth ffs. Dont translate anything into it you (EDITED). I wrote what I wrote, nothing more. I didnt mind the odd CV game but not all the time like now which is EXACTLY WHY I WROTE WHAT I DID FFS!!!!!!!! Talk about trying to turn things back on me! Possibly true, but this coupled with all the other threads about cv's is a bit much to ignore wouldnt you say? Everywhere you look there is CV hate threads atm but I guess thats all "unreliable" is it? Insults, Post Edited, User Warned ~lengxv6
  7. dieselhead

    CV rework

    "Old because you barely ever saw them in top tier" Is exactly what I wrote, not one word of if I hate them or not. Maybe you should get your eyes checked or perhaps in fact it is you who cant read properly? Maybe you should stick to the point eh? Hypocrite much? Are you for real? The mass is NOT always right but it certainly should have the biggest say in what goes on in a video game or anywhere else for that matter. By your way of thinking if you have a game with 100 people playing it and 80 of them hate a change that was implemented even though the change was technically "correct", those 80% of players should have to wear it to keep 20% happy? I was asked in a previous post to show some facts or data that people didnt like CV's, so thats exactly what I did. There is also no point flogging a dead horse.... Well I cant speak for anyone else but I don't like CV's (as I've said numerous times before) because of the game play it has brought to WOWS. Plain and simple. I dont need to have stats to back that up, I dont need yours or anyone else's approval for it. I JUST DON'T LIKE IT!
  8. dieselhead

    CV rework

    Here you go bud, 74% of 6k votes says CV makes their gaming experience much worse or slightly worse. Also go have a look at any WOWS forum atm and you can see MULTIPLE CV hate threads(for want of a better term) on the first couple of pages. Ask in any random battle who likes the new CV meta, bet most of the reply's say they don't. I also base my "bias" opinion on my own personal experience in battles.
  9. dieselhead

    CV rework

    You actually started it there sweetpea. I actually think CV's IRL are an amazing thing. In this game tho, yes I hate them. Been through this before.... There must be an awful lot of "oddballs" here and on other forums including a couple of THE most popular CC's since there are so so so many threads about hating CV's. I think perhaps YOU in fact are the ODDBALL because you cant accept that MOST of the player base DO NOT enjoy the CV meta either before or after the rework. Incidentally I can read fine, used to read extensively (even read most of Game Of Thrones before it became a series).
  10. dieselhead

    CV rework

    Please don't compare the greatest RTS game ever made to the cluster f... that is WG RTS CV. 🤣
  11. dieselhead

    CV rework

    It seems I don't give a rats what you think you know or what you think I know.
  12. dieselhead

    CV rework

    Think what you like, Ive seen it enough time's in battle to know the truth. The team with the better CV mostly wins, period.
  13. dieselhead

    CV rework

    Old because you barely ever saw them in top tier. The influence on the outcomes of battle are much the same as before anyway.
  14. dieselhead

    re: Four CV games, all tiers, all the time.

    This is complete bollocks in 90% of cases! A unicum cv player can attack anyone, anywhere on the map in VERY short order. Even the fasted DD cant do much about something at the other end of the map. Yeah a unicum DD, BB, CA/L will certainly help but nothing like a unicum CV player. The "huge advantage" you mentioned means GG in most cases. What you are describing here makes playing DD so tedious it isnt any fun whatsoever. A Midway DB only needs to spot you for a split second and its GG for you even if you are close to your friendly AA bubble. By the time your friendly AA cuts his planes down its too late for you even if the CV only lands one bomb it means half your HP is gone. Honestly top tier DD gameplay is no better with the current CV's than it was with the RTS system. The only difference is with RTS you hardly saw a T10 CV, now there are CV'' almost every game! Are you paid by WG to promote CV's or something?
  15. dieselhead

    CV vs DD combat, the truth.

    Yeah maybe, idk. As a previous DD main copping full AP pens was annoying especially when wooster gets away with overpens so often. For DD to be more viable and enjoyable to play I think both a CV and a Radar nerf is required.