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    Premium Ships

    Thanks for the reply and understand. Those ships are still showing on the US and EU website though and they do not have the limited time symbol showing which makes me think they are for now permanent just like the sprinkling of prem ships we have access to currently. Guess I'll just sit tight and wait .... and also hope they bring out the HMNZS Achilles (my grandfather served on board her at the Battle of the River Plate ) as a prem ship or at the least the Leander class cruisers when WG get the British fleet done and in game
  2. Idiequick

    Premium Ships

    I am a first time poster but have been playing for a while and have a quick question. I have noticed when I look in the premium store for both US and EU that they have more ships available such as the Krasny Krym, Mikhail Kutuzov, Indianapolis to name a few Is there any intention to make those ships available on the Asia server as well? Thank you in advance