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  1. LordCommander007

    FPS Bug 0.9.9

    thanks this fixes the problem
  2. LordCommander007

    FPS Bug 0.9.9

    Cannot access the file, gives error
  3. This started after updating to 0.9.9 patch, is anyone else experiencing massive frame drops ???
  4. LordCommander007

    0. 9. 9 bug report

    Lots of frame drop
  5. LordCommander007

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.9.9

    So much frame drop, its terrible !
  6. LordCommander007

    Cannot login to my WOWS account on browser as login page redirects me to NA

    Had to clear cookies, works now
  7. Whenever i try to login from Asia it redirects me to NA login page even though my account is on Asia, Why ?
  8. I have played both Ryujo and Weser at tier 6. Ryujo is the one that comes out top for me in 0.9.6 . I always get matched with tier 8 which obliterate german planes meanwhile DD hunting is much better on Ryujo. However with the reticle and DD concealment changes in 0.9.7 which ship line will come out on top ? I can only go up one CV line.
  9. I can get Mikoyan, but is it possible to get others for free ? also is Mikoyan worth getting or exchange for other rewards ? I am a new player without premium ship. I want to play F2P.