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    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

  2. Takru_Asia

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Wargaming special weapon Quemapueblos has answered quite a few questions here on Reddit while being absent from stream. TL;DR No big updates for CVs this year, because Wargaming is trying to squeeze in two major updates which will affect CVs “dramatically”. Those being inclusion of bonuses for teamwork actions like spotting, the second being a more responsive UI. “Our goal is a quickness and responsiveness something similair to a fast paced RTS like starcraft.” After the event where NA could win a Mikasa, there’ll be more events (on NA) this year but no confirmation whether other ships will we given out in those. NA team is considering how to offer Kamikaze R / Fujin, no decision yet. Captain skill system is something the devs want to overhaul in the future. These perks should enable more interesting gameplay and not be a one size fits all gameplay option. No Austro-Hungarian ships in 2016. Quemapueblos hints that there might be another ARP ship coming soon-ish. Armorviewer is scheduled for release in “next patch or two”, unless something unforseen happens. Royal Navy cruisers are still on track to be released this year. No ETA for ranked battles season 5 as of now, but they want some competitive mode back up and running (Team Battles maybe?) No new high tier premium IJN ships scheduled for 2016. German destroyers confirmed as last line to be released (hopefully) this year. Wargaming is working on removing fail divisions with the next patch or two. No splits of shiplines this year (CA/CL or BB/BC).
  3. Takru_Asia

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    And from Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/4q4yxa/057_live_058_pt_1_data_changes/ WG already updated the PT server. Smallish patch, lotsa interesting stuff. Data changes Ship changes Additions Tier 3 premium German battleship König Albert added Tier 4 German battleship Kaiser added Tier 7 (premium?) German battleship Scharnhorst added Tier 7 premium USN cruiser Flint added Tier 9 premium USN destroyer Black added Placeholder data for ARP Takao added Ar 196C and Fw 62 spotter planes added Shell data for German battleships added I doubt any of these ships will be playable on the PTS. Changes Pretty much every cruiser in the game and a handful of destroyers had their armour models changed (no nerfs/buffs, just more detailed armour models). This is absolutely too much to document, and the changes shouldn't be very significant gameplay-wise anyway. Yubari: HP buffed (18300 > 18700) Profintern: name changed to Krasnyi Krym Several ships got 360 degree arcs on their turrets, see table below Data added for Bastion gamemode buildings Turret arc changes Ship Mounts Kamikaze 1, 2 Clemson 1 Umikaze 3 Novik 6 Hashidate 1 Minekaze 1, 2, 3 Aurora 1 Wakatake 1 Mutsuki 1, 2 Tachibana 1, 4, 5 Königsberg 2, 3 Diana 1 Wickes 1 Miscellaneous changes ARP Takao captain added ARP Gunzou captain added Text changes They changed the formatting on every line in the game because Lesta hates me Package changes Models added for new ships Models added for Bastion gamemode buildings Tons of swf files changed. Modders beware. On Bastion gamemode/German shells I still have no idea how the data for the buildings works, so I didn't include that as I wanted to have this thread up tonight instead of having to wait until I figure it out. Idem for German shells: I don't know which belong to which ships, so I'll have to wait until I figure that out, but I'll probs put up a post on that later this week.