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  1. Cho anh vào clan với, winrate của anh có 45 % thôi nhưng anh rất chăm online, gọi lúc nào có lúc đấy. Anh có 1 con shima với henry

    1. Your_Beyond_Cute_Witch


      anh có thể cung cấp điện chỉ FB đc ko???

  2. need rank solo or rank party like DoTa 2. Thanks for help
  3. General_Zheng

    Why no CV in clan war match ?

    CV can imba ? just play clan war with 10-15 people . CV cant do anything with 15 enemy . Developer Wargaming have brain ? Or use CV tier 8 in clan war . Thanks
  4. I c'ant understand CV 0.8 . Stupid idea . We play CV like chess , i 'am not pilot , why i need control airplane . Please come back old cv game play developer . Really stupid idea . Need strategy for play CV not control air plane . WCG developer come back play Mario please, world of war ship not for u