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  1. 8knots_Kai

    Topic Redacted

  2. 8knots_Kai

    Topic Redacted

    I beg to differ as I had my Kii got set 3 fires by just one salvo from a Monarch, Kii is not even a short ship to begin with. That was the only time I got triggered (really) hard from it (mostly because I just repaired two fires from an Atago). It is "bad" when you involve to much of an emotion over a simple "game". Again, involving too much of an emotion does very little to rectify a problem (other than heating up the situation even further). You could say the same for the life of other 3 classes in this game (currently, to say at least) Anyway that's just me.
  3. 8knots_Kai

    Topic Redacted

    Yeah, I've been spending the last couple of weeks playing nothing but DDs (and occassionally Kii) and I'll just say it plainly that DDs definitely aren't "that" underpowered. There's just always a way for DDs to play around radar, it's at least not as hard as playing around CVs perma-spotting you.
  4. 8knots_Kai

    Just give every ship radar already

    Not just rocks...
  5. 8knots_Kai


    Basically a Richelieu with worse turret arrangement but more reasonable placement of its secondaries. If you need something to train your French commanders, I'd say Dunkerque is a cheaper (and maybe a better) option.
  6. 8knots_Kai

    Why is this allowed?

    An F2P online game still needs money you know...
  7. 8knots_Kai

    Pan Asia Flag poll

    But it happened anyway... Thanks to you people
  8. 8knots_Kai

    extreme matchmaking and its side effect

    Checking player stats only adds up to your frustration even before the match started. I'd say just do your best and (most importantly) pray that RNG goes to your side. Also a bonus, if your teammates are willing to work together with you.
  9. 8knots_Kai

    Incoming Pay2Win

    Error 404 - Map awareness not found
  10. 8knots_Kai

    Are the aim bots back in this game?

    You must be so desperate for credits (or port slots).
  11. 8knots_Kai

    Musashi at T9

    I presume right now you can earn more credits easily in a Missouri than in a Yamato with prem camo? That should be the case of Musashi as well.
  12. 8knots_Kai

    Musashi at T9

    Sorry mate, that excuse cannot work on me.
  13. 8knots_Kai

    Musashi at T9

    Because T9. One of the reasons why I decided to keep Neptune alongside Minotaur, as being top tier in a tier 9 is fun (sometimes). So? T7+ (excluding Scharnhorst and KGV) and some T6 BBs can already overmatch them long before this.
  14. 8knots_Kai

    How to ibuki?

    Nothing can make Ibuki to work greatly like other T9 cruisers. Range mod is just the safe bet because it's better than you get lol-citted more often by BBs at closer range. Shell velocity is bad but still works okay if you only focus on BBs at max range. Otherwise if you're just fed up by it's "unworthiness", it's better to just use free xp.