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  1. Vizio

    Dont have Småland?BUY IT NOW!!!

    Buy it or not depends on why you play ships in game. As u say their are many funny DDs in the tech tree, like Khabarovsk and Shimakaze, first one have high speed and 50mm stalin-armour,second one have 20km torps. If just for fun, they are great enought, but for win a battle? I dont think they are good choice. To buy smaland their are 3 reasons for me, radar, high DPM, high speed with engine boost, those things can make me control the situation and then going to win. it may just like you say a gunboat and may not funny like other high ter tech tree DD, However, sometimes you must pay sth to get steel, rank stars and soso... Yes, its really expensive for 2m FXP to buy it and for many players there is no strong reason to by smaland too, i still remember the first FXP ship BB missouri just need 750 thounds FXP, 2m fxp can do many things, However if you want have a ter X DD with radar and fast reload gun, maybe there is no chance to get one.
  2. Vizio

    What do you think of deadeye?

    the most important thing is that their is no punishment of this skill. you have 10% buff what things you should pay for it? NO NOTHING!
  3. Vizio

    Dont have Småland?BUY IT NOW!!!

    OK,every one have their choice😉
  4. Vizio

    Dont have Småland?BUY IT NOW!!!

    In this game same class ship dont means have same power. halland its tottally different than smaland,. halland have 15km range's torps with 86kts but dont have radar also dont have a 30% engine boost consumable.so halland is more like a torp-DD(which means torps are more useful than guns) smaland have a fast-reload-time gun and radar but her torps just come from ter VIII EUR DD, which means smaland is more like a gun-fire DD(which means guns are more useful than torps) The most significant thing between two sisters is smaland have radar but halland not. In this dead eye version, almost all radar ship dont have a chance to use radar safely even though stalingrad(if you have this ship and you play it in this version, you will know what i mean).Therefore, the only one who can use radar safely and have the power to kill enemy DD in one radar time, then plus her hp, run away quickly is smaland, their is no other ship can do like smaland.Once time lose their DD, i think you know how big the bad influnce is. u may say smaland dont have AA consumable how her live under the CV's fighters or bombers attack?halland class have a wonderful standard AA defence, her AA guns can make her alive and in random battle their is no CV players who Often want to attack smaland, why not to bomb Yamato? 2m free XP its hard to get, but smalland really is worth to 2m free XP if u like play DD, u think urself is a DD player and you want to have a good experience in random and rank battle, u can buy it. if DD is not ur best hobby, u can save it and do other things. all its on your think
  5. Vizio

    Well done WoWS, Well done...

    backing to 1800s,both sides BBs going to make a battle line🤣
  6. Vizio

    Just feels so bad...

    BRO, This game have combine battle(translate from chinese client i dont konw english version's name ),you can drive your favorite ships and kill bots, watch the sea and enjoy life or you can play narai with your friends, there are many funs in this game not just in random battle 🙂
  7. Before i say , i'm not a Destroyer player.However , in order to win the rank battle,i have no choose but to play destroyer. I just have daring and in my mind daring have powerful guns and good hp so their is no fear to face to other DDs, UNTILL I MEET Småland she have radar she have 1.7s reload time she have 1%HP/14s working-time consumable most times i died under her guns and radar although i try my best, so if you want to be a guy which can kill all destroyers and cap all bases by your own? buy it now you will never be regret. it will be off the shelf after 0.10.0.
  8. So this line is a kill-CV-player's line?
  9. Vizio

    German CV line Confimed?

    I dont think so,because now CV's balance is not so good,and many problems are still in their.
  10. Vizio

    Zao: In Memoriam

    ZAO now don't have enough power in ter 10 room
  11. Vizio

    The most simple way to fix CV problem

    the most simple way to fix CV is delete CV.
  12. Vizio

    Game is becoming a JOKE!!!!!!!

    I think maybe you push so early😔