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  1. Musashi or Alaska

    G"Day OP, One thing also to remember is that "Alaska" is a "Work in progress". It is very common for WG to make adjustments to WIP content for various reasons. (Game balance for instance). From memory I think this happened with "Musashi". It certainly happened with "Duke of York" which got a bit of a caning from the Beta testers. When she showed up last Christmas, she was/is a fine ship. In my eyes, as good as her Tech Tree counterpart KGV. Anyways, just another thing to think about. Cheer's Alex B_T23 P.S. It will be interesting to see what WG do with Jean Bart. That thing looks terrifying. A
  2. Don't they know Russian DD?

    Not Weird at all.
  3. I really hate this operation

    Hi Guys, Its fine to voice your disapproval of these ops as it does tend to bring out ideas on how two play any particular op. But it would be nice for those of us who wish to play any particular op to know what ships you actually might find successful. Here with Narai, I found Scharnhorst, Indianapolis and Duke of York in its original form. Is this still the case? What other ships do well in this op. This would be very helpful for those who are hoping to get back to playing "Operation of the Week". At least a starting point. Alex B_T23
  4. Thank's mate. Very much appreciated. The op went well. Just some discomfort ATM. Plus I have to learn to do things a little differently. Hi icy. Yeah I was coming to the same conclusion myself. Those bot hits in the video were sure taking their toll. Ouch & lol. Its still Bismarck and Tirpitz for me. Mind you, I still think The Massa would be good fun. Now if we could get some suitable T 8 Ops of the week for her...... Hint, Hint, WG. Hi PeterMoe. Yeah bit of verbal Diarrhea I'm afraid. Trouble is I live alone so I don't have anyone with me who I can drive silly with WoWs Talk. Lol. (Apart from my cat and he just takes a message and promises to get back to me. Strange --- he never does.) Totally agree with the rest of your comments. I love playing ops when I am well enough. Unfortunately Being under the weather for a few months has taken that away from me as the concentration is difficult. At least Co-Op gives me an outlet. Short quick games with no angst. Would love to get back into HMS Orion in random, just don't feel up to it ATM. Anyways its time for a "Toodle Pip" from me. Take care everyone. Alex B_T23
  5. The Ring. Public voting has started

    Hi All, A pat on the the back to WG for changing the format of this competition. Just a thought on this though. I think by popular vote Jingles would win this competition ----- if it was by popular vote. Why could there not be 2 Captaincy's on offer. One voted for popularity by the general community. And one decided by competition in whatever form that takes. This would give a fair chance to the smaller contributors and a chance for the broader community to vote according to their desires. Yes it is hard to please all of the community, but this way it will give fair opportunity for all to have their say. Just an idea. Alex B_T23
  6. Hi Guys, Just thought I would post here a video of one of the trials I did last Friday night with the Massachusetts. This was just to see how good the secondary's are. Also was wondering about her main armament performance. I have seen some comments that suggest it is less than the best. Also wanted too check out her HE as well. BTW I learnt ones concentration is not the best when you are doped up with pain killers just so you can play a few games of WoWs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZKmjQttM3o As you can see the secondaries seem to work well and would suggest a pretty good "Brawler". Trouble is one could perhaps count on them to much and get into trouble during random battles. The mains appear ok to me. but maybe you guys can see something different. Anyways cheers for now Alex B_T23
  7. Hi Flemboy, Try not to get too over concerned about it. Co-Op is the learning area for many new comers. And frankly there is a lot to learn in this game, from how to drive your ship, the function of all the controls,even how to fire your torps. (I've seen the question asked). Etc. Etc..... Yes. Many others, myself included, just like the atmosphere of less angst and having a rollicking good time destroying those pesky Bots. (Kill. Kill. Crush. Destroy....... Oops got carried away there.) Also it is the perfect place to check out our new ships before entering into more serious combat such as Random, scenario, etc. I am going to post a video over in my own thread on the Massachusetts gunnery trials I ran for my own edification if you would like to see something of what I get up too in co-op. ----- Soon All the best mate. Alex B_T23
  8. Hi Guys and Gals Well, its retail therapy time again. I have been pretty much US (Unsericeable --- Health reasons) for the last 8 weeks and need some cheering up. So after some watching of our cc's on YouTube, I chose the Massachusetts and she seems like shes a really nice ship. Quite different from the Alabama which I already have. It is a bit hard to tell how good she is as I have only been able to take her out for 7 co-op battles at the moment to try her out. She seems to be quite a good "brawler" with a full secondaries build. Her co is a 19 point skipper who is what one could say is more of a traditional BB skill set, so no manual secondary control. This co I use for all my other USN premium BB's and I am saving him for the NC when I get to her. Her AA is quite good. Had a Lexington pick on me whilst I was engaging a enemy Massachusetts at close range and managed to down 11 bombers 7 tb's and a fighter. Needless to say I got swamped. lol Didn't mind. Team mate, (Not a Bot) finished off the enemy 'Massa" and the day was won. The only thing I don't like about her is her sluggish steering and response. I know Steering Gear mod 2 would help with this, but as she is a Brawler, I think I prefer "Damage control system mod 2". Any comments you guys have on this would be welcome. Do I like her more than the Alabama? Mmmm.. Not really. From the the start, I have always enjoyed the Alabama even in preference to the "Mighty Mo". But I can see with time it will become a close run thing as I don't mind a brawl in BB's now and again. Well its off to the Premium shop and take advantage of this weekends doubloon offer. Yes I'll grab "The Kidd" and either some Freedom containers or Bismarck containers. Maybe some freedoms for a change. All the best guy's and gal's. Alex B_T23 PS, 2nd of August I go in for an operation to correct the health issue and hopefully be back on deck properly. So please think of me. A
  9. Hi All, Well I owe WG a big thank you for their generosity with this gift. Due to me being seriously ill for the last 2 months, I have been unable to Enjoy/Play WOWs or any other game that requires any type of concentration or sitting in front of my PC and therefore feeling pretty down and miserable. This cheered me up as something good whilst in the midst of all the S*** and pain that has been happening. So WG a truly big thank-you and appreciation for the little bit of cheer you gave me. Alex B_T23 PS. Hope to be back with you all in a few weeks.
  10. Best Premium Ships For Fun!

    G'day n1T_GnoRT Scharnhorst.... THE Fun ship. Oktoberfest on Water. See Yuro's video here:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4t-j1Kaeg4w (Caution... Bad Language.) --- But funny. Lol. Alex B_T23
  11. ANZAC Day 2017 - A Time to Remember

    Age shall not weary them nor the the years condemn them. At the going down of the sun and in the morning. We will remember them. Lest we forget. Alex :- Son of a Digger. Anzac Day 25th April 2018
  12. ultimate frontier failure

    Hi Guys. No one else has done this in this thread. so I'll be the "Bunny" to do so. I had "Unfinished business" with this op last night and could not go to bed. Around 10,000 on server, must be some good team mates around and there was. So in all its glory and 20 minutes long is a 2 Star victory in "The Shiny Horse" with a 19 point co. It is totally unedited with all my mistakes including launching Torps in the wrong direction because I forgot which way the Red's usually turn. Please be gentle with me as it is the first time I have uploaded a video to YouTube. (Also I was very tired that late at night). The main reason for the upload is so you can comment on various aspects of this op. Note the load screen at the start. The most excitement is in the last 5 minutes or so. Alex B_T23
  13. ultimate frontier failure

    An interesting observation. The Jig is Up. If you have Replays enabled, check out the load screen Missions/Team. You will see the real scenario description at the bottom of the page. Scenario:- Difficulty hard. Alex
  14. Tick. Thought something had changed in this op.
  15. Hi All. Feel like its good news time. Can use a little cheering ATM. 1st Success. 3 x 19 point Commanders RN, KM and USN all contributing to the skill level pool. Surprisingly the US Co came about by accident and was thanks to operation Hermes. The Indianapolis was the only ship I had available for that op. As his skill level rose it seemed natural to keep going. Man am I glad i kept going as although I can only use him with the "Indie" in op's, I have him for Alabama and Missouri for Co-OP. You may ask why I did not just activate the French ships? Reason. This would have taken resources that i was saving for the RN And KM Tech Tree line. lol. Being C.I.C. of my own little fleet means due diligence with the purse strings you know. Starting too sound like an accountant. ---- eek. Anyway, being frugal payed off and with the help of some doubloon's I was able to unlock the KM BB line up to and including the Bismarck. Well naturally, a order was submited directly to KM Navy Group South for Gneisenau and Bismarck. (Bayern, I am holding back on in the hope that WG will improve the situation with op's). Gneisenau duly arrived with the most pleasant surprise of my old friend Korvetten kapitan Stefan Zimmer at the helm. (I can see a drinking party coming on. ) Took Gneisenau for a run in Co-Op and she is really quite nice. Anything hit with those guns, how should I say? They stay well and truly hit. Bismarck similarly I was quite pleased with apart from her steering which seemed sluggish without the steering gear mod. So i will change that asap. Her guns.....mm nice. An Alabama came to close, side on shot, Obliterated her. Also hit a red Tirpitz from long range and took a huge chunk out of her. My Team mate Tirpitz finished her off. "Dirty kill steeler". ha. Grosser admiral Gerhard Beckhaur has raised his flag in Bismarck. Well might leave it at that. Hope the seas are smooth for you and the wind is at your backs. Alex B_T23