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  1. Bengal_Tiger23

    Codes NEW NEW and even NEWER

    Thank you. 🙂
  2. Hi Grygus. Gee mate, how did you read my mind so exactly! I must have forgotten to put on my "Tin Foil" hat. I have only played pvp occasionally for some time now. The only reason I started to play a few was Because someone said that "Dreadnought" was a useless ship. To myself, I proved this to be wrong and down there in T3 it was fun and engaginging. So I stuck arounnd down there in the lower teirs for a while and enjoyed it. Tryed out T8 in a division with my "Hood" (that ship is now very good), but found it draining. Mind you my divy mates from my clan were absolutely great company. The only op I now play regularly is "Narai" if there is a Divy on the go or it is in the rotation. What I have found fun and Engaging is practice for "Clan War's" in the trainig room. and actual cw''s with my clan mates. (Dicord helps here a lot). Thanks for the post I could not have put those words together as well as you have. Cheers, GLHF Alex B_T23 Subnote.:- Playing has also been affected by outside influences which you may be aware of already. 😞
  3. Bengal_Tiger23

    Why CV population seems to have cooled down?

    When 0.8.5. Went live, wg did say there would be a slight hotfix in a couple of week's as the changes went a little to far. <---- Hmmm Slight & little, I wonder what that meens? Oh well. Us surface fleet Commanders should enjoy the benefits while we can. Notser is trying to push wg for a "Skill Respec" after the Hotfix is live The 2nd skill respec was for CW player's. Alex B_T23 Sub note:- I did take Bismack for a handfull of Random battles to try out the new meta. Averaged about 5 aircraft kills in each game containing CV's. One game was a T10. and got a couple of T10 aircraft. games went ok. My Bimarck is not specced for AA. Totaly surface action for the upcoming T8 Clan Wars. A
  4. Bengal_Tiger23

    Which commander would you buy next?

    I dunno. just a wild stab in the dark. lol
  5. Bengal_Tiger23

    Which commander would you buy next?

    High Max, I agree. Except I usually get the monthly. And yes I have grabbed all of them since they were released. It has meant that gift ships have ready made 10 point skippers. Pus I can "Specialise" a "Special" premium ship if I want to. Grygus has the right idea though one that fits your own requirements. Fair seas mate. Alex
  6. Bengal_Tiger23

    Did you just assume my Regent's gender?

    For the information of Forum members. Smoking is not permitted on WG forums. If you are, don't forget the rest of us.
  7. Bengal_Tiger23

    Did you just assume my Regent's gender?

    What are you saying? Have you gone Mad!? If this comes to pass:- "Men & Women of the Commonwealth of Nation's". It is time for us to Revolt against this insidious intrusion into the nature of life. Rise up now all those of you, and I, who are proud to be called Male and Female. It is time to rid ourselves of these soulless creatures who would take away the joy of the very nature of our being. Viva le Differeanse! Alex (Pepi Le Pew fan).
  8. Bengal_Tiger23

    Can YOU spot the error?

    With this hint:- 2 things stand out to me anyway. PEF broadside on in smoke at that range an easy hit for the enemy particularly if near stationary. Also blocking your shots. If Leander preparing to torp, on edge of effective torp range. That's all i've got for this one Alex
  9. Hi Paladinum, For a long time I have thought that WG are using the RN line as their "experimental" line. This in itself is not necessarily bad as long as it is temporary. Overall though, this does seem to be the case. BB's One only has to look at what has been done with Warspite, Hood --- What a breath of fresh air that is now--- and Vanguard. These ships can not be considered Op by any stretch of the imagination, but, they are very good ships that are enjoyable to play. The way that I think most of us would like our ships to be. The use of short fused AP and overly strong HE has encouraged the "Just load HE" mentality that currently exists in the game and really is beyond a joke. When I started playing this game 18 months ago, it was very much "use the correct ammo for the right situation". Using HE from Warspite against a broadsided BB all the time ----- . As for the CL's ---- Grrr. Semi AP. ---- Baahh. WG, You only have to look at the job you did with the HMAS Perth to see the model for the RN CL's. Yes she has a gimmick, her creeping smoke. This is a good one and a keeper. That makes up for her squishiness. But, by no means does that make her op. She still has to be used like a Light Cruiser. HMS Belfast. Only one real mistake there and that is making her Radar and Hydro standard instead of being a choice between the two of them. DD's Seem Pretty much ok. But they would be better with either standard smoke or creeping like in the HMCS Haida. --- Haida is not a bad model for what RN DD's should be like. Okay, that's my 2 bob's worth on the RN line. I could go on about the HE spaming, but that's a subject for another thread. Apart for one thing. It would seem that with the new round of Premium ships, WG are actively encouraging this type of play. Maybe its just me and I am seeing it wrong, but this is not the way to go. Alex B_T23
  10. Bengal_Tiger23

    My Clan has dissappeared. What happened?

    Lol. That's my bad as I think I should have started this thread in the appropriate Clan section. So apology's. Alex
  11. Well I'm very interested in this from a Historical point of view. From what I had learned, most of the technical drawings photos and other records were destroyed before the occupation forces arrived. Up until recently all that has been known revolved around a few old photo's and some documents that survived, witness statements and a good smattering of hearsay. If WG have discovered more info I hope it can be collated at some time, and we can have access to it. Mind you, I hope Tamiya arent going to change their Yamato model to much. I only have the 1980's updated model of her. Lol She'll be out of date and inaccurate. Can't have that can we. Alex
  12. Bengal_Tiger23

    Log In

    Well for me its no concern. My NBN --- (grrrr rubibish hunk of junk) ---- crashed spectacularly last night and although temporarily ok, I don't trust it for the update. They are sending a technician Tomorrow afternoon to Fix the THING. What a waste of time. Alex B_T23
  13. Bengal_Tiger23

    Social Wolves - An Ops Div Group

    Hi Guys Social Wolves will be active this arvo from about 20 min time if any would like to join in. Just message me in game. Alex Gee I miss max
  14. Bengal_Tiger23

    My Clan has dissappeared. What happened?

    Est es ost. It is over. The guys have decided on what they want to do. At this minute I suspect that Farley is submiting their IGN's and his own. The six of us will stay together. But I will wait for it to be official before saying our destination. ----- Just dotting the I's and crossing the T's. At that time we will submit our thankyou's. You are a teriffic bunch on this forum and I for one Are greatfull and proud to be a part of you. Alex B_T23
  15. Bengal_Tiger23

    My Clan has dissappeared. What happened?

    It would seem yes. In the world today we are surrounded by scammers and black markets. It would be naive of us to think that even our own WG would not be hit by them from time to time. Good to Hear from you. Alex