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  1. Bengal_Tiger23

    German Captain Skills: Graf Spee to Gr. Kurfust.

    You know this may be true now with the new measures about AP vs Destroyers. Graf Spee has the same guns as the Shiny Horse, 283mm, so HE will be loaded more often.
  2. Bengal_Tiger23

    I thought the weekend was over...

    Hi Max, This is something that has crept into op's in the last few months. Also I have noticed it in co-op. In the early days it drove me mad in Random battles even down at tier IV. That is why I spend my time in PVE these days. From your point of view I'm not to sure how you can deal with this. Maybe your good sense of humor that you show here consistently may be a tool you can use. For myself I just write it off as a Newbie, usually a young-ling, who is used to different type's of online games that don't rely on tactical thinking like WoWs does. Even some Grown up players actually struggle with Tactical Knowledge I think, but wont admit it. This comes from being your average person on the street and not understanding some basic tactical maneuvers. They just want to play and have some fun. Once they get a little in-game knowledge they start to think they know it all. This then lead's to the message that you got. Plus "pinging the map" repeatedly and unnecessarily, or the one I hate seeing is "Bengal-Tiger I need your help XXXXX" and they are on the other side of the map amongst a flock of destroyers and I"m in the Warspite. Honestly, I couldn't help them if I was in the fastest ship in the game. Anyways Good luck mate. (oops. Sorry. Kah Blah' ) Alex
  3. Grrr. I'll have to have strict words with my Intelligence Officer. "The bounder. Such lax behavior. Totally Un-British of course. He should be Keel-Hauled immediately. Or Cat-O-Nine tails at least." "Errrr. No. We don't do that in the Australian Navy. But I'll think of something". For once I agree with the pompous Prat. Daaaamn. Capt. B. Tiger Officer Commanding Tiger Force
  4. That's ok icy. It is good to have verification of what is said on YouTube most times. Take care mate. Alex
  5. Hi icy, Yes I went for dcp2 as well. Lets see British, A BB, hmmmm. Yep, she'll get HE spammed. I just checked the videos by No Zoup and by Lord Mountbatten on Vanguard. No Zoup said the fuse time had been increased on her shells. Lord Mountbatten said they are normal shells not the RN short fuse. Do you know of any extra info about this as I have been trying waterline shots? If they are still a short fuse type, I will be adjusting my aim a bit higher. These shots do seem to be working though. Of course against Yamato this is just hypothetical anyway. If I ever took her that close in a random battle, I would deserve to get "Deleted" Lol. Cheers Mate Alex
  6. Sometimes life just takes up your time. Life as usual has eaten into my WoWs playing time again. So there has not been a lot to report on. Mind you, I did manage to get in a good run with Operation Hermes. USS Indianapolis and USS New Orleans did quite well. The CO of the New Orleans is now 17 + skill points and soon I'll be trying to work out what extra skills to give him. Naturally I'm not assigning skills atm till we get some certainty about the changes that are coming in game. I watched the following video by zerra Chanel and one concerning WOT pc by QuickyBaby. I do hope that the picture they paint does not come to fruition. zerra:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUi1dVpvskw&t=791s QuickyBaby:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veYZ1iiqOng Interesting, but I hope unlikely. Warspite, Queen Elisabeth and Perth I took for a run in the Newport op. Went OK Friday night and Saturday arvo. But. Talk about things going Pear Shaped! ------ See my comments elsewhere in this forum. Anyways. I consoled myself with some of my favorite ships in Co-Op. Oh Tirpitz, Scharnhorst and Vanguard. Oh how I love thee. Ahem. Yes Vanguard received the shake down cruises I promised her. Practiced the tail wagging that has been recommended when bringing all guns on target. Love her maneuverability. Must protect her citadel. I did find her gun's ok, but had trouble trying to pen the bow cheeks of the Yamato to get at her citadel. This might be just my bad aiming but i'm pretty sure I hit her where I needed to, and it was close range. Maybe I'll come up against her again and we shall see. With Christmas upon us, that came quick this year, I'm not too certain as to how much WoWs time I will get for the time being. So updates maybe slow in coming. Lol. I should be mowing the lawn/grass atm. Usually have neighbors for drinks on the front porch Christmas eve. Some people have lawns. I have grass and weeds. Well, cheer's for now. Alex B_T23
  7. Bengal_Tiger23

    Newport Op - I give up.

    I see you already have the Vulcan logic. Then Kolina is the one for you. Live long and prosper.
  8. Bengal_Tiger23

    Newport Op - I give up.

    Most certainly. A formal report will be forthcoming. I am heading to a meeting with the Commanding officers of Warspite, Queen Elisabeth and Perth to confirm observations expressed earlier in this general discussion. Orders and suggestions in your communication have been implemented. Alex B_T23
  9. Bengal_Tiger23

    Newport Op - I give up.

    Well mate, we want you around for a while longer so I would suggest the Vulcan Kolina. Much more peaceful. The Klingon "Bakshat hu' Ritual" is quite violent really. All that blood and Gore, plus the shouting. Yuck. Mind you if you survive, refreshment afterwards is quite nice and convivial. Kah Blah'. (Good luck)
  10. Bengal_Tiger23

    Newport Op - I give up.

    Harder Man, Harder! If Charlton Heston can do it, so can you! Hmm. Maybe we can help Max out with some of the good old fashioned Vulcan "Kolina" discipline! There again, there is the Klingon "Bakshat hu' Ritual". mmmm. Maybe not. Bit blood thirsty that one. I wrote a Thesis on both of those, but the pile of memorandums and notes got so high that it eventually fell and nearly Killed me. I haven't been the same since.
  11. Bengal_Tiger23

    Newport Op - I give up.

    A quote from "55 Day's at Peking":- "Your not Praying hard enough!"
  12. Bengal_Tiger23

    What was your first Premium Ship?

    Hi Max My first premium(s) were Scharnhorst then Warspite. The "Shiny Horse" was a "offer ship" and the Warspite -- well, lets just say she was RN and leave it at that. I have never regretted purchasing either of those two ships and have trained many captains with them. Gaining elite commanders in these ships resulted in kick starting Commanders in other Tech tree lines. The big plus has been that they are still very enjoyable to play. In the few "Random battles" that I played in them -- Many moon's ago -- they did quite well and were fun to play just in themselves. As for suitable op's, they and their tech tree counterparts -- Gneisenau and Queen Elisabeth are my Go-to ships. Many other premiums have joined them and are in the "No regrets" category. Yes I love my BB's. Cheer's for now. Alex B_T23
  13. Bengal_Tiger23

    Newport Op - I give up.

    Don't usually loose it. But this is beyond a joke! Its like going to war with a flock of lambs ready for the slaughter. And a slaughter it is. They go off Yoloing straight into the teeth of the enemy. This is a "Defensive Battle!" Its not a "Every man for himself!" They have know idea that the defense of the base is the over-riding mission. No way can you count on anyone to move to cover the flanks. Mainly because there is barely any body left. Getting really sick of the opposite flank to me collapsing completely. As for taking the wrong ships into this op. Good grief. If you take a DD into this op, you have to know what you are doing! Also, Mutsu is to fragile to go running around by itself outside the base area. Do 126K+ damage and top the team sheet and still loose! Grrr I can not complain about the occasional CV player, they seem to do ok. Sorry if I seem a bit distraught. But I am tired of wasting good "Echo flags" and high scoring camo's when my team mates appear to have no clue what so ever! Okay. Feeling a little better now I have vented. You can now say "Git Good" "Carry Harder" and "Your new here aren't you?" if you wish. Think I'll play some Co-Op before I go to bed. Maybe I will find some good bot's on my team to play with. Lol. Alex B_T23
  14. Bengal_Tiger23

    Discount on Captain respec

    Ditto. I Will follow that with much interest. Cheer's mate.
  15. Bengal_Tiger23

    Open/Close Wallet? 2018 HOHOHO

    Well, I have to hang off to next pay day because:- I will get a few as the Camo's and Special flags are useful. Oh the Doubloons as well. Who knows, I might get lucky and get my Belfast. Need a premium RN light cruiser to train more RN light cruiser Co's. Alex B_T23