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  1. Bengal_Tiger23

    Premium Ships you'd like to see in-game

    A Choice of HMAS Adelaide 1922 > 1939 > 1947 Improved "Town Class" HMAS Canberra 1928 > 1938 > 1942, HMAS Australia II 1928 > 1944 > 1954 or HMAS Shropshire 1942 > 1944 > 1954 -- Heavy Cruisers HMNZS Gambia 1945 (Very similar to Belfast) HMAS's Arunta, Warramunga and Bataan. (Aussie built based on RN Tribal class and similar to Haida). HMAS "N" class DD's Napier, Nepal, Norman, Nizam and Nestor. There are many more post and pre wwII DD's that could be added. --- Please Come on Kiwi's and Canadians, Help me out here. Lol. B_T23
  2. Bengal_Tiger23

    I Love WG!

    This thread.....
  3. It's time for "Good News Week". Been reading a bit of the forum lately. Hmm, getting a little "Negative" atm. Maybe a bit of what has been cheering me in game recently....well it might help some to see that their are things I have been enjoying. A different perspective perhaps? Op's and the RN Arc have helped me rebuild my in game "currencies". Such as credits, Free xp, Elite Commander skills and those all important doubloons. As a result I now have 3 tier 6>8 USN heavy cruisers fully equipped with 10 point Capt's to join Indianapolis and Cleveland. So look out suitable op's, especially "Cherry Blossom". Hopefully Wichita will join them as soon as she becomes available. "Dynamo" gave me 2 x 19 point Commanders, Sims & Haida. Haida did pretty good in "Dynamo". Yes, her skipper needed some elite skill points added. But hey, that's what they are for. Three new Tech Tree ships have been added. North Carolina, (My USN 19 point BB Captain now has his own ship), Bayern (Which I skipped to get Gneisenau & Bismarck) and Monarch. These do need to be equipped but there is time for that. With Vanguard coming soon..... Well, you know what I'm going to do don't you. Dreadnought will come later and that will be "The first of the breed and the last". I owe a big thank you to clan DOD, Do or Die [DO] for there invitation to join and am looking forward to the times ahead. It is great to find a niche within this game that one can enjoy. Mine is PVE but that does not mean that eventually I won't be giving you random guy's a hard time in PVP. And yes, in-spite of WG making op's harder and nerfing the rewards I still enjoy them a great deal. There have been many more good things happening in game, but that's enough I think for the time being. The Combined Australian Fleet, CAF, is now to be called "Tiger Force". "Jolly good show old chap. Can't have you colonials getting ahead of yourselves, wot, wot". . (One of these days. I am going to sack that puffed up puncey Galah of a Captain). Enjoy the game Guys and Gals. Alex B_T23 CNO. Tiger Force PS. A "Doh" moment. I was wondering why KGV wasn't performing as well as I had expected. "OK.. Who on my staff was the idiot who researched her Modules and didn't pay for them?" "Errr um, you did sir". "Oh yes. It was me". "OK. Stop with the Derpa Derp Derp. Comments. Sheesh".
  4. Bengal_Tiger23

    I Love WG!

    Perhaps its time for WG to consider more in depth a "+/- 1 mm" for tier 8. Maybe then these rant's may end. Just an idea. Alex. B_T23
  5. Bengal_Tiger23

    Damn the orders, hard to port.

    Just tried "Acasta" and she did not answer the helm when trying to avoid a torp spread. Hmmm. They just missed by a hairs breadth. lol I will try some other RN DD's and see what happens. Later this afternoon.
  6. Bengal_Tiger23

    Damn the orders, hard to port.

    It might be worth some of us testing this out in Co-Op or the Training Room. I have been using Cossack in Co-Op for the Directives and she does seem a little over sensitive to the "ATA", but nothing unusual. Icarus & Jervis I used briefly and there was nothing stood out. I'll try them out in Co-Op this arvo and see if this can be re-produced. Lol, I have some Directives to complete. Are you certain that it is not the "Auto Terrain Avoidance" that is effecting things?
  7. Bengal_Tiger23

    Damn the orders, hard to port.

    I've only noticed the "Auto Terrain Avoidance' working as usual. Nothing else untoward.
  8. Bengal_Tiger23

    No scenario stats in Profile.

    Lol. I couldn't wait to get away from those things, so I took early retirement. What you are saying though is what I think we need in our profiles. Their are ships in scenarios that I can do well in, but others that ..... shall we say, "I need some work on". Cruisers particularly. As you say, being able to see what is happening, would be helpful. Awwww. I'm, only up to 82 after 561 battles. Wah wah. . But, a hearty well done there. Alex
  9. Bengal_Tiger23

    No scenario stats in Profile.

    I was just wondering why our stats for Scenario battle's are not shown in our profiles. I play mainly scenarios these days, and it would be nice to know how things are going there. Any ideas? Alex B_T23
  10. Bengal_Tiger23

    IJN BB line is kinda boring right now -_-

    Agree. IJN DD Torp boats are deadly in the right hands. That's one of the reasons I steer clear of Random Battles. At least until I can work out how to deal with them.
  11. Bengal_Tiger23

    News Flash - Commodore Dasha Perova Removed from command.

    Hi icy, Just to let you know. I will be going with your suggestion asap. I still have 3 skill points to go with her skipper before I can do that, plus another 1 point for 19 point Commander. BTW, I took her out in Raptor last night for a change. She did ok. I do feel more comfortable with her than with Leander in spite of no heal. Always appreciate your input. Thanks mate. Alex B_T23
  12. Bengal_Tiger23


    Oh Max. And I thought you were such a mild mannered Gentleman. lol
  13. Bengal_Tiger23


    Hi Max, Warspite was one of my first Premium ships that I bought. The other was Scharnhorst. I have never regretted getting either of those ships in the 12 months that I have had them. For T6 ops, Warspite and her sister ship Queen Elisabeth are my preferred BB's. Warspite is a bit better as she does not have the short fused ammo like other RN BB's so i have been told. I do find that noticeable. Both these ships do have slow turret traverse, (painfully at times), but there is a trick to them. Because they have very good maneuverability if you swing the ship in the direction you wish to train the guns, they will come around nicely onto target. Also in the current op it is not hard to change flanks and cover the "Raptor" from a threatened area. Warspite is a good brawler with QE just a little less so. This is because her secondary's are quite excellent, I find. The number of DD's that have fallen fowl to my secondary's I have lost count of. Cruisers finished off (burned to death) is surprising. My 19 Point RN commander was trained on this ship and "Duke of York". If you are interested, my setup:- Modules: Upgrades MA Mod 1, DCS Mod 1, AS Mod 1, SG Mod 1. Consumables DCP 2, RP 2, SA 2. Capt. skill level 10: PT, EM, BFT & AFT Skill 11 - 19: FP, ( She does burn easily. Even the Bot's spam HE. Grrrr. ). Superintendent & AR. I' m sure others may suggest other setups, but these are what I am happy with. Good hunting mate. Alex B_T23
  14. Bengal_Tiger23


    Thank you. B_T23
  15. Bengal_Tiger23


    I'm wondering what happens to the guineas if you already have the Cossack. Yeah I was impatient and bought it. Lol