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  1. Hi Paladinum, For a long time I have thought that WG are using the RN line as their "experimental" line. This in itself is not necessarily bad as long as it is temporary. Overall though, this does seem to be the case. BB's One only has to look at what has been done with Warspite, Hood --- What a breath of fresh air that is now--- and Vanguard. These ships can not be considered Op by any stretch of the imagination, but, they are very good ships that are enjoyable to play. The way that I think most of us would like our ships to be. The use of short fused AP and overly strong HE has encouraged the "Just load HE" mentality that currently exists in the game and really is beyond a joke. When I started playing this game 18 months ago, it was very much "use the correct ammo for the right situation". Using HE from Warspite against a broadsided BB all the time ----- . As for the CL's ---- Grrr. Semi AP. ---- Baahh. WG, You only have to look at the job you did with the HMAS Perth to see the model for the RN CL's. Yes she has a gimmick, her creeping smoke. This is a good one and a keeper. That makes up for her squishiness. But, by no means does that make her op. She still has to be used like a Light Cruiser. HMS Belfast. Only one real mistake there and that is making her Radar and Hydro standard instead of being a choice between the two of them. DD's Seem Pretty much ok. But they would be better with either standard smoke or creeping like in the HMCS Haida. --- Haida is not a bad model for what RN DD's should be like. Okay, that's my 2 bob's worth on the RN line. I could go on about the HE spaming, but that's a subject for another thread. Apart for one thing. It would seem that with the new round of Premium ships, WG are actively encouraging this type of play. Maybe its just me and I am seeing it wrong, but this is not the way to go. Alex B_T23
  2. Bengal_Tiger23

    My Clan has dissappeared. What happened?

    Lol. That's my bad as I think I should have started this thread in the appropriate Clan section. So apology's. Alex
  3. Well I'm very interested in this from a Historical point of view. From what I had learned, most of the technical drawings photos and other records were destroyed before the occupation forces arrived. Up until recently all that has been known revolved around a few old photo's and some documents that survived, witness statements and a good smattering of hearsay. If WG have discovered more info I hope it can be collated at some time, and we can have access to it. Mind you, I hope Tamiya arent going to change their Yamato model to much. I only have the 1980's updated model of her. Lol She'll be out of date and inaccurate. Can't have that can we. Alex
  4. Bengal_Tiger23

    Log In

    Well for me its no concern. My NBN --- (grrrr rubibish hunk of junk) ---- crashed spectacularly last night and although temporarily ok, I don't trust it for the update. They are sending a technician Tomorrow afternoon to Fix the THING. What a waste of time. Alex B_T23
  5. Bengal_Tiger23

    Social Wolves - An Ops Div Group

    Hi Guys Social Wolves will be active this arvo from about 20 min time if any would like to join in. Just message me in game. Alex Gee I miss max
  6. Bengal_Tiger23

    My Clan has dissappeared. What happened?

    Est es ost. It is over. The guys have decided on what they want to do. At this minute I suspect that Farley is submiting their IGN's and his own. The six of us will stay together. But I will wait for it to be official before saying our destination. ----- Just dotting the I's and crossing the T's. At that time we will submit our thankyou's. You are a teriffic bunch on this forum and I for one Are greatfull and proud to be a part of you. Alex B_T23
  7. Bengal_Tiger23

    My Clan has dissappeared. What happened?

    It would seem yes. In the world today we are surrounded by scammers and black markets. It would be naive of us to think that even our own WG would not be hit by them from time to time. Good to Hear from you. Alex
  8. Bengal_Tiger23

    My Clan has dissappeared. What happened?

    High BigWaveSurfer, Sorry to take a while to reply. Been a bit busy. And I'm afraid a "dark mood". There has been some good developements from the point of view of homes for us. I can't go into details just yet as we must respect (as it should be) the right of acceptance or refusal by clan commanders for all enlistments. Unfortunately there is only a core of 7 refugees from DOD out of a membership of 48. 1 has already found a new home and we wish him all the very best. I myself have taken up an offer from a clan commander and he is currently holding a spot for me. The other 5 are, I think, atm just checking out their options. The others unfortunately have not responded to Farley's messages. (If they have just given up in disgust, I wouldn't blame them one little bit). The option of starting a new clan looks like being dead. Lol mainly because of the effect it would have on our mental health. Thats Pretty much it atm. You all have as it is. Alex B_T23
  9. Oh yes, just up to the left shoulder. oh Puurrrr just bliss. I'm fit to hunt again. Present company excepted of course.
  10. Hi guy's. Just got angry and needed cheering up. So:- Ahhh That feels better. Alex B_T23
  11. Bengal_Tiger23

    My Clan has dissappeared. What happened?

    You are Oh so right dejiko_nyo. + 1 more. Loyalty Believe me guys, when I get back into random battles, If I so much as see that username/clan name I will focus fire and to hell with it if I go down doing it. Might be worth going pink just for the pleasure of it! Can't ask you guys to do that. Besides its against the rules to state the new name here in the forums. Atleast we stick to the rules and The spirit of them. Sorry guy's, Getting angry again. Alex B_T23
  12. Bengal_Tiger23

    My Clan has dissappeared. What happened?

    Hi Mate. We have been pondering that question for the last 36 Hours. I myself can only conclude that it is for monnetary gain. Doing that is definitely against the rules. The problem is :- Prove it. The point you make though is correct. If he wanted too, He could have just sat back for however long he wanted to. Enter the game once in a while to update the port, and then cash in with the discounted ships or whatever other goodies are available. Instant fleet available. As long as the clan remains intact, The members still get the benefits of their contribution's. And no one gets hurt like in this case. Someone has been hurt by this and at the moment I am a little worried about it as I've not heard anything since last night. Cheer's and take care. Alex
  13. Bengal_Tiger23

    My Clan has dissappeared. What happened?

    Thanks mate. You are a true mate for doing that. .Cheer's Alex
  14. Bengal_Tiger23

    My Clan has dissappeared. What happened?

    Thankyou MatterCore. That is very interesting. I think that Farley has said it all better and nicer than I can. I'm going to sound like WG speek in the next few lines. lol. Farley and I are keeping in touch and trying to decide on what the future will be. The more we discuss this issue the more we realise what a responsibility a reboot and starting afresh actually meens. We will keep you all informed as decisions are made. To all the ex DOD members. We are sorry to see you put in the current position. We have had offers from a couple of clans to try and take up the slack. Farley will be trying to contact you asap to fill you in on what has happened and what alternatives will/may be available. To everyone here who has replied in the forum and with PM's, many thanks to you all. If anyone here can translate to the various Asian languages, it would be appreciated if you can post in the other Asian sections a brief explanation of what has happened and perhaps a link to this thread. ----- Sorry, I'm having enough trouble just learning "Travellers French and German". Take care everyone. Alex B_T23
  15. Bengal_Tiger23

    My Clan has dissappeared. What happened?

    Thank you for taking the time to reply. It is very much appreciated. Alex B_T23