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  1. Aussie_Tigershark

    Help with British Battleships?

    G'day Shavo. Welcome back. I think the first thing to remember is that RN BB's are quite prone to Burn. Do not let this dissuade you. RN BB's are a good line to go down. A tanky anti-fire build is reccomended for these ships. Unless playing PVE Co-Op/Senario's when a more agressive build can be used. On the subject of Fire. You will find that using HE works very well for burning down opposition ships. In fact you will find that you are using HE much more often than AP. Lol. Many players will use it exclusively. But. Don't be fooled, the AP is quite good. The AP on the "tech tree" ships are "Short fuse" and if you are caught out with AP loaded against Cruisers and even desroyers, just Fire off your AP and your damage will be very good. Penetrating BB's though can be Problematic so aim a little higher than the water line. Warspite, Hood and Vanguard, (Premium Ships) are an exception as they have normal AP. <----- Sorry, not sure if you are interested in Premiums. If you are I would suggest Warspite first. She is quite tanky, which she shares with "Queen Elisabeth". (A tough old Hariden has been mentioned by many). Warspite does have a shorter Gun range though. Shell arcs for the RN BB's are quite OK and are not as "Loopy" as the US BB's My own favourites are Orion, Warspite/QE, Hood and Vanguard. Apart from the above, Just remember what you have learned about angling. Very important as some of the mid to high tier BB's have had their Citadels raised recently. Also up to T8 These ships do not have Good AA. Its only adequate. So try not to get caught out alone. <---- This can be a problem in the current Meta of the game as these ships can be good "Pushers". They are not really snipers from the back of the map. The exception would probably be the T8 to T10 ships. (Sorry I can't give an impression of the HIgh Tier ships as because of IRL's I have not progressed that far or played much in recent months). That's about it for me. I do enjoy these ships and I do hope that WG will bring some sanity to the Balance/Meta of the game so that I can enjoy and progress this line again. GLHF (Good Luck Have Fun) P.S. :- More experienced members. please step in and give "Shavo" some good advice here please. Tks. Aussie_Tigershark
  2. Aussie_Tigershark

    Tennis is my Spirit Animal

    G'day Max. It's great to see you again. I don't think its totally unrealistic really. In my younger and healthier days, most of the "Amateur sport", was played in such a way. In Particular was golf. Yes there is an "Ettiquete" to observe, but there was plenty of fun and frivolaty plus true Sportsmanship and mateship. There was also some Cricket and Aussie rules as well. A little more serious but we were always friends after the game. I think our national cricket team has learnt the hard way, that common decency must extend to the playing field as well. Unfortunately though the almighty dollar and the win at all costs tends to rear its ugly head to often. The annonimity of the keyboard unfortunately leads to some who have no leening towards decency, fair play or any kind of concern for others feelings or well being. The best description I can think of is ---- No Empathy Sorry Mate. Lol. That was too D&M. lol Stay safe matey. Hope to see you on the high seas in the near future.
  3. Aussie_Tigershark

    How is your British CA event going?

    The grind is ok. At least we are given a reasonable time to achieve the directives unlike a certain other nameless event of recent times. Actually ATM I don't particularly care if I get someting or not. Would be nice but, "Nyeh, so what". Wont lose sleep over it. The Permanent Special Camo:- WG. Get it right for heavens sake. It is, ------ Black Hull. White Superstructure. "Buff" Mast's and Funnels". This may help:-
  4. Aussie_Tigershark

    What can i say.....................

    Have to agree with you matey. Mid last year, someone commented that the "Dreadnought" was a useless ship. "Challenge accepted". I took her out for a few games at T3. Guess what? The play was fun and engaging and the ship played really well. (Yeah, I know already. "Seal clubbing".). But now. It is pretty much a chore at T3/T4. The only ship I found to be usefull, (limited number of low tier ships available to me) was the "Orion" RN BB. which has some ---- errr. Useful fly swatters. (Strange always had the highest AA kills on the score sheet with her. ----- Curious?) Even so, There was not much to enjoy down there at T3/T4. Currently I have started Grinding up the IJN line(s) starting at T5. "Kongo" current task. Oh Joy, Oh Bliss. ---- "Pigs Ear". <-- I'll leave at that comment I think. Yeah. What others have said. It would seem that WG have "abandoned ship" on the lower tiers and you are correct. I think many new players will either give up or start to play in the negative way that we are seeing through-out the whole game ATM. Anyways mate don't give up the ship. you may be right about T10. Only had 3 games recently in "Thunderer". Actually enjoyed myself. Cheer's. And take care. A_T OIC Tiger force. HMAS Perth Flag
  5. Aussie_Tigershark

    LNY code

  6. Aussie_Tigershark

    WG someone needs to teach you logic...

    Well, at least with this event, you can just play as you would normally and let it tick over in the backround. If you want you can use some special flags, but it is non obligatory. Unlike a certain other event that shall remain nameless. Doing it this way you have a good chance of unlocking the ships without tearing your hair out or winding up in the "loony bin".
  7. Aussie_Tigershark


    G'day Grygus. Here's an idea:- What about another Iowa as a T10 Coal Ship. Perhaps they could name it, Oh I don't know.---- Something like --- New Jersey or perhaps Wisconsan. Missouri can sort of hold its own at T10. Just a slight adjustment to ammo, armour etc. Would be much better than a B****y PR <---- Grrrr Grumble. Cheer's
  8. Aussie_Tigershark

    the death of CN_70

    Hopefully so. If I may suggest:- Stay Vigilant Everyone.
  9. Aussie_Tigershark

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    The Royal Navy in the "Victorian Era" (pre 1900), painted their "Capital" ships. Black hulls, White upper works and Buff (Golden in Certain light), Mast's and Funnel's. - Source:- The complete Encyclopedia of Battleships and Battlecruisers. By Tony Gibbons. Post 1900 they went to Grey With buff Painted decks or natural timber decks. Actually the Victorian era ships looked quite magnificent really.
  10. Aussie_Tigershark

    Farewell, I'm out.

    Goodbye my Friend. Capt B. T. Tiger Officer Commanding Tiger Force HMAS Perth Flag (It Feels so Awfull that you are leaving).
  11. Aussie_Tigershark

    Asia server is down?

    Same here. Lol. Now I got no excuse for not doing the dishes or the laundry.
  12. Aussie_Tigershark

    Blardy Jingles!!

    Lol. Yeah, certainly a bit of fun. I thought he might be rather distracting, but no, he adds some good humour to the game just for a change. I have him as default ATM. Cheer's mate.
  13. Aussie_Tigershark

    Scharnhorst, Warspite, I done a bad, bad thing? Lol

    Hi Guys. ----- Or should that be "Howdy Folks" now that Capt "The Mighty Jingles" is with us. lol I havent touched this thread for some time now. But seeing as there has been a lot of discussion about SEA members taking up the option to move to the NA server, I just thought I would refresh my memory of times past. No. I am not going. I do not have the slightest desire what so ever! The thing that stands out over the last two years has been the friendliness, kindness and understanding that I have witnessed to me and to others in general of so many on this forum. Not forgetting generosity. It doesn't seem that long ago that my old clan was dissolved. The generosity and offers of support that came from Clan leaders and others within the community towards those of us who had lost our clan was truly heartening. A few of us found our way to TF44 where we have found a very happy home. As you can probably figure out from the lack of updates, personel progress has been slowed some-what. This has been due to IRL issues I have mentioned earlier in this. thread. But. Thanks to TF44 & its enth.usiastic Commander Capt. Taipan17, I have enjoyed some T10 & T8 CB's which have been alot of fun. Unfortunately the time of the latest CB's is really to late for me at 10.30pm. Blimey, the guys are getting good. Yeah. I know. I''m getting to old to be up so late. lol Have also enjoyed a number of Div's in scenarios with the guys as well. Being on Discord has helped a lot. Thanks for introducing me to that guys. The Fleet has expanded a fair bit. But the RN & KM are in a bit of a slow down at tier8 atm. USN though has reached T10 with Montana, Des Moine, Gearing and Salem Reaching the Fleet for CB's. A number of "award" ships have arrived as well. Work has comenced on The IJN line and all ships to T5 have been acquired Except for carriers. ---> So sorry, but CV's do not fit with what I want from the game. These Ijn ships join the premiums Musashi, Ashitaka, Kii, Atago (Man, I'm growing to like that Atago) Plus a number of other premium ships I have collected along the way. I think I'll leave it there guys. Feeling tired and mind wandering. --- Yep showing my age. Cheer's Aussie_Tigershark (Formally Known as Bengal_Tiger23)
  14. Aussie_Tigershark

    Soo who is still staying in the SEA server?

    To many Kind, Generous, Helpfull and Understanding people here for me to leave. I am staying!