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  1. Aussie_Tigershark

    Blardy Jingles!!

    Lol. Yeah, certainly a bit of fun. I thought he might be rather distracting, but no, he adds some good humour to the game just for a change. I have him as default ATM. Cheer's mate.
  2. Aussie_Tigershark

    Scharnhorst, Warspite, I done a bad, bad thing? Lol

    Hi Guys. ----- Or should that be "Howdy Folks" now that Capt "The Mighty Jingles" is with us. lol I havent touched this thread for some time now. But seeing as there has been a lot of discussion about SEA members taking up the option to move to the NA server, I just thought I would refresh my memory of times past. No. I am not going. I do not have the slightest desire what so ever! The thing that stands out over the last two years has been the friendliness, kindness and understanding that I have witnessed to me and to others in general of so many on this forum. Not forgetting generosity. It doesn't seem that long ago that my old clan was dissolved. The generosity and offers of support that came from Clan leaders and others within the community towards those of us who had lost our clan was truly heartening. A few of us found our way to TF44 where we have found a very happy home. As you can probably figure out from the lack of updates, personel progress has been slowed some-what. This has been due to IRL issues I have mentioned earlier in this. thread. But. Thanks to TF44 & its enth.usiastic Commander Capt. Taipan17, I have enjoyed some T10 & T8 CB's which have been alot of fun. Unfortunately the time of the latest CB's is really to late for me at 10.30pm. Blimey, the guys are getting good. Yeah. I know. I''m getting to old to be up so late. lol Have also enjoyed a number of Div's in scenarios with the guys as well. Being on Discord has helped a lot. Thanks for introducing me to that guys. The Fleet has expanded a fair bit. But the RN & KM are in a bit of a slow down at tier8 atm. USN though has reached T10 with Montana, Des Moine, Gearing and Salem Reaching the Fleet for CB's. A number of "award" ships have arrived as well. Work has comenced on The IJN line and all ships to T5 have been acquired Except for carriers. ---> So sorry, but CV's do not fit with what I want from the game. These Ijn ships join the premiums Musashi, Ashitaka, Kii, Atago (Man, I'm growing to like that Atago) Plus a number of other premium ships I have collected along the way. I think I'll leave it there guys. Feeling tired and mind wandering. --- Yep showing my age. Cheer's Aussie_Tigershark (Formally Known as Bengal_Tiger23)
  3. Aussie_Tigershark

    Soo who is still staying in the SEA server?

    To many Kind, Generous, Helpfull and Understanding people here for me to leave. I am staying!
  4. Aussie_Tigershark

    Dear SEA Community, [CLAY] and The Social Wolves...

    Max. There are no words for your leaving us except for... Stay safe mate and thanks for being a friend to us all. All the best from a Sad ---Tiger Aussie_Tigershark. ---> Formely, Bengal_Tiger23
  5. Aussie_Tigershark

    [Untitled] Vol. 1

    This Italian Arc only hit me with total dissinterest. Yes the camo's that I can use on Roma & Julius Ceaser. are excellent. These two ships are my only interest in this line. The coal and the credits were the only other thing that kept any sort of will for me to keep going through the arc, when I felt up to playing. Credits to start on the IJN line. (Yep, I'm up to T5 on all branches except ugh, Carriers). Coal for the lofty heights of the "Thunderer". <----- She's RN. God save the Queen and all that. God bless her. Roll on RN Cruiser Arc. Yes this arc was Disapointment for me.
  6. Aussie_Tigershark

    German BBs need changes ? 🙄

    Hmm. --- Yes true. But I have noticed from time to time that one or another of our Moderators calls by with a comment. And where we have an issue, They will take it up with WG. The results of that are by nature "In house" and remain so unless WG want to release that sort of info. Aussie_ Tigershark. ---> From now on A_T or just Tiger.
  7. Aussie_Tigershark

    German BBs need changes ? 🙄

    Exactly. It really is annoying with the KM BB line that just some simple adjustments to their gunnery, ammo and secondaries, that these could bring a bit of "balance" to these ships and make them at least enjoyable to play again. GLHF B_T23
  8. Aussie_Tigershark

    German BBs need changes ? 🙄

    G'day Zoom. Yeah, you are spot on. I have been trying out different set ups with "Tirpitz" to try and make her more usefull in the early stages of "Random" match's. A bit to no avail unfortunately. ---- abandoned secondary build and CE. I have tryed Target accusition. Improvement is --- well, Negligable. (Shell's landing all around target but no hits) Even when they hit they usually richochet or if HE shatter or little damage. All this with 2 19 point captains. One from Gniesanau and one from Bismarck. Testing in co-op and training room (unapposed situation) can result in some hits at extreme ranges, 15 -> 20km, using the float plane. Mind you It is nice to citadel a carrier occasionaly at 17km even if it is only against "Bot's". (Payback B****. --- err umm, Not a nice lady). So for me, it is just sticking to co-op and scenarios where the KM BB's do pretty good. Scharnhorst in Narai. Lovely. Bismarck in T8 Clan wars can be Good when it fits the team plan and you can Co-Ordinate your strategy using Discord. Sorry for the long winded reply. Unfortunately, the neglect by WG of the KM line and the stupid ammo selection of the RN line has really got under my skin as these 2 lines are the ones that contain my favourite ships from history. This meen's as far as random battles are concerned, I will abandon the KM and RN lines until WG wake up to the fact change of focus is required with these lines to keep peoples interest in them. For Random Battles USN & IJN look out, Here I come as I want to really start to get involved in "Random's" and have a chance of doing OK. Cheer's GLHF
  9. Aussie_Tigershark

    0.8.9 Bug Report Thread

    Same here. Except Task manager does not pick it up. Have to shut down pc and fire up again to clear game. B_T23
  10. Aussie_Tigershark

    Codes NEW NEW and even NEWER

    Thank you. 🙂
  11. Hi Grygus. Gee mate, how did you read my mind so exactly! I must have forgotten to put on my "Tin Foil" hat. I have only played pvp occasionally for some time now. The only reason I started to play a few was Because someone said that "Dreadnought" was a useless ship. To myself, I proved this to be wrong and down there in T3 it was fun and engaginging. So I stuck arounnd down there in the lower teirs for a while and enjoyed it. Tryed out T8 in a division with my "Hood" (that ship is now very good), but found it draining. Mind you my divy mates from my clan were absolutely great company. The only op I now play regularly is "Narai" if there is a Divy on the go or it is in the rotation. What I have found fun and Engaging is practice for "Clan War's" in the trainig room. and actual cw''s with my clan mates. (Dicord helps here a lot). Thanks for the post I could not have put those words together as well as you have. Cheers, GLHF Alex B_T23 Subnote.:- Playing has also been affected by outside influences which you may be aware of already. 😞
  12. Aussie_Tigershark

    Why CV population seems to have cooled down?

    When 0.8.5. Went live, wg did say there would be a slight hotfix in a couple of week's as the changes went a little to far. <---- Hmmm Slight & little, I wonder what that meens? Oh well. Us surface fleet Commanders should enjoy the benefits while we can. Notser is trying to push wg for a "Skill Respec" after the Hotfix is live The 2nd skill respec was for CW player's. Alex B_T23 Sub note:- I did take Bismack for a handfull of Random battles to try out the new meta. Averaged about 5 aircraft kills in each game containing CV's. One game was a T10. and got a couple of T10 aircraft. games went ok. My Bimarck is not specced for AA. Totaly surface action for the upcoming T8 Clan Wars. A
  13. Aussie_Tigershark

    Which commander would you buy next?

    I dunno. just a wild stab in the dark. lol
  14. Aussie_Tigershark

    Which commander would you buy next?

    High Max, I agree. Except I usually get the monthly. And yes I have grabbed all of them since they were released. It has meant that gift ships have ready made 10 point skippers. Pus I can "Specialise" a "Special" premium ship if I want to. Grygus has the right idea though one that fits your own requirements. Fair seas mate. Alex
  15. Aussie_Tigershark

    Did you just assume my Regent's gender?

    For the information of Forum members. Smoking is not permitted on WG forums. If you are, don't forget the rest of us.