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  1. game has zero rest times with how hellish the puerto rico grind is.
  2. AstraWeiss

    Suspected In real world trading of steel

    I understand.Just wanted to shed some light on some scummy practices that is going on in the game.
  3. AstraWeiss

    T4 CV changes likely soon

    in my honest opinion,tier 4 cvs should've never been giving the ability to drop two torps in one strike.
  4. My clanmate was playing ranked when he spotted this curious conversation between these two players hinting at some kind of deal they struck to allow the other player to win.In this case it seems like his teammate is the one buying the service from this enemy red player that is chatting with him.I would think these kinds of rigging of the match in favor of the enemy team should not be tolerated.Much less doing so to make a quick buck.WG please do something about this.Thank you for reading.
  5. Wargaming needs to remove these two maps from ranked.However the hell these two maps made it past PTS is beyond my comprehension.Sleeping Giant has to be the worse map design to ever be conceived.Surrounding an entire cap with two huge islands and making it impossible to dislodge the other team from the cap.And then we have Sea of fortune.The ranked version of this map is just absolutely atrocious.Putting two caps in one just makes for terrible gameplay in which its difficult to win against a team that manages to dominate the side of the map with the 2 caps.The terrible design of both maps makes for really unintuitive and unfun gameplay when the team that rushes the (edited) caps automatically wins.On a side note Okinawa should be removed as well.Blocking an entire cap from the rest of the map is just a ridiculous concept. Derogitory, Post Edited, User Sanctioned ~nothingishere