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  1. Admiral_Turing

    "Hotkey preserved"

    So i was forced to delete my preference setting due to error. I used middle mouse button as the artillery camera hotkey. Now i can't do that anymore because the game says "Hotkey preserved". I didn't have this problem back in the day. Anyway to fix this?
  2. Admiral_Turing

    Remove radar/hydro from all DD and BB

    As for German DDs, they have crap smoke. To properly cap contest WG give them hydro. And for German BB, they have crap torp protection. So they got hydro as compensation. Dont sit in the smoke when you saw these two things. Is that too much for you?
  3. Admiral_Turing

    ASIA Q&A, round 2

    Hello Sub_Octavian 1) What do you think about the ridiculously high performing Kutuzov? 2) Why the T6 French cruiser have a 12s reload? When there's ship like Budyonny which has a similiar armament(better actually) with better range, and ballistics, but only has around 8s reload time. Is it to make De Grasse "unique"? 3) USN CV doesnt have the versatility of IJN CV and Saipan. When will that change? 4) When will you cut down Kongo's and Fuso's range to a more logical 16-17km? Their insane range teaches average player to camp at spawn. which isn't good for everyone. 5) Buff stock configuration for CVs? Especially on USN CV. Their stock hangar capacity is pretty painful. 6) There are a lot of tech tree ship that needs help right now. Can you pause the premium ship buffs and help them?
  4. Try it on a USN CV. Lol spreading torps.
  5. Admiral_Turing

    Tier 8 Soviet cruisers, now and future.

    I don't give a damn about how ruined WG little business will be if they nerf the Kutuzov. Who's fault the Kutuzov become a disgusting abomination now? WG. Now if they're an actual competent company, I dare them to fix this abomination, and stop putting more balance failure-money grabbing premium in this game. Their attempts to grab money out of their player is straight up disgusting recently. This game is P2W now, look at how uncompetitive T7 tech tree ships is against their premium counterpart(-BBs) and T8 cruisers are also ruled by Kutuzov and Atago. Both of them far outperform the tech tree counterpart. Texas-NY, Kutuzov-Chapa, Atago-Mogami, Leningrad-Minsk, Blyska/Sims-Mahan/Akatsuki/Maas, and many more. All of those premium are straight up better than their tech tree counterpart. I bet we'll see a T10 premium soon. Kutuzov and all of WG's money grabbing flagship are becoming more and more disgusting each patch. And that needs to stop.
  6. Admiral_Turing

    Danae guide Pls!

    Should've skip it straight to the T6. With the Santa convoy mission.
  7. Admiral_Turing

    Tier 8 Soviet cruisers, now and future.

    An ability that will be gone soon. Then Kutuzov will go far out of reach of any tech tree cruiser in performance. That abomination junk needs to be nerfed.
  8. Admiral_Turing

    Ichase's game rework proposal and comment on Iowa's citadel

    Again, NC citadel placement on Montana and Iowa will make them OP. The citadel will be lowered, probably like Yamato/Izumo. But no way it's ok to lower them to NC like waterline citadel.
  9. Admiral_Turing


  10. Admiral_Turing

    Ichase's game rework proposal and comment on Iowa's citadel

    iChase doesn't really think this through. If you want to scale penetration, angle of fall, etc you'll make the any cruiser and destroyer AP next to useless at 10km+ range. Changing this will completely break the game. Muzzle velocity will also be changed all around. All of those ship with orbital shell trajectory will have even more floaty arcs. NA people should stop making excuses to buff USN BBs, they receive nothing but buffs lately. When will these [edited] satisfied? Their excuse and suggestion is getting more and more stupid.
  11. Admiral_Turing

    Ichase's game rework proposal and comment on Iowa's citadel

    Wut? Like NC's ? That would make them OP.
  12. Admiral_Turing

    What is the best way to attack Scharnhorst and Dunkerque

    At its broadside. But not all people give you that.
  13. Admiral_Turing

    What is the best way to attack Scharnhorst and Dunkerque

    FYI Scharnhorst wrecks even T9 BBs in a brawl. This "super heavy cruiser" can bounce Yamato shell bow on.
  14. Admiral_Turing

    What WG Action's That Would Make You Upset or Quit WoWs?

    This. We already have 7 OP premiums. 3 borderline OP premiums. Thats enough pay to win stuff in a game. 1 more and I've had enough.
  15. Admiral_Turing

    French Cruisers: [HONHONHON intensifies]

    I dont think a "potent fighting force" would send their capital ship escorted by only 2 destroyer, with only 8 salvo worth of main battery ammunition, also no secondary battery ammunition. If Richelieu met even a medium size German task force that time she's done for.